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MetFI is being used as a conduit by ImpulsX to pump their IPX Ponzi coin.

That is, at least, the pitch. For the founders of ImpulsX, it’s a quick payoff on the back end.

According to a July 18th update, investors were instructed by ImpulsX to;

We’re trying to find methods to make IPX more expensive. We discovered a pretty unique project called MetFI that utilizes NFTs, Web3, and the Metaverse. It is also connected to an affiliate program.

ImpulsX chose to become an affiliate at MetFi to create revenues that will be utilized only to expand the IPX market and to repurchase IPX tokens.

All IPX holders will profit as a result, forcing the price of the token higher.

As a member of the ImpulsX and IPX communities, all we are asking of you is that you view this brief explanatory video after which we will let you know how to move on with the process.

As we previously stated, the ImpulsX position will be entirely transparent, and the earnings will be visible both in the application itself and on the blockchain.

All profits will be utilized to increase the value and adoption of IPX, benefiting all IPX holders.

At the beginning of 2021, Darren Bradbury and Mark Verdellen started the Ponzi scam known as an impulse.

Mets is a cryptocurrency Ponzi scam that promises returns of 1,000 percent a year on NFT investments.

Although there is an InpulsX IPX token, I was unable to determine its value. If they are pushing victims into other Ponzi schemes, I assume it is in the toilet.

The recruiting of ImpulsX investors in the US appears to have stopped, according to SimilarWeb statistics. The Ponzi scam is probably being maintained because of an increase in recruitment in Italy.

But math is math. While directing sufferers toward MetFi may postpone the inevitable, IPX will eventually experience withdrawal pressure.

To be clear, this is merely ONE method of attempting to raise the price of IPX. More is coming!

Bradbury and Verdellen will likely begin directing ImpulsX investors into other Ponzi schemes as MetFi recruitment slows down.

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