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The Z System, sometimes known as the Z 712 Money System, is Paul Darby’s most recent MLM enterprise.

To his credit, Darby stars in a marketing film for The Z System that is prominently displayed on the business’ website.

Since Darby is the proprietor of the YouGetPaidFast gifting program, BehindMLM initially profiled her in 2013. Under the Unimax Services logo at the time, Darby was operating many frauds.

Darby persisted in recommending third-party frauds to his victims after YouGetPaidFast failed.

After Internet Lifestyle Network, Darby essentially disappeared off BehindMLM’s radar. According to Darby’s YouTube channel, he has been hawking a “revolutionary” marketing strategy for several years under several titles.

According to the Terms and Conditions of the Z System, Darby is a US citizen residing in Texas.

For a thorough analysis of the MLM potential with the Z System, continue reading.

Products of The Z System

There are no resaleable goods or services offered by the Z System.

The business provides “The Z App,” a free email marketing app. based on Darby’s pitch;

You may use any two items or services, alter them up as you want, to promote the wonderful stuff you find online.

Simply copy and paste affiliate links into the system, and it will begin sending out the prettiest emails for you.

You don’t put them together, think about them, or write them. You enter your desired product using cut-and-paste, then click “done.”

Darby asserts The cost of the Z App is $1900.

The Compensation Plan for The Z System

Affiliates of the Z System pay $99 per month to join. They receive commissions when they bring on new hires who follow suit.

Affiliates of the Z System are paid commissions on hiring down two tiers of hiring (unilevel):

fifty percent on level one (personally recruited affiliates)

a 25% level 2 cutoff

As long as affiliates that have been recruited continue to pay the monthly membership fees, commissions are paid.

Getting Into The Z System

The monthly cost of the Z System affiliate membership is $97.

The Z System Summary

The Z System is the newest brand under which Darby is marketing his email production tool.

Darby promotes Joel Therein’s Now Lifestyle on his YouTube channel under a variety of aliases. The Magic List Machine was launched earlier this year.

There existed “The New Tech Millionaires” before The Z System, which was first unveiled in early July. It was formerly known as “The Genius App.” In the past, it was “Mr. X Web Traffic,” and so on.

In addition to dubious income claims…

There is nothing wrong with The Z App on its own, but these activities very likely violate the FTC Act. It is a tool for email marketing. Of course, you’ll need an email list to plug in, which Darby may be mining for himself on the backend. The unknown.

I can tell you that Darby appeared to be in a lot of need in a June 2022 promotional film;

You’re just totally lost as a goose if the owner of a very successful marketing business tells you that they have joined with a $300 million corporation and the owner of another highly successful marketing firm, and we have something that can help you become a highly successful marketing firm.

You’re an absolute cow. You’re simply waiting for someone to take you into the chute so your testicles may be removed or for someone to pooh! you in the head and convert you into hamburgers.

The Z System’s linked MLM potential is an issue. A pyramid scam, that is.

A free email marketing tool is available from The Z System, but it has nothing to do with the MLM possibility.

Through The Z System, all commission payments are directly related to hiring. It is a pyramid scam as a result of this.

Marketing materials associated with pyramid schemes almost always end up being largely utilized to promote the pyramid scheme itself. And The Z System provides just that.

No matter how long it takes, when the flow of recruits stops, pyramid schemes fall. Darby launches new programs with fresh names every few months for this reason.

Darby released The Genius App in the latter half of 2020. It is dead.

According to SimilarWeb, The New Tech Millionaires’ website, which was first used to advertise List Leverage in 2019 before being repurposed as a “100% commissions” gifting scheme in November 2021, is experiencing a steady fall in visitors.

Here, a pattern may be seen. By the end of the year, The Z System is likely to be discontinued or reintroduced under a different name.

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