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According to speculation, Justin Halladay and Luigi Bruni had the highest-paying positions in the CashFX Group Ponzi scheme.

It appears Halladay and Bruni have split up after virtually disappearing from the business despite CashFX Group’s ongoing assurances that withdrawals are just around the bend for more than a year now.

Harry Page noted this in his article CashFX Scam – Now What! Yesterday, Bruni posted a public alert on the FaceBook group:

When asked to clarify to whom he was referencing, Bruni said;

There’s no need to identify them, although I have someone in mind.

Anyone who knows me will probably make a good guess.

Halladay appeared to respond in between attacks on the Bible.

If you’re wondering why all the religious posturing, it’s because Ponzi schemers frequently feel bad about their actions.

To obscure the fact that he has taken millions from CashFX Group victims, Halladay frequently misuses religion.

Religion serves as a coping strategy. Additionally, it makes it challenging for believers to accept the fact that they were duped.

The disagreement between Halladay and Bruni is centered on Bruni’s departure from CashFX Group:

Ironically, Halladay has almost stopped supporting CashFX Group. preferably in public.

Halladay stopped publicly promoting CashFX Group last year even though he was still benefitting from the Ponzi scam.

Halladay wants to keep the CashFX Group gravy train rolling as long as possible as it is his main source of income. That conflicts with Bruni leaving the organization.

The victims are given one justification after another as CashFX Group corporate and Halladay continue to suck up the majority of invested monies (yes, people are still investing in a busted Ponzi scam).

“CashFX Group phase 2” is the most recent nonsense. Supposed to debut in Q3, Q4, 2023, or 2024… or while waiting for Huascar and the group to devise their next ruse.

The most recent of the 18 nations to pay attention to CashFX Group’s regulatory activities was Canada (again).

Despite being one of the more significant Ponzi schemes to emerge in recent years, authorities have so far been unable to stop the swindle.

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