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According to a promotional film made by top earner Wayne Nash, the Paraiba Ponzi scam is just shy of $500 million.

It indicates that a sizable portion of the money came from US investors.

Paraiba is a rather straightforward Ponzi scam.

You may earn 0.3 percent daily if you invest up to $49,000 in bitcoin. If you invest $50,000, you will earn 0.5% every day.

Bitcoin is used by Paraiba to solicit investments and distribute profits. The company’s internal exchange, Unique Exchange (unique-exchange. co), facilitates this.

Paraiba claims to earn ROI through the trading of cryptocurrencies. Paraiba World has never supplied authorities or investors with audited financial reports, which is against the law under the securities laws of every nation it solicits investment in.

As a result, Paraiba lacks a definite external revenue stream. This is intentional because the only thing Paraiba does is reuse invested money to pay returns.

A remuneration strategy focused on recruiting is coupled with Paraiba’s fraudulent investment. Without ongoing fresh hires, Paraiba falls apart.

Wayne Nash presented a Paraiba marketing webinar on January 19.

During the webinar, Nash promoted the Ponzi scheme to prospective recruits using his Paraiba backoffice revenues.

Paraiba had 432,248 investor accounts as of January 19. Nash is responsible for 219 accounts.

A feature that Paraiba offers to new hires is the ability to invest across various accounts.

In April 2020, Nash joined and invested in Paraiba.

On April 22nd, $100, and on April 24th, $900

on May 25th, $3550

As a result, Nash was among the first investors in Paraguay.

Nash has personally sourced 87 investors since joining Paraiba. They have contributed $458,744 collectively.

One of the guys I had wanted to invest $1,000,000!

Just put in $500,000 to start and test it out, we simply advised him. (laughter)

Nash has a downline of 7402 investors in addition to his recruitments.

Nash supplied statistics showing total withdrawals of $525,978 while investing $4550 of his own money (click to expand both screenshots):

Nash alleges that his total withdrawals have surpassed $600,000 since then.

Even though I’ve profited $698,000, I’ve only rolled back (reinvested) $50K of it.

I estimate that I have taken approximately $600,000 out of my wallet on my initiative. That added up to approximately $50,000.

Nash is taking more than $6500 out of Paraiba per day as of January 2022.

According to Nash, his uplines are taking out hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of bitcoin each month.

Every month, my sponsor brings around $175,000. His sponsor’s monthly salary is roughly $275,000.

Since Nash joined Paraiba, the Ponzi scheme has generated $407,239,660 for the whole company.

According to Nash, the overall firm investment is around ten million dollars higher than the value of his back office. This would equal around $417 million.

According to Nash, Paraiba presently receives about $30 million in bitcoin each month.

By the end of April, Paraiba will have grown into a $500 million Ponzi scheme at that rate.

Erich Ely, a German native and former OneCoin fraudster, is the owner of Paraiba (right).

Although Paraiba hosts promotional events in Dubai, which is known as the world’s MLM fraud capital, I don’t think Ely has yet fled there.

He does not need to.

Authorities in Germany found Paraiba quite quickly. In June 2020, BaFin, Germany’s main financial regulator, issued a warning against securities fraud.

Even earlier, in February 2020, neighboring Austria issued a warning on the Paraiba securities scam.

While Paraiba recruiting fell off in Germany and Austria, no nation has taken any action in response to Erich Ely.

Wayne Nash is aware of this information;

Even BaFin, which is akin to the SEC in Germany and Austria… They say, “Oh well, Paraiba’s not a registered financial institution,” I believe it was about 2020.

Okay, sure. Then what? (laughter)

Due to Germany’s continuous inactivity, Paraiba has become a nearly $500 million Ponzi scam.

Paraiba was examined by BehindMLM in September 2020. At that point, Austria and Germany had already abandoned recruitment. Honduras had been a surprising source for hiring.

Since then, Honduras’ recruiting has likewise completely stopped. Switzerland (32 percent), the US (21 percent), and Russia (14 percent) are the top three countries from which visitors to Paraiba’s website originate.

Switzerland (48%) is ranked as one of Unique Exchange’s top traffic sources by Alexa, followed by the US (46%) and Vietnam (6 percent ).

Since it is an exchange, you may now send money to the exchange in Europe.

But Paraiba just so happens to be the exchange’s owner. Because they own it, Paraiba has contributed and integrated with the exchange.

Authorities in the US and Switzerland have not yet taken any action against Paraiba.

The primary audience for Wayne Nash’s Paraiba webcast was US investors.

Nash disputes the company’s presence in the US, even though there is strong evidence to support it (such as the evidence above).

They are not concentrating on the American market at all. They do not want to expand the market.

In essence, they’re saying, “Yeah, you may join.” It’s not a corporation with a US emphasis.

In reality, I believe a very small number of people… similar to that Dubai thing? There are 180 persons in Dubai?

The majority of them spoke German. Only twenty or forty Americans, at most, were present, based on my count?

However, the bulk of prospective employees who viewed Nash’s webinar is thought to have been Americans.

Berdj Ghazarian, who invested Paraiba “soon after” Nash arrived, was compelled by this to ask a pointed inquiry.

Is there any possibility that the US government would tinker with other things?

Although Nash interrupts him, it is very obvious what Ghazarian was asking.

The US government can, however, take some actions.

For instance, if individuals are… If you’re in the US and you’re, uh, advertising this, which is against the law, Paraiba will expel you right away. (laughter)

You cannot post anything on social media. This is not permitted to be advertised anywhere in the United States or abroad.

It is solely by personal referral and word of mouth.

Several international firms based in different nations own this company.

There is neither a German nor an Austrian entity. Despite the management’s presence in Germany

The US has legal control over US currency. Okay? That being the case, this business only deals in bitcoin.

Additionally, they have seventeen lawyers, some of whom are located in the United States, who are responsible for constantly ensuring that they comply with all key markets.

For the record, neither Wayne Nash, Erich Ely, nor Paraiba is SEC-registered companies.

And they would just say, “OK, we’re not going to operate there longer,” whether it be in the United States or New Zealand if there was a problem in that market.

Where they operate, in the United States, Austria, and Germany, they are not subject to regulation.

US, Austrian, and German securities are heavily regulated.

Paraiba operates and solicits investment unlawfully in all three jurisdictions by failing to register with financial regulators and provide audited financial reports.

Nash’s claims of regulatory compliance are just platitudes. Securities fraud and Ponzi schemes are no issue for him.

People have entered (at) $550,000. After five months, they have received all of their money back and are earning $100,000 or more.

I’m referring to about around a year ago. That was knowledge from a year ago, sort of. These folks continue to earn more than $100,000 each month.

Therefore, if anyone knows of any Ponzi schemes that promise to pay out $130,000 per month in exchange for your $4000 investment, please let me know so that I may become involved.

That suggests a successful Ponzi scheme.

Nash was initially discovered by BehindMLM in late 2015.

MyAdvertisingPays has just declared its departure from the US. This was considered to be the start of the Ponzi scheme’s demise.

In BehindMLM’s comments, Nash—a MyAdvertisingPays investor—appeared to threaten everyone with legal action.

On this one, several individuals should soon be subject to litigation. MAP will not accept unjustified defamation kindly.

For the record, I support MAP and am a member because I think it will improve a lot of people’s lives.

Within 24 hours after Nash’s statement, MyAdvertisingPays lowered ROI percentages across the board.

Up to its formal collapse in September 2016, MyAdvertisingPays struggled along.

It’s thought that Nash is a Canadian citizen. According to a social media profile quoted by BehindMLM, Nash has lived in Japan “since 1985.”

2008’s Dubli was the first MLM I was able to track Nash’s participation in.

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