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On their website, Metanetix omits to include ownership or management details.

On April 1st, 2022, Metanetix’s website domain (“”) was privately registered.

Metanetix produces an incorporation certificate for NDT Metaverse LTD to seem official.

On April 21st, 2022, NDT Metaverse LTD was formally established in the UK.

An MLM firm that is based in the UK or that makes that claim should raise red flags.

The UK offers incredibly inexpensive and essentially unrestricted incorporation. Additionally, the FCA, the UK’s leading financial regulator, does not actively combat securities fraud associated with MLM.

As a result, scammers seeking to establish, run and publicize fictitious businesses frequently choose the UK as their preferred country.

Incorporation in the UK or registration with the FCA has no significance for MLM due diligence.

Broken English in Metanetix’s marketing materials hints that the firm is run by non-native English speakers.

There is a significant likelihood that whoever is in charge of the initiative has connections to India given that the sole marketing films on Metanetix’s official YouTube account are in English and Hindi.

Always consider joining and/or giving any money to an MLM firm very carefully if it is not transparent about who owns or runs it.

Products from Metanetix

A retailable product or service is not offered by Metanetix.

Only the Metanetix affiliate membership itself may be promoted by affiliates.

The Compensation Plan for Metanetix

Affiliates of Metanetix invest their NDT tokens in USD equivalents.

Based on the claimed ROI of between 150 and 400 percent, this is done:

Staking B1: Make a $100 investment to get a weekly payment of 3% for 50 weeks (150 percent )

Staking B2: Make a $500 investment to get 4% each week for 50 weeks (200 percent )

Staking B3: Make a $1500 investment to collect 5% every week for 50 weeks (250 percent )

Staking B4: Make a $3000 investment and collect 6% every week for 50 weeks (300 percent )

Staking B5: Make a $7000 investment to get 7% every week for 50 weeks (350 percent )

Staking B6: Make a $15,000 investment to get 8% every week for 50 weeks (400 percent )

Returns are paid in NDT tokens, which are worthless outside of Metanetix.

The aforementioned overall ROI numbers include MLM commissions and bonuses. Reinvestment is necessary to keep earning once the whole ROI amount has been attained.

Additionally, keep in mind that Metanetix withholds 50% of withdrawal proceeds. According to them, this sum is utilized to finance Metanetix’s MLM compensation scheme.

The Metanetix MLM division compensates for the acquisition of affiliate investors.

Advisory Commissions

Metanetix uses a uni-level compensation scheme to pay referral commissions.

An affiliate is put at the head of a unilevel team in a unilevel pay system, and each affiliate they recruited is positioned immediately under them (level 1):

New affiliates brought on by any level 1 affiliates are added to the original affiliate’s unilevel team at level 2.

If any level 2 affiliates bring on new affiliates, they are promoted to level 3, and so on down a theoretically endless number of levels.

Twenty is Metanetix’s maximum number of pay-per-level team levels.

The following referral commissions are given as a proportion of the money invested at each of these 20 levels:

level 1 (affiliates individually recruited) – 10%

two to three percent (must recruit two affiliate investors to qualify)

three to four percent (must recruit three affiliate investors to qualify)

four to five percent (must recruit four affiliate investors to qualify)

levels 5 through 20 – 1% (must recruit five affiliate investors to qualify)

Referral Commissions with ROI

A referral commission is given by Metanetix on the profits made by affiliates in the downline.

The same twenty-level deep uni-level team that pays out ordinary referral rewards (see “Referral Commissions” above) is utilized to pay out ROI referral commissions.

10 percent at level 1

level 2 – 3% (requires a minimum investment volume of $500 from your downline)

level 3 – 4% (requires downline investment amount of $1000)

level 4 to 5 percent (must produce a downline investment volume of $2000)

1 percent at level 5 (requires $4000 in investment volume from the downline)

Matching Bonus Through a binary compensation mechanism, Metanetix provides a matching bonus.

An affiliate is positioned at the head of a binary team that is divided into two sides (left and right) by a binary remuneration structure:

The binary team’s initial level has two slots. These initial two places are divided into another two positions each to create the second level of the binary team (4 positions).

The binary team is formed in stages, with each stage containing twice as many slots as the preceding stage.

Direct and indirect affiliate recruiting is used to fill positions on the binary team. The depth to which a binary team can expand is unbounded.

Each day’s earnings from both sides of the binary team are totaled by Metanetix after the day.

Affiliates get a 5 percent match on their weaker binary team side of generated money.

Keep in mind that this sum has a ceiling determined by the Staking investment package that was chosen:

Affiliates that stake B1 can make up to $100 every day.

Affiliates that stake B2 can make up to $500 every day.

Affiliates that stake B3 can make up to $1500 every day.

Affiliates of Staking B4 can make up to $3000 every day.

Affiliates that stake B5 can make up to $7000 every day.

Affiliates of B6 who stake can make up to $15,000 every day.

Worldwide Welcome Bonus

The Global Joining Bonus is a stand-alone hiring incentive.

Purchasing a “Thunder” package is necessary to qualify for the global joining bonus:

$30 for Thunder A1.

$70 for Thunder A2.

$150 Thunder A3

A4 Thunder – $300

$300 Thunder A5

A straight-line queue is used to track the global joining bonus. That is, you register and are assigned a place in the line. You are put at the back of the line along with everyone else who purchased a Thunder package after you.

The Bonus is distributed to positions up to forty below you. Anyone in Metanetix has now purchased forty more Thunder packages.

The Global Joining Bonus is provided as 1% of affiliates’ earnings up to 40 spots under you:

affiliates of the Thunder A1 package who fill 20 vacancies receive the global joining bonus.

affiliates of the Thunder A2 package who fill 24 positions receive the global joining bonus.

affiliates of the Thunder A3 package who fill 30 positions receive the global joining bonus.

Affiliates of the Thunder A4 package can receive the 36-position Global Joining Bonus.

affiliates of the Thunder A5 package who fill 40 positions receive the global joining bonus.

International Distribution Bonus

The affiliate withdrawing earns the Global Distribution Bonus on up to twenty queue levels above and below.

The Global Joining Bonus queue structure is the same (see above).

Which Thunder bundle a Metanetix affiliate buys will decide how many spots up and down in the queue, relative to their position, they are eligible to get the Global Distribution Bonus on:

The Global Distribution Bonus is available to Thunder A1 package affiliates 10 queue levels above and below them.

Twelve queue levels above and below Thunder A2 package affiliates are eligible for the Global Distribution Bonus.

The Global Distribution Bonus is available to Thunder A3 package affiliates who are fifteen queue levels above and below them.

Affiliates of the Thunder A4 package who are 18 queue levels or lower are eligible for the Global Distribution Bonus.

Twenty queue levels above and below Thunder A5 package affiliates are eligible for the Global Distribution Bonus.

To qualify for the Global Distribution Bonus, a Metanetix affiliate must hold positions for which withdrawals are made that total 1 percent of the total withdrawal amount.

Bonus Five Wonder

Within 10 days of joining, a Metanetix affiliate can obtain a return on their investment if they bring on five more affiliates who invest at the same tier as them or higher.

It costs nothing to become a Metanetix Metanetix affiliate member.

The following is necessary for full participation in the attached income opportunity:

spending between $100 and $15,000 on a Staking B* package, or between $30 and $600 on a Thunder A* package.

Metanetix Summary

Mark Zuckerberg gave the Metaverse Facebook presentation late last year, and soon after that, every crypto fraudster under the sun began harping on it.

Even though the scam has mostly run its course, organizations like Metanetix continue to use it to promote their Ponzi scheme.

The Metaverse and Metanetix are unrelated. It’s a straightforward shittoken Ponzi scam.

This is all being operated by the same set of con artists, despite their attempts to make NDT token seem like a different business that Metanetix has a “relationship” with.

On the Binance Smart chain, NDT was developed as a BEP-20 token. These are inexpensive to set up and just take a few minutes.

Affiliates of Metanetix invest in NDT tokens, stake them with the business, and profit passively. They withdraw the money that was later invested, turning Metanetix into a Ponzi scam.

The system has additional pyramid tiers thanks to the MLM component of the firm, which includes the Thunder A* packages.

Simply said, Metanetix generates NDT as needed to operate their Ponzi scheme. The number of NDT keeps growing uncontrollably over time, while the real cryptocurrency available for withdrawal ultimately decreases.

When Metanetix’s administrators determine that operating the Ponzi is no longer profitable, critical mass has been achieved. After that, they will swindle out, leaving Metanetix associates with yet another useless Ponzi token in their possession.

Math ensures that most Ponzi scheme participants lose money.

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