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The Ponzi scam FVP Trade has failed.

Instead of just acknowledging that they are broke, FVP Trade accuses UK regulators.

according to a communication from “FVP Management” dated July 18;

Due to the firm’s high amount of transactions when transferring stable coin USDT to fiat and topping up fiat to MT4, international anti-money laundering groups became aware of the company and informed it that all of its present assets, including bank deposits, had been temporarily seized.

FVP Trade indicates that regulatory action has been taken against it in the UK, without specifically citing UK authorities.

The business swiftly hired a skilled British legal team to handle the situation after getting the notice.

To recover its assets, the firm will make an effort to resolve all of its existing issues through appropriate legal processes.

FVP Trade not only halts withdrawals but practically explains to investors its exit scam;

The business had made the temporary decision to erase all system data, access, and information to preserve its data from further harm and vulnerability.

To prevent additional harm to our company’s security and reputation, we will restore the system data at a later time when the company’s condition progressively returns to normal.

The FVP Trade has come to an end.

At the beginning of 2020, VFP Holdings was rebranded as FVP Trade. It is thought that con artists from South-east Asia are behind the Ponzi scheme.

China and Singapore are leaders in the use of traditional Mandarin.

An unknown amount of damages was suffered by VFP Trade victims. According to estimates of SimilarWeb traffic, Italy and Vietnam are thought to be the countries with the most FVP Trade investors.

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