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In January, BehindMLM reported on Youngevity’s entry into the currency market.

Sal Leto, a former OneCoin salesman, was in charge of the initial program, which went by the name Max Trader’s Academy.

Max Indicator was affiliated with Max Trader’s Academy.

The MAX Indicator is a piece of artificial intelligence-focused software referred to as an “Indicator.”

The program is made to track changes in values and prices across a variety of financial marketplaces.

The MAX Indicator subsequently creates an informative report for the user using the collected data.

What has changed after six months? No clue. Max There has been an unusual lack of activity.

On Youngevity’s website, there are a couple of Max Indicator evaluations from January/February 2022, and then nothing.

Leto has just disclosed 8 Minute Trader, the following trading opportunity from Youngevity.

The term 8 Minute Trader is allegedly a reference to the typical trading period used by system users each morning.

According to Leto’s remarks during an 8 Minute Trader marketing webinar on June 29;

I granted Youngevity an exclusive license to use my methods.

We have a method that allows us to take someone who has never traded before and put them on a call with us for five or ten minutes a day. Through this system, we can assist individuals to accomplish 5 percent, 10 percent, and 20 percent gains on theaccountsunt in just five or ten minutes.

Leto asserts that he developed his plan by choosing to “do the opposite of everyone else.”

Everyone was advising people to avoid this chart. Well, I’m not making the type of money I want to be making, and neither are they.

What then did I do? Instead, I answered, “I’m simply going to concentrate on the US30.” the world’s wackiest and most explosive instrument.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average’s US30, commonly known as the 8 Minute Trader, is used for trading, with an emphasis on the opening hour.

You download this to your computer, set up the screen, and may enter and exit the transaction by just pressing a button.

The signal range is allegedly created by AI and is delivered by the MT4 program.

Simply put, users click “purchase” when the live chart crosses over into the green region (between the dotted and solid green lines). Profit is realized if the upward trend on the chart persists.

The sale area operates similarly but in reverse (between the dotted and solid red lines). If the chart enters the red zone, you press the “sell” button.

If the chart keeps falling, you win money.

The user can decide how long to retain an inputted position. If I’m not incorrect, this video shows Maurice Katz demonstrating 8 Minute Trader on a real market.

Leto asserts that this method has produced some really good outcomes for him over the past six months.

We’ve been doing it continuously for 163 days as of today (June 29th, 2022); those days are business days during which actual trade has taken place. We’ve lost eight times in total. 163 days and 8 lost days.

This places us in January yet again, and I can’t help but wonder whether Max Indicator is being tested at this point.

In any case, neither Youngevity nor Leto give potential consumers specific outcomes for the previous six months.

Since all trading is done manually, 8 Minute Trader and Youngevity are exempt from regulatory scrutiny for securities fraud.

Regarding registration with the CFTC, I’m not sure.

Because people are attempting to avoid being labeled as a Commodity Trading Advisor, you frequently hear the phrases “This is not financial advice” and “I’m not your financial advisor” (CTA).

CTAs must register with the CFTC, which is a lengthy procedure.

Investopedia is where we go to find a detailed definition of a CTA;

An individual or business that offers specialized guidance on the purchasing and selling of futures contracts, options on futures, and retail off-exchange currency transactions or swaps is known as a commodities trading adviser (CTA).

There, “tailored guidance” is the crucial phrase.

Members of 8 Minute Trader do download software to their devices, but as far as I’m aware, everyone receives the identical buy/sell ranges.

Although I am far more familiar with securities legislation than I am with commodities trading regulation, I don’t think 8 Minute Trader qualifies as tailored trading advice.

Another feature of 8 Minute Trader allows trading at any time of day. Customers may accomplish this by seeing a trader in action and, if they like, manually copying it on their trade accounts.

Leto asserts that this was included as a result of individuals getting excited about their early gains only to lose everything as the day went on due to their trading.

Income claims are one area where things might go wrong. Let’s assume 8 Minute Trader starts and fails anytime in the following six months. In that case, Leto’s statements of “5%, 10%, and 20% gains… in five or ten minutes” may be seen to be deceptive.

Leto’s income claims would have to be unrepresentative of the average 8 Minute Trader customer’s experience for there to be a violation of the FTC Act. Youngevity may run into trouble if the bulk of its members isn’t earning 5 to 20 percent a day in only five or ten minutes.

There have been income claims made. They already exist, and 8 Minute Trader is being promoted as a result.

From a personal due diligence standpoint, I strongly advise you to at the very least conduct some rudimentary study on US30 (DJIA) trading. It has earned its reputation for a reason.

Use the demo accounts that are accessible as well. But keep in mind that your performance on a demo account is not a guarantee of success in actual trading down the road. Leto admits that the US30 is a very volatile market.

Beyond that, BehindMLM does not provide any trading advice.

The initial investment for Youngevity’s Max Indicator ranges from $210.99 to $499.95. Leto predicts that the price of 8 Minute Trader will be $599 upfront and then $199 a month.

Leto asserts 8 min. Each trader will have a unique compensation scheme. On July Fourth, the opportunity was meant to debut.

However, as of right now, there is no indication on Youngevity’s website that 8 Minute Trader is accessible. I also looked at Youngevity’s official Facebook feed from before June 30th; nothing was posted there either.

Before the product is officially released, BehindMLM will do a follow-up review of 8 Minute Trader.

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