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The Financial Services Commission of Mauritius has issued a warning to OmegaPro about securities fraud.

based on the FSC’s notice from January 20;

In Mauritius, OmegaPro Plc (“OmegaPro”) is being marketed to the general public as an organization offering high-yield investment returns.

OmegaPro allegedly employs artificial intelligence in its trading, and anyone who recommends other people to this scam receives bonuses.

The FSC has never issued a license to OmegaPro or any other people, representatives, or promotional organizations using this name, and they never have.

In other countries, this would be the equivalent of a securities fraud notice.

OmegaPro promotes a Ponzi scheme with passive returns of 200 percent or more.

The eighth country to pursue legal action against OmegaPro is Mauritius.

The FSC’s warning comes after such fraud alerts from Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Spain, France, Peru, and Belgium.

According to Alexa, the top three countries sending visitors to OmegaPro’s website are Nigeria (11%), Venezuela (11%), and Colombia (24%) (10 percent ).

OmegaPro was marketed in Japan until recently. There appears to have been a fall in hiring this month.

Andreas Szakacs, Mike Sims, and Dilawar Singh operate OmegaPro out of Dubai.

Due to a lack of regulation and few extradition agreements, Dubai offers a refuge for con artists. It is the global hub for MLM fraud.

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