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Tim Sebert and Randy Thomas launched Genusity, an MLM business.

Late in 2017, BehindMLM wrote a review of Genusity. We discovered an MLM business centered on the marketing of Bluetooth spam gadgets.

Currently, Genusity sells a variety of white-label products.

A $195 in, $10,330 out Ponzi cycler was also included.

As “MyGenStart Cycler,” Genusity’s Ponzi scheme is currently operating. Through Genusity’s back office or the independent domain “,” one can access the Ponzi scheme.

Affiliates of Genusity can purchase a MyGenStart Cycler position for $195.

A 22 and 23 matrix are used in the five-tier MyGenStart Cycler by Genusity.

An affiliate is positioned at the top of a 22 matrix, with two positions immediately beneath them:

The matrix’s initial level is made up of these two locations. These initial two places are divided into another two positions each to create the second level of the matrix (four positions).

There are six places altogether in a 22 matrix.

The idea is expanded with a third level in a 23 matrix, which gives the matrix an additional eight positions:

There are a total of fourteen positions in a 22 matrix.

Cycler matrix positions are filled by consecutive position acquisitions made by both new and current Genusity affiliates.

A “cycle” is started when every position in a matrix is filled.

The following are the payments made through MyGenStart Cycler by Genusity:

generation product granted, first tier first cycle (first tier 22 matrix) – $30 cycle commission, creating a new first-tier second cycle and second tier first cycle position.

First-tier 2×2 matrix: $90 cycle commission for the second cycle and any following cycles, which creates a new first-tier second cycle position.

GenBank product awarded; second tier first cycle (second tier 22 matrix) – no commission; creates new second tier second cycle and third tier first cycle positions.

The $150 cycle commission for the second tier second cycle and any following cycles (second tier 22 matrix) results in the creation of a new second tier second cycle post.

Fourth tier first cycle and third tier second cycle positions are created as a result of the third tier first cycle (third tier 22 matrix), which has no commission, GenBurn product provided, and IR rank qualifying bonus.

$400 cycle commission is paid for the third tier second cycle and any following cycles (third tier 22 matrix), which creates a new third tier second cycle position.

$300 commission is paid for the fourth tier first cycle (fourth tier 23 matrix), which creates the fourth tier second cycle and fifth tier first cycle positions.

Fourth tier second and subsequent cycles (fourth tier 23 matrix): $2000 cycle commission, which results in the creation of a new place for the fifth tier in the first cycle.

$10,000 cycle commission and creates a new place in the fifth tier first cycle (fifth tier 23 matrix).

Every time a personally recruited affiliate exits a third-tier matrix, a $20 referral commission is paid.

Additionally, a Matching Bonus is offered once an affiliate that was personally recruited exits a fifth tier matrix:

Affiliates who rank in IR make $500.

Affiliates who are Gold-rated receive $1000.

Affiliates with the Platinum and Diamond rankings make $1500.

Last but not least, it should be noted that the “GenCation” product that is included with an affiliate’s first first-tier cycle is not advertised on Genusity’s website. What it is, I have no idea.

The MyGenStart Cycler from Genusity has a Ponzi element because cycle commissions are paid out of successive position investments.

Genusity is only moving freshly received cash to pay returns to current investors.

The MyGenStart Cycler from Genusity has a $195 in and $10,330 out return on investment. Each subsequent cycle over each stage adds $90 to $10,000.

MyGenStart Cycler promotion has been scaled back by Genusity affiliates to $195 in, $10,000 out.

The US states of North Carolina are the residents of Genusity, Tim Sebert, and Randy Thomas. Additionally, it’s thought that US citizens make up the bulk of Genusity associates.

MyGenStart Cycler is a securities offering since it is a passive investment opportunity ($195 in, $10,000+ out).

It should be noted that enlisting new members into a Ponzi scheme does not affect the fact that the rewards handed out are supported by existing players, rendering such payments passive.

Genusity, Sebert, or Thomas are not SEC-registered as of the time of publishing.

Genusity, Sebert, and Thomas are therefore guilty of securities fraud. Wire fraud and money laundering crimes are also associated with running a Ponzi scheme in the US.

Regardless of regulation, once affiliate recruiting stops, cycle commissions will stop as they do with other MLM Ponzi schemes.

Being a Ponzi cycler, this will show up in Genusity as matrices stagnate.

When sufficient MyGenStart Cycler matrices become stuck, an irreversible collapse is set off.

Math ensures that the majority of Ponzi cycle participants lose money.

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