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On its website, Recompense names Terrance D. Gibson Sr. as the firm’s proprietor.

Gibson Sr. is listed as a clergyman, author, and businessman who lives in Georgia in the US.

The fact that Gibson Sr. has repeatedly promoted crypto-Ponzi schemes is not made public.

Gibson Sr. (right) has promoted the following MLM opportunities:

BitConnect (Ponzi)

Bitqyck (Ponzi)

HextraCoin (Ponzi)

RegalCoin (Ponzi) (Ponzi)

Global Copy Profit Success (pyramid scheme)

Dynamic Union (Ponzi)

IXQTV (pyramid scheme)

Token Cloud (Ponzi)

Tryp (securities fraud)

Tradera (pyramid scheme) (pyramid scheme)

USA Identity

Metals 7K (pyramid scheme)

FX Manifest (securities fraud)

Nutritious Living

intelligence is a top priority.

ZEUS’ BOUTIQUE (pyramid scheme)

FastBNB (Ponzi)

TronByte (Ponzi)

Trade Club Pro

COTP (Ponzi) (Ponzi)

StableBNB (Ponzi)

Yielders Metafi (Ponzi)

Swapnex (Ponzi)

Fundsz (Ponzi)

Pegasus (Ponzi)

HyperOne (Ponzi)

BNBSeed (Ponzi)

Repowe (Ponzi)

Bot by BNB (Ponzi)

DA Pro Digital (Ponzi)


The domain name “” for Recompense’s website was privately registered on May 27, 2022.

Around the Fourth of July, Gibson Sr. started to promote Recompense.

For a thorough analysis of Recompense’s MLM potential, keep reading.

Restitution’s Goods

Recompense does not offer any resaleable goods or services.

Only the Recompense affiliate membership itself may be promoted by affiliates.

The Compensation Plan for Recompense

Affiliates that get compensation buy positions in a five-layer matrix cycler for $65 USD (BUSD).

Recompense’s cycler makes use of 22 matrices.

An affiliate is positioned at the top of a 22 matrix, with two spots immediately behind them:

The matrix’s initial level is made up of these two locations. By dividing these two places into an additional two positions each, the second level of the matrix is created (4 positions).

This causes each matrix to need the filling of a total of six places.

Directly and indirectly, recruited affiliates to acquire $65 BUSD cycler positions to fill positions in the matrix.

Commissions are given out as seats in each matrix are filled. A “cycle” begins when every post is filled.

Following are the cycler commission payouts for each of the five Recompense cycler tiers:

New Tier 1 and Tier 2 cycler roles are created by Tier 1 (first cycle, positions cost $65 BUSD) and $50 commission.

Tier 1 (following cycles): $150 commission and creates a new seat in Tier 1.

With a $100 commission in the first cycle, Tier 2 creates new Tier 2 and Tier 3 positions.

Tier 2 (following cycles): $300 commission and creation of a brand-new Tier 2 job

With a $200 commission in the first cycle, Tier 3 creates new Tier 3 and Tier 4 roles.

Tier 3 (following cycles): $600 commission and creation of a brand-new Tier 3 job

Tier 4 (initial cycle) produces new Tier 4 and Tier 5 employment and pays a $400 commission.

Tier 4 (following cycles): $1200 commission and creation of a brand-new Tier 4 job

A new Tier 5 position is created by the $2400 commission paid on Tier 5 (all cycles).

The first cycles are the first cycles on any layer that have all matrix points filled. All cycles beyond the first cycle are subsequent cycles.

Advisory Commissions

Affiliates that buy a $65 BUSD cycler stake as compensation get $10 BUSD each affiliate.

Joining Restitution

A $65 BUSD cycler position is required for compensation affiliate membership.

Compensation Verdict

Four years ago, Terrance Gibson Sr. started endorsing Ponzi schemes. In the run-up to the May 2022 crypto market crash, Gibson advocated far more Ponzi schemes this year.

Recompense was introduced by Gibson Sr. only a few weeks after the dump, which is not a coincidence. It took him four years to discover that operating Ponzi schemes are where the money is, not advertising them.

Our method is designed to aid in compensation.

What is meant by recompense? Its definition is “compensation or reward provided for loss, harm, or effort incurred.”

Gibson Sr. believes that as “compensation” for enlisting individuals into Ponzi schemes, he is entitled to money. Recompense is Gibson Srpersonal .’s financial fraud.

Cyclers of the matrix are nothing new. Like other Ponzi schemes, its main beneficiaries are the operators and the initial investors.

This is accomplished in a matrix cycler using preloaded admin positions. These cycle first into the cycler’s top levels and early investor positions.

The majority of the $65 BUSD payments are directed up to this point. Recurring cycles at lower layers also have an impact.

Moreover, Gibson Sr. keeps USD 5 billion of every USD 65 billion deposit.

Similar to the several failed Ponzi schemes that Gibson Sr. has advocated, things fall apart when recruiting eventually dries up.

This shows itself in a matrix cycler using matrices starting to stall. Once sufficient matrices have become stuck, an irreversible collapse is set off.

Math ensures that the majority of Ponzi scheme participants will lose money.

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