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HyperOne unveiled its new CEO on July 14th.

Mr. Boris Johnson Oh for goodness’ sake!

I should say up front that I’m not sure if these actors are genuinely associated with HyperOne or not. The usage of stock headshots is to blame for this.

This being said, “Boris Johnson” is played by actor, writer, and producer Jared Polivka:

A week after the CEO of HyperOne made his declaration, “Operation Head of Asia Pacific” Shavez Anwar and COO Eva Martin did the same.

Shavez Anwar and “Florine” (whose executive function isn’t mentioned) are actors living in Los Angeles, but I didn’t bother searching them up: Chrissy Bonilla is “Eva Martin”:

It appears that Bonilla is in charge of a HyperOne corporate Zoom call that is upcoming.

Sam Lee’s address, who has been missing since HyperFund failed last year, is also “coming soon.”

Lee is said to be hiding from the law in Dubai.

In unrelated developments, Twitter just suspended HyperOne’s official account for “violating Twitter’s rules”:

Actor executives improperly edited Sam Lee’s images and terminated social media accounts… Guys, I think it’s time to stop the joke.

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