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Gift of Legacy seems to be crumbling from within after a sharp decline in recruiting.

The recruiting process has failed, the admins are squabbling, and anyone who raises concerns risks having their account(s) taken.

Chris Hattingh and Candice Donadel are the faces of Gift of Legacy in the public eye. But behind the scenes, Marais, Jenny Brandt, and Hercules Viljoen join them.

Gift of Legacy, according to Jacques Marais (right), is his “brainchild, pride, and delight.”

Marais claimed that the scheme had been “taken” from him in a message he sent on Gift of Legacy’s official Telegram channel yesterday.

The recent occurrences, as well as those from the previous few months, have made me unhappy in many different ways.

As you are well aware, the “Core Leaders” stole my idea for GL, my pride, and pleasure, and introduced it to the community before it was ready.

As a result, it has failed to deliver on or live up to the initial commitments that were made, and even though this was beyond my control, I still feel accountable for it. Consequently, I am accountable to every one of you.

I want everyone to know that when I founded GL, I had high standards for how it would be operated, a strong sense of community, and complete openness.

I broadcast some stunning realities a few days ago. It’s shocking to me and you since, even though they took my software, I didn’t anticipate the “Core Leaders” to also hijack the GL accounts belonging to my family and me.

No matter when it was published or if Marais’ positions were taken, he is fully aware that arithmetic is math and that all gifting schemes fail when there are no recruits left.

If that were the only complaint Marais had, I wouldn’t be writing this piece.

Marais continues with some intra-family strife that is worth watching;

Even though I have written to them requesting an explanation, they still haven’t been able to provide one as of yet.

I’ve just written the “Core 4” another email informing them of my impending departure and requesting that they cease mentioning my name on Zoom for any reason at all as well as pay the excess from gifts to the appropriate owners of these accounts.

Despite the “ownership” problems, I am an active participant in the system, just like everyone else. I told you my tale to let you know that they have access to the database and that if they can access my and my family’s accounts, they can access your accounts as well.

This fact demonstrates that GL is NOT a decentralized system, but rather a toy that the “Core Leaders” may control in any way they see appropriate.

This is in opposition to the fundamental concept of a gifting program.

When does the “Core Leader” reach the point of no return? Take my course, pass my exams. What comes next?

It appears that Hattingh and Donadel are censoring anyone who complains about being conned or that they are unfairly using Gift of Legacy.

All of their sites have barred every single one of my supporters (who are also GL participants) from raising inquiries.

They asked questions regarding my accusations as well as their own, such as “how does the algorithm work?” and “I brought in 50 individuals, but none of them got on my board!”

So much for openness.

Marais hasn’t learned anything and intends to start another gift-giving fraud as his next move.

I have been very honest about everything that has occurred. People will either trust me or not. And I’m fine with it because I understand who I am as a person.

I have made GL and the “Core Leaders” seem bad. It is now up to you how you want to continue traveling with GL.

After a protracted conversation, the authorities informed me that GL would no longer exist.

I’ve decided to put the community first and move away from all the criticism to focus my energies on developing a new program that will live up to all of its promises—the platform that GL was meant to be. I am more motivated than ever because I owe it to every one of you!

This service will be a unique gifting platform. I have more than enough time to reflect on the situation, make improvements, and work on all the technologies I developed for GL.

Additionally, this time around, I have allied myself with sincere individuals—people that I trust and who trust me. individuals that share my dream. People that ALWAYS prioritize the community.

For obvious reasons, I’ll be shutting this group as soon as I publish this announcement.

Please know that every one of you is valued and appreciated for supporting me throughout this journey and for having faith in me.

Please refrain from sending me any private messages about GL, I beg you. I’m progressing to greater and larger things.

The new platform will be called Redemption. In due course, I’ll give additional details about that.

We are unable to accomplish much on our own. Together, we are capable of so much.

I adore you,

Pierre Marais

Several thoughts

Nothing Jacques Marais has said has been true. Gift of Legacy is/was a fraud intended to transfer as much money as possible from the commoners to the powerful. Marais’ sole grudge is that he is no longer in charge. That is what honesty looks like.

Authorities in South Africa are looking into Gift of Legacy. If Marais is claiming that he informed them that Gift of Legacy was a hoax and that he was involved, then he is lying. If Marais has interacted with the authorities at all, it has only been to complain about being kicked out of his unlawful giving scheme.

The owners and top recruiters of the firm receive money from attracted plebs through all gifting programs. The great majority of participants cannot, mathematically, make money. Such was the case with Kindred Hearts, which served as the inspiration for Gift Of Legacy. The same is true with Gift of Legacy. And with Marais’ latest gifting fraud, that will be the situation.

Unfortunately, it seems doubtful that the South African Gift of Legacy probe will yield any results. Authorities frequently announce investigations into MLM fraud, but then nothing happens.

Because most customer losses go undetected, this enables local con artists to restart frauds at will.

Given that it has almost completely crumbled, I wouldn’t be shocked if Hattingh and Donadel decide to revive Gift of Legacy shortly as well.

In the event of any new information, we’ll keep you informed.

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