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Neumi, or “new me,” is an MLM company that sells nutritional supplements.

Steven K. Scott is the company’s CEO, and it is situated in Utah.

Scott (right) identifies himself as “a best-selling Christian author & billion-dollar company creator” on his website.

Steve’s ministry has been supported by his successful entrepreneurial experience.

He describes his most recent endeavor, “Neumi,” as the largest advancement in healthcare he has ever witnessed.

In 2013, Scott made an appearance on BehindMLM as the co-founder of Max International.

Scott was the only surviving co-founder of Max International at that time. Scott quit Max International in August 2019, according to BusinessForHome, citing “drama within Max International and the integrity problems raised by senior officials.”

I did hunt for details, but I was unable to locate any. Swish30, a glutathione supplement offered by Biotech Nutritional Sciences, was what I did discover.

There doesn’t seem to be a single website for BNS. BNS was “established in 2018 by Steven K. Scott,” according to the Swish30 website.

The dietary supplement doesn’t appear to be accessible to consumers, according to Swish30’s website.

By inference, it seems that Neumi’s introduction in 2021 was the union of BNS, Swish30, and MLM with new branding.

For a thorough analysis of Neumi’s MLM potential, keep reading.

Products from Neumi

The main offering from Neumi is NutriSwish, a glutathione supplement with a focus on quick delivery.

The days of having to wait months before noticing a supplement’s effects are over! With the use of our HydraStat technology, we hope to revolutionize the health sector by enabling vital elements to be absorbed quickly.

The creators of NutriSwish® have nanosized its active components using patented HydraStat Nano-Technology to nanoparticle sizes that become bioavailable within seconds by oral “swishing” for thirty seconds or more and subsequently swallowing.

Until now, it has been costly to get fragile chemicals like glutathione into circulation. Glutathione and other important components are easily accessible because of technology.

We are the forerunners in the development of nanosized components!

Neumi asserts The following advantages are provided by NutriSwish:

joint support, immune booster

clean & continuous energy and quick recovery enhance sleep, among other things.

Thirty servings of NutriSwish cost $65 for a bottle on the market.

The other item offered by Neumi is Neumi Skin, a glutathione skin solution that focuses on absorption.

200 ml of Neumi Skin cost $65 at retail.

Compensation Plan for Neumi

Affiliates are paid through Neumi’s remuneration based on retail sales and recruiting.

An advanced deep uni-level team with seven levels pays residual commissions. Additionally, a rank-based pool bonus is available.

Ranks for Neumi Affiliates

Numi’s affiliate pay structure consists of nine tiers.

They are as follows, along with their respective qualifying standards:

Become a Neumi affiliate by registering, then producing and maintaining 100 PV each month.

Maintain 100 PV each month and produce and maintain 1500 GV each month as a senior member.

Maintain 100 PV each month and produce and maintain 5000 GV each month to be a 1 Star Member.

Maintaining 100 PV each month, 10,000 GV each month, and three 1 Star affiliates is required of 2 Star Members.

Maintaining a 3 Star Member status requires 100 PV each month, 20,000 GV each month, and the recruitment and upkeep of two 1 Star affiliates.

Maintaining a diamond status requires maintaining 100 PV per month, 50,000 GV per month, and three 1 Star affiliates.

Maintaining a double diamond status requires 100 PV per month, 100,000 GV per month, and the recruitment and upkeep of four 1 Star affiliates.

Maintaining a triple diamond status requires 100 PV per month, 250,000 GV per month, and the recruitment and upkeep of five 1 Star affiliates.

Crown: Continue to earn and maintain 500,000 GV each month, 100 PV per month, and six 1 Star affiliates.

Personal Volume is abbreviated as PV. Personal Volume is the number of sales produced through retail transactions and affiliate purchases.

Group Volume is the acronym for GV. PV produced by an affiliate and their downline is referred to as group volume.

Shopper Commissions

Affiliates of Neumi are paid a commission on items sold to retail consumers.

A 20 percent markup on retail prices is used to pay retail commissions.

Retail consumers that enroll in a monthly auto-ship program in exchange for a discount are known as preferred customers.

Residual commissions are used to pay for Neumi’s preferred customer purchase volume (see “Residual Commissions (First 30 Days)” below).

MLM Commission Requirements

A Neumi affiliate must be active to be eligible for MLM commissions.

For a Neumi affiliate to be considered active, 100 PV must be produced each month.

Employer commissions

Affiliates who have been individually recruited by Neumi receive a 25% commission on Welcome Pack purchases.

Recurring Commissions (first 30 days)

First-month residual commissions are paid by Neumi using a unilevel compensation system.

An affiliate is put at the head of a unilevel team in a unilevel pay system, and each affiliate they recruited is positioned immediately under them (level 1):

New affiliates brought on by any level 1 affiliates are added to the original affiliate’s unilevel team at level 2.

If any level 2 affiliates bring on new affiliates, they are promoted to level 3, and so on down a theoretically endless number of levels.

Neume limits team-level commissions to seven payer uni-level levels.

As a proportion of the sales volume produced by new affiliates and clients in their first 30 days, the first 30 days’ residual commissions are distributed.

Following are the payouts made to the uni-level team from this volume:

level 1 (affiliates individually recruited) – 25%

levels 2 through 7: 3%

Take note that level 1 rewards preferred client volume. Residual recruitment-related Welcome Pack volume is also distributed throughout the Unilever team.

Recurring Commissions (after the first 30 days)

The same uni-level team pays out first-month commissions and residual commissions after 30 days.

Commission rates and a new rank-based qualification are the only differences:

Affiliates (members) receive 7% on levels 1 through 3.

Senior Members receive 7% on levels 1 through 4.

Levels 1 through 5: 7 percent for 1 Star Members.

On stages 1 through 6, 2 Star Members are paid 7%.

7 percent is earned by Triple Diamonds 3 Star Members on levels 1 through 7.

Crowns earn 7% on levels 1 through 6 and 1% on level 7.

milestone rewards

Milestone Bonuses are the following types of hiring incentives:

Recruit and keep three affiliates who are eligible for MLM commissions, and earn $50, as your first milestone.

Milestone 2: Produce and keep three MLM commission-eligible affiliates who met Milestone 1’s requirements, and get $250.

Milestone 3: Produce and keep three MLM commission-eligible affiliates who met Milestone 2’s requirements, and get $1500.

It should be noted that a Neumi affiliate is eligible for as many Milestone groups as they like.

recurring leadership pool

Neumi contributes 6% of overall income (excluding the initial 30-day volume) to the Monthly Leadership Pool.

For 2 Star Members and higher, the Monthly Leadership Pool is allocated each month according to shares:

One part of the pool is given to 2 Star Members.

Two shares of the pool are given to 3 Star Members.

Three parts of the pool are given to diamonds.

Four portions of the pool are awarded to Double Diamonds.

Five portions of the pool are awarded to Triple Diamonds.

Six shares of the pool are given to Crowns.

Neumi Basic Neumi affiliate membership ranges in price from $100 to $1000.

First Welcome Pack – $100 (1 bottle NutriSwish and 1 bottle of Neumi Skin)

Second Welcome Pack – $300 (4 bottles of NutriSwish and 2 bottles of Neumi Skin)

$700 for the Welcome Pack 3 (7 bottles of NutriSwish). 4 Neumi Skin bottles with VIP membership

17 bottles of NutriSwish, 8 bottles of Neumi Skin, and a VIP membership are included in the Welcome Pack 4 ($1000).

The fifth welcome package costs $1000 and includes 12 bottles of each NutriSwish and Neumi Skin.

The VIP status is not made clear. However, the remuneration video for Neumi does mention that maintaining a non-VIP affiliate membership costs $35 per year. The yearly maintenance fee for VIP membership is $99.

Neumi Verdict

Steven K. Scott’s return to glutathione MLM is symbolized by Neumi. In a word, NutriSwish is essentially Swish30 with an additional MLM potential and a new label.

From Scott’s tenure at Max International, all of this has arisen. The main distinction between the two MLM businesses with glutathione themes is Neumi’s speedy delivery marketing.

The mission of Biotech Nutritional Sciences (BNS) is to employ cutting-edge nanotechnology in nutritional supplements.

We have nanosized glutathione since it is exceedingly brittle and can be destroyed in the stomach.

We can almost instantaneously give bioavailable glutathione to your cells by nanosizing glutathione!

According to a 2015 study published in Redox Biology, oral glutathione absorption isn’t the best, to begin with.

To combat oxidative stress, glutathione (GSH) is essential. The interest in a supplementation is limited by its extremely low bioavailability.

The usefulness of oral GSH supplementation in humans is hotly debated.

Even if taking GSH orally seems to be the most practical and secure method, clinical trials seldom employ this type of GSH since it is ineffective.

The 2018 launches of Biotech Nutritional Sciences and Swish30 are a consideration.

Scott’s decision to develop Neumi at age 76 and the NutriSwish renaming may have been influenced by the general lack of interest in Swish30.

“The leader in nano health and beauty,” according to Neumi. Although Nano Health is frequently utilized in branding, it doesn’t seem to be a real market for products.

Neumi’s “nano-sizing” claims might have used more investigation, but I don’t think it’s required given the pay structure of the business.

To operate, Neumi sets itself up as an auto-ship recruiting pyramid scheme.

All that is needed to be eligible for commissions is 100 PV. Additionally, corporate marketing materials make it clear how Neumi expects affiliates to fulfill this need.

From Neumi’s formal compensation presentation, the following is taken;

If you have three members—not customers—who join you as a result of your recruitment efforts, at milestone one when each of these people is making their recurring purchases or auto ships, 100 PV each month, which is equivalent to two goods, is what is necessary to be active,…

The fact that autoship alternatives exist to qualify for commissions is further underlined in a later segment of the same video.

We have a pretty clever approach where we qualify people every quarter.

Every quarter, one pack may be shipped. and each month you’ll get 100 points as a result.

This boils down to Neumi to: “Sign up (ideally with the “most popular” $1000 bundle), jump on auto-ship, and then find people who will do the same.”

If this is happening throughout the whole organization, as its promotional materials unmistakably imply, Neumi would be conducting business as a pyramid scheme.

I’m not surprised by this given what I said about Max International in 2013;

The company model’s glaring absence of a retail focus is my first cautionary sign.

In its advice to prospective affiliates on how to do business, Max International maintains this focus on affiliates buying products:

To be eligible for team bonus commissions, you must acquire at least 100 PV per month.

In addition to guaranteeing your status as an active Associate, joining the Loyalty AutoShip program with 100 PV also gives you a regular supply of merchandise at a discounted price.

Max International just advises an affiliate to purchase their commission qualification volume on their own, as opposed to making sales.

Even with a changing firm, product, and pay scheme nine years later, this focus hasn’t altered.

The good news is that it’s simple to assess how your prospective upline is managing their Neumi business.

Everybody must generate 100 PV each month. More than likely, your prospective upline has a standing order of 100 PV every month.

What you need to know is whether they generate an equivalent minimum of 100 PV in retail sales each month. These are genuine retail sales to customers, not assurances or inferences that the goods would be resold.

If that retail volume doesn’t exist, the affiliate is operating a pyramid scam with their Neumi business. Additionally, as was already said, if enough affiliates are engaging in this, the entire MLM firm will be a pyramid scam.

Neumi’s marketing does more than just openly support this; it also completely omits any reference to any kind of retail sales compliance or volume limitations.

Take care when approaching.

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