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The perpetrators of the defunct Kripto Future Ponzi scam are promoting a revival.

The revival is known as “Kritpto Future 2.0.” There are fewer than 24 hours left till the scheduled launch date.

Kripto Future 2.0 is being released from “” as opposed to the original website domain (“”), which is still active.

On February 9th, 2022, a private registration for the Kripto Future V2 domain was made.

The website of Kripto Future V2 is now nothing more than a parked WordPress template. Before the Ponzi scheme opens to the public, scammers are being preloaded into it.

The moment is now for world leaders to take action.

In 48 hours, our website will be accessible to the entire public, but world leaders may use it now.

The Boris CEO Ponzi scheme known as Kripto Future is allegedly being operated by Russian con artists.

The CEO of Kripto Future, who went by the stage name “Boris,” was a man.

The MLM fraud center of the world, Dubai, is where the crooks behind Kripto Future set up Ribera.

The Ponzi scam failed less than a month after the Central Bank of Russia issued a warning about Kripto Future fraud.

Ribera went into hiding until coming out for the V2 relaunch in or around February 2022.

The introduction of Kripto Future V2 was preceded by several conversations with investors.

According to these discussions, the relaunch would first start in early March. That has been postponed many times till March 22.

On Telegram, Kripto Future V2 is being coordinated.

After Kripto Future failed, the same “illness” pretext has been used to explain away Ribera’s disappearance:

The failure of Kripto Future is described as “a setback” in an undated email that was delivered “straight from the CEO.”

In addition, I want you to fully understand that the business that experienced a temporary setback has recovered with the fortitude to avoid failing or going backward. The officiating was completely integrated.

The result of the previous upsurge has caused our position to be completely stabilized. And I want to inform you that the firm has established itself and is breaking all previous records in the capital market.

The business experienced significant innovation, and the technology is currently among the best available for both trade and mining. It comes down to willpower.

It was excessive to pay for an English translation of the garbled Russian.

BehindMLM is going to release a Krypto Future V2 review if it hasn’t already collapsed before it rises.

Ponzi reboots often don’t endure as long as their predecessors. Unfortunately, some of the most stupid people on the globe are prevalent in the MLM cryptocurrency area.

Update: BehindMLM checked in on Kripto Future V2 on May 4th, 2022, to see how things were progressing. Sadly, not very well.

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