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According to Hyperverse, it has built “a virtual metaverse made up of millions of planets” that will let investors experience “the age of interplanetary migration.”

Knowing this and keeping in mind that Hyperverse allegedly employs “1000 IT specialists” who work around the clock, the revelation of manually authorized withdrawal requests is perplexing.

Hyperverse recently informed investors of refused withdrawal requests in a letter.

We received a total of 8957 withdrawal failure submissions from users as of January 14, 2022, of which 1035 were duplicates, 1329 were incomplete or in the incorrect format, and 886 had incorrect user information.

We are happy to announce that the final review list for withdrawal will include the remaining 3704 customers.

They will receive an email from our team within 5 working days. Please keep an eye out for further instructions in your email and abstain from making any more withdrawals while your request is being processed.

Please be aware that the review team will need some time to finish the process owing to the significant number of submissions that are undergoing evaluation.

When it comes to “interstellar migration,” Ryan Xu is a specialist, but why can’t he put up an automatic payment processor?

A “withdrawal final review list” is something, but what is it?

On the promise of a 300 percent ROI, investors put money into HyperFund/Hyperverse. Hyperverse either has that money available to distribute or they don’t.

Successful withdrawal requests are covered in the second part of the update, which Hyperverse characterizes as “deliberate exploitation.”

We want to emphasize once more that there will be zero tolerance for the users of the 2003 submittal who are willfully abusing the site.

Numerous warnings were not enough to stop some individuals from really crossing the line, thus their accounts have already been frozen and placed under restrictions.

We hope that everyone in the community will be able to take advantage of, participate in, and enjoy our ecosystem in a fair and safe setting.

Fair play calls for you guys to let Xu and the crew spend your money in Dubai.

Stop submitting those annoying withdrawal requests!

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