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Axxces works in the MLM trading sector. The firm is now under prelaunch, and Axxces’ website is currently redirected to a marketing campaign called “I Want to Be a Founder.”

The page’s countdown indicates that Axxces plans to start in 22 days.

Moving forward Edwin Haynes is the founder and CEO of Axxces.

Haynes served as boomerang’s previous Global Master Ambassador. He must go.

Organo Gold, an MLM business that Buggs co-founded in 2008, is where Haynes first became acquainted with Holton Buggs, the creator of iBuumerang.

In Organo Gold, Haynes earned the most money. He and Buggs left the business to start their venture, iBuumerang, in 2019.

Texas in the US is where Haynes is based. Therefore, it stands to reason that Axxces is likewise based in Texas.

The MLM opportunity offered by Axxces is fully reviewed here.

Things from Axxces

Axxces promotes a monthly subscription that gives access to a number of largely cryptocurrency buzzword promises:

Axcess markets trading signals from what is accessible;

We have access to third-party partnerships because of our membership. You will also get access to items like trade ideas thanks to your subscription.

You will be able to use a third-party system that we already have access to whether you take the information, use it yourself, and complete the task on your own, or take the information and obtain instructions from the experts.

Additionally, Axcess promotes automated “social trading”;

With your Axxces membership unlocked, you will be able to start your account outside of our business, for example, if you wanted to open a brokerage account.

And you want the ability to trade and the assistance of a social trader. You may examine the results to determine what it is. and you can add it to your account and delegate the labor-intensive tasks to it. It will carry out the trading on your behalf.

Membership in Axxces costs $299 per month.

Compensation Plan for Axxces

The terms of Axxces’ pay structure are not disclosed. We can affirm that it is MLM, though.

based on Edwin Haynes’ oral explanation of Axxces’ pay structure;

Retail customers’ and affiliates’ recruited monthly membership fees are used to calculate the Customer Bonus.

When an Axxces affiliate is hired, a one-time payment called the Fast Start Bonus is given; however, it appears that a residual component is paid down numerous tiers as well.

The Infinity Incentive is either a 3xx matrix or a three-person wide binary team (trinary), and the bonus is based on the team’s combined monthly sales volume.

Uncertainty surrounds whether retail customers and affiliates who have been recruited are included in the “customers” who pay the monthly membership fee volume for which the Unilevel Bonus is paid.

An affiliate is put at the head of a unilevel team in a unilevel pay system, and each affiliate they recruited is positioned immediately under them (level 1):

New affiliates brought on by any level 1 affiliates are added to the original affiliate’s unilevel team at level 2.

If any level 2 affiliates bring on new affiliates, they are promoted to level 3, and so on down a theoretically endless number of levels.

The Elite Bonus Pool is the last incentive provided to Elite tier Axxces affiliates.

The Elite Bonus Pool’s funding source is unknown.

Taking up Axxces

There are two fee categories for obtaining an Axcess affiliate membership:

Gold costs $299 plus $19, followed by $179 per month for 12 months, then $299 per month.

Elite – $1499 initially, then $159 each month

An Axxces affiliate’s potential income increases with the amount they pay for membership.

Axxces Summary

After iBuumerang founder Holton Buggs began directing distributors into cryptocurrency Ponzi schemes, I speculated that Haynes may have departed the company.

But when I looked into Axxces and wrote this review, I immediately learned that wasn’t the case. As much as Holton Buggs wants to be a crypto bro, so does Edwin Haynes.

Just that is adequate. However, Axxces adds securities fraud to the mix.

The FTC Act may be violated by Axxces’ cryptocurrency buzzword marketing. All of the mEtAvErSe nonsense that has been promised does not yet exist; it is only a promise.

Trading, which is fine in halves, is what fuels recruiting. Signals that users must manually act on are not regulated in any way.

Axxces’ “social trading” violates the securities laws.

If you wanted to open a brokerage account, for example. And you want the ability to trade and the assistance of a social trader.

You may examine the results to determine what it is. and you can add it to your account and delegate the labor-intensive tasks to it. It will carry out the trading on your behalf.

No matter how it is set up, an MLM business that offers passive earnings qualifies as a securities offering.

Axxces and Haynes must register with the SEC to legitimately offer securities in the US.

Neither Axxces nor Haynes are included in the SEC’s Edgar database, according to the search.

This implies that Axxces and Haynes are or intend to commit securities fraud, at least insofar as selling automated trading is concerned.

Haynes appreciates Axxcess’ investment component on his behalf. Haynes began a corporate webinar from Axxces that was referenced in this study by saying;

Some of the topics I’m going to discuss might be thought of as investments.

Marketing claims that future investment possibilities (“NFT drops”) are available, aside from the affiliate positions related to Axxces that are tied to NFTs.

Haynes asserts that NFTs “is poised to take over our planet” even though the craze has mostly passed out of style.

The foundation of our whole business model is the blockchain and NFTs. You don’t have to fully comprehend it, but as a member of our organization, you will receive an NFT on several occasions from the very beginning.

It’s hard to determine without further information (selling a $1499 membership on the promise of a nebulous service you don’t disclose is potentially against the FTC Act), but this may involve more unregistered investment options.

Investment motivation would need to be taken into account, and thus far, I haven’t noticed any motivation beyond the anticipation of profit.

Along with the typical metaverse grift…

Haynes promotes an internal token as well (potentially another securities offering). The coin from Axxces will be connected to a gaming platform, which Haynes gushes about.

I already paid for the creation of our token.

What if we had a game like Axie Infinity, Farmville, or something similar to play instead of CandyCrush and all this other stuff?

And every time someone played the game, our neighborhood profited from it?

What if our token was the only thing people could use to transact in our game is question at hand. That implies that the token is now worth more.

Candy Crush and Farmville have nothing to do with cryptocurrencies. The long-held standard for play-to-earn games, Axie Infinity, was destroyed early this year.

Axie Infinity teamed up with North Korea for a “hackers!” exit scam in March 2022 after their SLP token fell 99 percent of its pump high value in February 2022.

The “hack” resulted in the theft of $620 million.

It’s important to note that Axie Infinity was a poor game.

The majority of Axie Infinity players are from the Philippines as of September 2021.

They serve as low-paid employees for “bosses” who rent them Axis so they may grind for the bosses in-game.

“Digital colonialism” has been used to describe this setup.

But this is the future of gaming for Edwin and other isolated crypto dudes.

This business strategy has been compared to gambling, with an unstable market and an excessive reliance on the influx of new players.

It’s not rare for non-gamer crypto bros like Edwin Haynes to believe that there is a market for this beyond swindling people in developing nations for wages that are close to slave rates.

This, however, is subordinate to Axxces’ social trading securities scam given that none of this exists.

The bulk of subscription holders is very certainly Axxces affiliates, which pushes the MLM possibility into the realm of pyramid schemes.

Pay to play is also a problem because of the “enhanced earning potential” dependent on how much money is spent by an Axcess affiliate who has been recruited.

There do not yet appear to be any volume limitations for retail sales. Certainly not from the several marketing presentations Haynes has made.

The compensation paperwork for Axxces is still waiting. Another possible FTC Act violation is recruitment without making available to the public this essential due-diligence information.

Axxess poses a truckload of unavoidable regulatory compliance difficulties, including probable FTC Act breaches, diving deeply into crypto scams that have mostly run their course, and auto trading securities fraud.

Axxces is expected to launch sometime in August 2022 and is now in prelaunch with open recruiting.

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