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The Financial Superintendence of Colombia has issued a securities fraud notice to OmegaPro and OMP Money.

based on the SFC’s warning from December 16;

This supervisory body’s approval is required before any company or platform that is hosted overseas offers goods and services to citizens of the nation that are typical of the stock market.

OmegaPro and OMP Money are not currently authorized to advertise their financial services and/or products to citizens of the nation in any way, including directly or indirectly using the stock market.

In other countries, this would be the equivalent of a securities fraud warning.

OmegaPro is an MLM opportunity with a 200 percent ROI. OmegaPro was reviewed by BehindMLM in January 2019.

We concluded that OmegaPro was a Ponzi scheme after observing securities fraud and pyramid recruiting.

OmegaPro bases its credibility on the UK shell business OMP Money.

OmegaPro said that by registering OMP Money with the FCA, their investment program became legitimate in the UK.

The FCA has now suspended OMP Money’s license twice as part of what is thought to be an ongoing inquiry.

Co-owners Andreas Szakacs, Mike Sims, and Dilawar Singh are in charge of running OmegaPro.

OmegaPro and its leadership are based in Dubai, the world’s center of MLM fraud.

According to BusinessForHome, Kevin Cadena, Oscar Cometa, Adriana Boada, Angie Amaya, Person Duran, Santiago Rozo, Jose Rodriguez, Andres Prieto, and Jose Sinisterra are in charge of OmegaPro recruiting in Colombia.

The sixth nation to pursue legal action against Ponzi fraud is Colombia.

Following regulatory actions in Chile, Spain, France, Peru, Belgium, and Belgium, the SFC issued a warning.

The SFC reports that twelve people who were promoting shady enterprises were subjected to regulatory action in 2021.

It is uncertain whether Colombian officials will take enforcement action against OmegaPro proponents.

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