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There is no information on the website of HLBS Network regarding the company’s owners or executives.

The website’s bottom lists HLBS s.r.oSlovakian .’s address, demonstrating the business’s European origins.

As far as I know, the US part of HLBS Network is based in Texas and is known as HLBS Global Marketing US LLC.

Company records show In 2016, HLBS Network was established.

Further investigation finds Peter Gabriel referring to himself as the CEO of HLBS Network:

Gabriel is based in Hungary, according to his LinkedIn page.

Although Gabriel (right) has a long business career, it seems like HLBS Network is his first MLM endeavor.

Gabriel has previously worked in the hotel, financial, and real estate industries.

Uncertainty surrounds the decision to withhold executive information from the HLBS Network website.

Gabriel is based in Hungary, thus it stands to reason that this is also where HLBS Network is run. The Slovakian incorporation appears to be a fictitious business.

The Terms and Conditions of HLBS Network reflect this;

Hungarian Law is relevant to this document since HLBS s.r.o. is represented by HLBS s.r.o. Hungarian Branch.

Read on for a thorough analysis of the MLM opportunity offered by HLBS Network.

Products from HLBS Network

The website of HLBS Network lists three product categories: nutritional supplements, functional foods, and cosmetics.

Network Cosmetics HLBS

HLBS Network sells four items from his line of cosmetics:

Citrus+: “gently cleanses and supports the skin’s quick regeneration and protection.” LH+ Body: “cares for all skin types with its precious ingredients that balance the skin’s PH level.” LH+ Face: “a powerful tool in preserving skin youth, it protects against harmful sun radiation, and its liposomal technology guarantees delivery of the active principles to the deepest layers of the skin on the face.” LH+ Spray:

Functional Foods on the HLBS Network

HLBS Network sells two items in its line of functional foods:

Coffee Instant – “premium coffee with taurine, guarana, and inulin” and “Silhouette sugar-free dark chocolate with humic acid and psyllium seed husk” from Chocodream Premium Chocolate.

Dietary Supplements on the HLBS Network

HLBS Network sells nine items in its line of dietary supplements:

Supplement for general health in a “vegan pill,” CGS12+

CBR7 is a bioflavonoid and rutin-containing vitamin C supplement.

“Daily vegan protein shake” (DPS12)

“A natural raspberry and vitamin combination,” according to IS8

Vitamins D3 and K2 in a double vegan capsule with extra virgin olive oil, DK5

HMAX8: “The natural components of HMAX8 strengthen and increase the body’s resistance; they can even enhance athletic performance.”

Berry SLM: “Supports weight reduction, cleansing, and nutrient delivery to the body.”

AAG1 is a “dietary supplement in a vegan capsule containing astragalus, ginseng, and phosphatidyl.”

“Food supplement capsules with cordyceps and humic acid” are known as HC80.

All of HLBS Network’s goods seem to be produced in Hungary by other companies.

Note that none of the goods from HLBS Network have retail prices listed.

Plan of Compensation for HLBS Network

Affiliates of the HLBS Network are paid a commission on retail sales.

However, the main focus of the compensation strategy is affiliate recruiting.

Commission Experience

For HLBS affiliates to be eligible for commissions, monthly revenue must total at least €100.

This is presented as a necessary monthly outlay for personal use. Uncertainty exists around whether retail sales volume counts toward the €100 monthly threshold.

Affiliate Ranks for the HLBS Network

Within the pay structure of HLBS Network, there are three known ranks.

They are as follows, along with their respective qualifying standards:

Affiliate: register as an HLBS affiliate and fulfill the requirements for commission eligibility (see above)

Team leader: find and keep seven affiliates.

Unknown certification standards for managers

Recruiting and Retail Direct Commissions

A direct commission is paid to an HLBS Network affiliate when they sign up a new retail client or bring on board a new affiliate.

Direct commissions for retail and hiring are paid using a uni-level pay system.

An affiliate is put at the head of a unilevel team in a unilevel pay system, and each affiliate they recruited is positioned immediately under them (level 1):

New affiliates brought on by any level 1 affiliates are added to the original affiliate’s unilevel team at level 2.

If any level 2 affiliates bring on new affiliates, they are promoted to level 3, and so on down a theoretically endless number of levels.

Direct commissions for retail and recruitment are paid as a share of sales volume and are earned when an affiliate or retailer is referred.

Direct commissions for retail and recruitment are paid on up to four uni-level team levels, according to rank:

twenty percent on level one (personally recruited affiliates)

10% on level 2, 5% on level 3, and so forth (Team Leaders and Managers)

Unknown percent on level 4 (Managers only)


If I’m not incorrect, the HLBS Pool is a binary bonus pool that has been presented in an absurdly convoluted manner.

Here is the official HLBS Pool slide from HLBS Network:

I’ll try to explain the graphic as I understand it before we discuss what the text says.

The affiliate is in the middle. “1 TY” is written to the right. I’m not sure what “TY” stands for, but the “1” signifies the first affiliate they recruited.

Right beside “1 TY” is “1-1,” which, in my opinion, denotes the first person that “1 TY” personally recruited as an affiliate.

The number “3” to the right of “1-1” stands for the third affiliate that was personally recruited.

The third affiliate recruited by “1 TY,” the second affiliate recruited by “2,” and the first affiliate recruited by “3” is “1-3,” “2-2,” and “3-1,” respectively.

On the left, we have “2” (the second affiliate I recruited), “1-2” (the second affiliate I recruited), “2-1” (the first affiliate I recruited), “2-1-1” (the first affiliate I recruited), and 4 (fourth personally recruited affiliate).

This is the automatically translated content from the previous slide:

Depending on the starting package you have, if you have two active members and receive a share of the Bronze pool each Monday, you will receive a share of the turnover of 100, 500, or an infinite number of members on the axis from your second member. The system invests 25% of the net value of each member activity and 10% of the value of customer purchases in the HLBS pool as you progress in depth.

Each side of the binary team is generally occupied, as far as I can determine (one position on the left, one on the right).

The volume paid out starts at second place on the left, although I’m not sure whether that has any impact.

Up to 25% of affiliate order volume and 10% of retail customer order volume can be paid out.

These ratios seem to be tier-based. The only qualification is “beginning package,” which implies that the HLBS Network affiliate’s HLBS Pool pricing is determined by the amount they pay when they sign up.

I can confirm that the “100, 500, or an unlimited number of members” that the HLBS Pool is based on is correlated with the amount an affiliate spends when they sign up:

Basic tier affiliates can recruit up to 100 affiliates to earn the HLBS Pool.

Beginner-tier affiliates can recruit up to 500 affiliates to earn the HLBS Pool.

On an unlimited number of recruited affiliates, Professional and Business tier affiliates get paid from the HLBS Pool.

10% of affiliate volume that is recently recruited is added to the Start Pool by the HLBS Network.

An HLBS Network affiliate must bring on four affiliates in a single month to be eligible for a portion of the Start Pool.

The bigger the qualified affiliate’s Start Pool share, the more these affiliates spend when they are brought in:

Your commission will increase the more members you sign up with the largest beginning package.

Every month, the Start Pool is distributed.

Top Leadership Commission

The “Top Leader Commission” is mentioned in the remuneration plan for HLBS Network.

Although this commission is not explained, we do know that the higher an affiliate pays at registration, the higher their Top Leader Commission rate will be:

Affiliates in the lower tiers make 50% of the Top Leader Commission.

Affiliates on the entry-level receive a 60% commission. Highest Commission percentage

Affiliates at the professional tier are paid an 80 percent Top Leader Commission rate.

Affiliates at the business tier are paid a Top Leader Commission rate of 100%.

enrolling in HLBS Network

An HLBS Network affiliate membership ranges in price from $150 to $2500.

Standard – 150 EUR

USD 300 for novice

750 euros for professionals

Business – EUR 2500

Along with obtaining HLBS Network items, an affiliate’s revenue potential increases with the amount they spend.

HLBS Network HLBS Network

The HLBS Network’s poorly titled items are your first indication that shopping isn’t its primary priority.

IS8, LH+, CBR7, DPS12, etc. There doesn’t seem to have been any consideration put into the product names; they are simply abbreviations of the components.

This lack of a retail emphasis extends to the remuneration structure of HLBS Network, which is fundamentally a pay-to-play hiring process.

Starting here, the prospective income of a freshly recruited associate is determined by how much they spend.

An MLM pyramid scam is built on the principle of spending more to earn more.

Retail commissions are offered, although the majority of HLBS Network’s remuneration is focused on hiring.

The main objective and best strategy to succeed as a member is to get 7 members as soon as feasible.

You become Team Leader after bringing on seven associates. Manager and any higher roles presumably require more hiring.

You need to spend at least €100 every month to be eligible for commissions. This means that the majority of commissions are paid out on affiliates who sign up auto-ship customers earning at least €100 per month.

In other words, a standard MLM pyramid system is centered on products.

The way the binary-based compensation scheme for HLBS Network is presented is one area where I’m unclear.

According to the firm, it’s

The system’s linear solution is original and ground-breaking.

It is the first and only system free from conflict.

Binary-based pay plans unquestionably lack originality and innovation. They have existed all time.

Making one extremely unclear is what is “original and innovative.” A binary is not a linear compensation structure.

Simply ignoring one side of the binary team and somewhat limiting commissionable volume on the other is all that HLBS Network has done.

Although you aren’t constrained by ratios or matching, why not just pay out using a uni-level team instead?

In essence, that’s what HLBS Network is doing, except they’re removing a lot more traffic and acting like affiliates would benefit from this. It isn’t.

I am unable to comment on the reason why the HLBS Network’s website does not contain remuneration information.

The fact that HLBS Network operates in the US may be one factor in their decision to conceal flagrant FTC Act breaches.

In terms of openness, the HLBS Network website does not include executive information.

Another FTC Act violation may have occurred here.

This MLM organization should be avoided due to HLBS Network’s oddly titled goods and recruitment-focused pay structure.

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