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Tectum works in the MLM space for cryptocurrencies.

According to the business, it is a subsidiary of CrispMind LTD. According to reports, CrispMind has offices in the US and Europe.

The Illinois corporate suite address that Tectum supplied is shared by several other businesses, indicating that it is only a virtual location. The European headquarters of Tectum is allegedly located in Ireland.

The “our team” part of the Tectum website has a list of fourteen people.

Executive positions aren’t accessible unless you click through on each team member’s name, which seems to be a UI design flaw.

I spend time looking through each Tectum team member’s profile that was offered just to discover that it is not known who truly owns and operates the business.

Of the fourteen members of the Tectum team, only David Track’s name sprang to mind.

In 2011, David Track (on the right) was identified by BehindMLM as the creator and CEO of PrepayCPA.

PrepayCPA no longer exists. I went to Track’s LinkedIn site to see what he had been up to since then.

The track served as Senior Vice President of Growth & Strategy at Tryp in addition to leading Track Companies, which “specialize in high-risk merchant credit card services.”

Tryp was analyzed by BehindMLM in January 2019, and they found a pyramid business model with an unlawful stock offering.

In January 2020, the MLM company Tryp went out of business.

In 2020, Track seems to have transformed into a crypto bro. The track is listed as a Bitlocity “Member of the Board of Advisors” on his LinkedIn page.

An MLM crypto gifting pyramid scam called Velocity. Early in 2021, the fraud was exposed.

Track joined the NFT grift in late 2021 by co-founding NFT Tycoons.

That had no effect, which prompted Track to accept the position as Director of Mass Adoption at Tectum in April 2022.

I went to CrispMind’s website because I was still curious about who was in charge of Tectum.

I discovered that the CEO of CrispMind is Alex Guseff (right). This implies that Guseff is also in charge of Tectum.

The final member of the Tectum team listed on their website is Guseff. It’s unclear why his management of the business isn’t mentioned.

Guseff seems to be a random Russian crypto dude. A June 2020 PR puff post on Medium positions Crispmind in Kazan, Russia, as opposed to the US or Ireland.

A career executive in software development, Alexander Guseff works for the Kazan, Russia-based business Crispmind.

It’s also unclear why Crispmind and Tectum are claiming to be located in the US and Ireland, respectively.

According to SimilarWeb, the top countries sending visitors to Tectum’s website right now are the UK (37%), Russia (31%), Switzerland (20%), and Canada (7 percent ).

Always consider joining and/or giving any money to an MLM firm very carefully if it is not transparent about who owns or runs it.

Products from Tectum

Tectum doesn’t provide any goods or services for retail.

The only product that affiliates may promote is Tectum affiliate membership.

Plan of Compensation for Tectum

Affiliates of Tectum invest in the Tectum cryptocurrency (TET).

The purchase of SoftNote licenses, which Tectum claims would result in an annual return of “up to” 300 percent, is then made via TET.

Packages including SoftNote licenses range in price from $1 to $500,000.

We’ll discuss SoftNote in more detail at the end of the review.

The Tectum MLM division pays commissions for bringing in affiliate investors.

Advisory Commissions

Affiliates directly recruited by Tectum receive a 10% commission on the cost of a SoftNote license.

Recurring Commissions

On the purchase of a SoftNote license, Tectum pays a residual commission of 5% down three tiers of hiring (Unilever).

A Tectum affiliate can earn residual commissions down to six tiers of recruiting if they meet the requirements to become a Team Leader:

level 1 (affiliates individually recruited) – 10%

5 percent at level 2.

three to four percent

3 percent at level 4.

2 percent at level 5.

1 percent for level 6.

To become a Team Leader, a Tectum associate must persuade people to spend $100,000 in TET.

Bonus for Regional Leaders

Tectum distributes 5% of the company’s total SoftNote licensing investment to its regional leaders.

The qualifications for Regional Leaders are not provided by Tectum.

entering Tectum

It looks that Tectum affiliate membership is free.

Investment in TET tokens is necessary for full involvement in Tectum.

Tectum affiliates are now purchasing TET internally for $2.50 a unit.

Tectum’s Finale

The blockchain that Tectum claims to have is “the quickest in the world.”

I’m not sure whether it is accurate, but it doesn’t matter.

Building the quickest blockchain in the world for some random corporation is like constructing a freeway with no speed limitations.

Nobody is concerned.

We now have CrispMind repurposing Tectum as a 300 percent ROI Ponzi scam, perhaps to recoup whatever they have already invested in the unsuccessful business.

Investment in SoftNote licenses is the pretext underlying Tectum’s Ponzi scam.

Before we do that, let’s look into CrispMind and Tectum, two firms that seem to have been there for a long, and why they are initiating a Ponzi scheme.

Using the Medium puff piece article given in the review’s beginning, we discover;

The lightning-fast logistical Tectum Blockchain has been developed by a team of mathematicians, programmers, and AI experts in Russia for more than seven years, and it is now ready for use.

Since that article was created in 2020, it is believed that fraudsters in Russia have been working on it since 2013.

Given that Tectum’s website domain was registered in 2018, I don’t think that is the case. The website for CrispMind was set up in 2019.

I should also point out that Alexander Guseff is identified as a Tectum software executive in the Medium piece.

A year and a half ago, I joined the team when I began writing a white paper on it.

When did Guseff become the CEO of Tectum and CrispMind? I don’t know.

In any case, this offers us two possibilities:

Guseff is a puppet executive running Tectum, which is owned by unidentified Russian con artists; or

Guseff is lying and was always working behind the scenes with Tectum and CrispMind.

Both scenarios create questions.

I can’t completely rule out the possibility that Tectum is a continuation of earlier unsuccessful blockchain initiatives (this is rather frequent), but at the very least, it didn’t exist before 2018.

2019 saw Guseff join CrispMind and Tectum after operating a mobile phone repair business in his native Russia.

Another red flag is not being up honest about where CrispMind and Tectum came from.

After that, let’s get back to the Ponzi scheme Tectum used to sell SoftNote licenses.

A crypto wallet connected to Tectum is called SoftNote.

The company’s flagship product, SoftNote, is positioned as the first transactionless payment system, offering users zero-fee policies and genuinely quick payment capabilities. Transactionless refers to the fact that no transaction occurs on the local network.

Because Bitcoin transactions cannot be tracked using the public address, SoftNote is more anonymous than a Bitcoin wallet.

While the balance is transferred, the payment is not recorded in the native network ledger.

Short version: SoftNote ensures privacy on the blockchain. Perfect for implementing a Ponzi scam.

The license hoax is exactly that—a hoax. It makes no sense for investors to spend thousands of dollars on licensing a cryptocurrency wallet that is available for free.

However, the SoftNote license ploy is not meant to make sense; it is a tenuous Ponzi marketing fake. Investors in Tectum are not supposed to consider it.

The real shocker is that SoftNote hasn’t even begun operations yet.

When the SoftNote System is ready to go live, the price of a TET will be determined by the sales of Mint Licenses throughout the globe.

I included a graphic on the investment in the Tectum licensing bundle in the review’s remuneration section.

The figure was taken from a paper that was published in late 2021.

The pre-sale promotion began on September 15th, 2021, and is still active as of April 15th, 2022.

Genesis Smart Contract will mint the first ten million SoftNote Bills as a one-time event on or before October 31st, 2021, and distribute them to the holders of Minting Licenses.

Beginning on September 15th, 2021, SoftNote Bills will be priced at 1% of their face value (see below), with a progressive price increase anticipated as demand increases. SoftNote profitability may allow for price increases of up to 5%.

Early Bird Offer expires in April 2022.

The first con artists would have joined at this point, expecting the general people to swell their wallets.

The Tectum Token (first )’s presale phase 1 had a price of $1, and 2.5 million TETs were sold. Phase 2 then saw the $2 sale of TET tokens. Phase 3 is already underway, and TET costs $2.5 per unit.

Unsurprisingly, to sell the con The marketing materials and website for Tectum are laden with assurances of wealth:

This is a great investment that will provide you the chance to earn up to 300 percent annually.

MLM firms that promote passive investment possibilities are securities issuers.

The SEC has jurisdiction over Tectum’s securities offering since it claims to be situated in the US and has at least one US officer (David Track’s LinkedIn lists him in Delaware).

None of CrispMind, Tectum, Alexander Guseff, or David Track are listed as SEC-registered companies in the Edgar database of the SEC, according to the search.

This implies that, at the very least, securities fraud is being committed by all parties.

MLM firms that conduct securities fraud are well-suited to operating Ponzi schemes.

When the SoftNote System is launched, the price of TET will start being determined by the profitability of the Mint License, and that’s when it will go to the MOON. The current price of TET is the equivalent of $2.00 soon to start going up, leveling to $7.60 at the point of reaching the Soft Cap – the Unlock.

Tectum asserts that it has been approved by “renowned American and Canadian auditors” in place of registering financial regulators and submitting the legally necessary audited financial reports.

Leaving aside the fact that the assertion is definitely false, operating lawfully and registering with regulators are still required.

Furthering CrispMind and Tectum’s financial deception, the business has no registered securities offering status anywhere.

This covers the nations where Tectum is predominantly being pushed, such as the UK, Russia, Switzerland, and Canada.

When affiliate recruiting for Tectum dries up, the fresh investment will as well, just like with all MLM Ponzi scams.

Because of this, Tectum will soon be unable to pay TET token withdrawals, which would cause a collapse.

Ponzi scheme logic ensures that the majority of participants will lose money.

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