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César Julio Gómez López, a publicist for Generation Zoe, has been detained by Venezuelan authorities.

Lopez has been charged with fraud relating to “fake investments” following an investigation by the Scientific, Criminal, and Criminalistic Investigation Service Corps (CICPC).

Lopez is a member of the Generation Zoe investor group known as “Los Captadores de Zoe,” according to Elpitazo.

By enlisting victims to make investments in the pyramid firm and employing the Ponzi scheme, the gang advertises to residents of Argentina, Paraguay, the Dominican Republic, Uruguay, and Venezuela that they may invest in cryptocurrencies.

The CICPC’s Douglas Rico said the following about the Ponzi scheme:

These crooks get their victims to participate in the fraudulent negotiation and act as pyramid schemers by offering presentations, conferences, excursions, and meetings with specialists about investing in a cryptocurrency backed by gold mines.

The CICPC is looking for four other Generation Zoe promoters in addition to Lopez, including Blanca Torres, Martina Reyes, Patricia Sulbaran, and Yomary Rivas.

The Generation Zoe Ponzi scam used basic crypto smart contracts.

Following the failure of Generation Zoe in February 2022, Leonardo Cositorto, the company’s creator, became the target of a global search.

In April, Cositorto was detained in the Dominican Republic. He was immediately returned to Argentina after that.

In connection with his management of Generation Zoe, Cositorto is being prosecuted. He is still being held pending trial after three bail requests were turned down.

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