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In July 2017, Gilbert Armenta was charged with OneCoin fraud. He admitted confessed in April 2018 to the accusations.

Armenta was first imprisoned while awaiting punishment; however, in late 2020, he was freed on humanitarian grounds.

Armenta’s scheduled sentencing dates have been continually postponed since that time.

Forfeiture and other sentence-related difficulties are the stated and now frequently cited justification for Armenta’s sentencing postponement. This reveals very nothing to us.

A recent filing from Armenta now clarifies what’s delaying matters.

Armenta’s counsel requested a change to his present release restrictions in a letter to the court dated July 13.

We sincerely request that Mr. Armenta’s bail terms be changed to allow him to leave his residence every weekday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. from Mondays through Saturdays.

This request is not opposed by the Government or the Pre-trial Services in charge.

Armenta (right) also requested permission to leave his house to go to any planned medical appointments between the hours of 9 am and 6 pm.

Armenta has been living under these circumstances for two years without incident, thus the desired alteration. This brings up the reason behind the delay.

To allow the sentence in United States v. Mark S. Scott to take place first, the parties have been asking for adjournments of Mr. Armenta’s sentencing. The parties also plan to ask for a similar deferral of the impending sentencing date.

The punishment for Armenta is now set for July 27. But that will likely be delayed once again, as stated above.

OneCoin’s money laundering efforts in the US were overseen by Mark Scott.

On OneCoin money laundering accusations, Scott was found guilty in November 2019.

Scott’s sentencing has taken just as long as Armenta’s case. In December 2021, Scott requested a retrial to avoid going to jail.

Armenta’s sentencing timeline hangs in the balance until that motion is decided.

On July 14, the court approved Armenta’s motion to change his bail.

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