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On its website, Introax makes no mention of the company’s owners or executives.

The sole contact method offered is a sketchy Telegram group. An individual using the identity “Steve Law” is the admin of the Introax Telegram group.

On Introax’s YouTube account, there is just one authorized marketing video. It is an MLM fraud that uses narration over stock footage.

The domain name “” for the Introax website was privately registered on January 6th, 2022.

Introax supplies a UK incorporation certificate for Introax LTD to seem credible.

On January 18th, 2022, Introax LTD was officially established.

An MLM firm that is based in the UK or that makes that claim should raise red flags.

The UK offers incredibly inexpensive and essentially unrestricted incorporation. Additionally, the FCA, the UK’s leading financial regulator, does not actively combat securities fraud associated with MLM.

As a result, scammers seeking to establish, run and publicize fictitious businesses frequently choose the UK as their preferred country.

Incorporation in the UK or registration with the FCA has no significance for MLM due diligence.

Always consider joining and/or giving any money to an MLM firm very carefully if it is not transparent about who owns or runs it.

Products from Interfax

Introax doesn’t provide any goods or services for sale.

The Introax affiliate membership itself is the only thing that affiliates may promote.

The Compensation Plan for Introax

Affiliates of Introax make investments with the promise of daily profits of up to 5%.

Lite Plan: If you invest $25 or more, you will get 4% daily interest for 30 days.

Pro Plan: If you invest $3001 or more, you’ll get 4.5 percent daily interest for 40 days.

Expert Plan: Make an investment of at least $10,0001 and get 5% every day for 50 days.

On monies spent, Introax provides referral commissions down three tiers of recruiting (unilevel):

level 1 (affiliates that I directly recruited) – 5%

levels 2 to 3 and 3 to 1 percent

enrolling in Introax

The Introax affiliate program is free to join.

A minimum investment of $25 in USD or cryptocurrency is required for full participation in the linked income opportunity.

Introductory Statement

According to Introax, it produces ROI through undisclosed trading.

Simply invest on our platform, that’s it. For you, we transact. This is what we do.

The Ponzi logic test disproves this assertion.

Anyone who can consistently generate 5 percent daily income is not providing access for free.

Even though Introax offers a passive investment opportunity, this opportunity is an offering of securities, and Introax is not authorized to offer securities in any country.

Currently, fresh investment is the sole verified source of revenue entering Introax.

Introax is a Ponzi scam since it pays daily returns using new investments.

As with all MLM Ponzi scams, the fresh investment will cease as soon as affiliate recruiting does.

As a result, Introax will eventually fail from a lack of ROI income.

The mathematics behind Ponzi schemes ensures that when they fail, the majority of investors lose money.

Update: Introax seems to have failed around the end of January, according to a 3 February 2022 update.

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