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The Superintendencia de Banca of Peru has issued a warning to OmegaPro about securities fraud.

The SBS has given a second fraud notice to the firm.

According to the SBS’s notice from July 12th, OmegaPro

functioning throughout the nation. without registering or getting permission from the SBS.

Article 11 of Law No. 26702, General Law of the Financial System and the Insurance System and Organic Law of the Superintendence of Banking and Insurance, states that the SBS must first give its permission before anyone can collect or receive money from third parties in the form of a deposit, mutual fund, or any other type of payment.

In other countries, this would be the equivalent of a securities fraud notice.

OmegaPro was deemed an unlawful enterprise by SBS back in December 2020. Despite the label, OmegaPro is still promoted all across Peru.

Peru is now ranked as the second-largest source of visitors to OmegaPro’s website by SimilarWeb (6 percent, down 19 percent month on month).

Colombia is where the great majority of visitors to the OmegaPro website come from (61 percent ). In February 2022, Colombian authorities issued a fraud alert for OmegaPro.

Mike Sims (US), Dilawar Singh, and Andreas Szakacs (Sweden) are the owners of the MLM trading bot Ponzi OmegaPro (Germany).

All three of OmegaPro’s founders have since fled to Dubai, the global center of MLM criminality.

Along with Peru, other countries that have taken regulatory action against OmegaPro include the Congo Republic (several arrests), Spain (two fraud warnings), Mauritius, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Nicaragua, and France (added to the fraud blacklist twice), Belgium, and Colombia.

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