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Fugitives Since August 2021, Kristijan Krstic and his wife Xenia Faye Natividad Atilano have been on the run.

The criminal duo is sought by US authorities on suspicion of running a $70 million Ponzi scheme.

Atilano was freed early due to pregnancy following their detention in Serbia at the request of US officials. In July 2021, Krstic was released under mysterious circumstances.

After that, Krstic and Atilano immediately took off and haven’t been seen since. Regarding how the two fled, Serbian officials have been mum.

Now that several of the couple’s children have appeared in the Philippines, it has been suggested that Krstic and Atilano may be residing close to relatives there.

Atilano (right) and Krstic (left) share several children. In 2020, Atilano gave birth to her sixth child, which led to her early release from jail.

At the moment of Krstic’s release in 2021, the children of Atilano and Krstic were present. Krstic’s return to the family house was captured on camera, therefore we know this:

Sister to Xenia Atilano is Karen Atilano Bathan. On July 31st, Bathan posted images of the third-youngest kid of Krstic and Atilano on social media:

The third-youngest child of Krstic and Atilano is depicted in a different image that was released in May.

Kristijan Krstic’s former Instagram account was recently taken over by the third-youngest, who goes by the moniker “K3.”

Two weeks ago, K3, K4 (the second-youngest), and family members were featured on a Livestream that was posted to the account.

The phrase “home with the nanny” is used to describe the older son, “K2”. Sons K2, K3, and K4 are now present in the Philippines.

Due to the identical names given to Krstic’s kids, the “Kx” naming practice appears to be an effort to avoid misunderstanding.

Jeng “Jessica” Atilano, Xenia Atilano’s mother, is another participant. Jeng took a flight to Serbia to take care of the kids when Xenia was detained.

Jeng Atilano said the following in a statement to the media in November 2020:

I’m here to request that the Serbian government refrain from turning over my pregnant daughter, her husband, and other Serbian nationals to the American government.

I struggle to think of how her six young children and the unborn seventh will develop and adapt to life without their parents.

I’m from the Philippines and I came here to try to assist them, but I don’t know how much longer I can take this pain.

I’m not sure if the six children mentioned are all Krstic’s children or if some of them are from a different relationship. In any case, Jeng Atilano returned to the Philippines in December 2020, a month after leaving.

The presence of Kristijan Krstic and Xenia Atilano in the Philippines is not unusual.

Krstic and Atilano sold an opulent apartment in Taguig City in November 2019:

According to Jeng Atilano’s social media, Xenia will still be in the Philippines as of July 2020, indicating that they stayed after the transaction.

A few weeks later the same month, arrests were made in Serbia.

Krstic and Atilano have unquestionably returned to the Philippines, according to one BehindMLM reader;

If they’re sincere in catching the Krstics… Just follow Xenia’s mother and sister, who are in their Philippine homeland of Zamboanga City.

The mother allegedly frequents several banks and regularly withdraws large sums of money, and to top it all off, the Krstics allegedly purchased a large number of properties in Manila, Philippines (houses, condominiums, expensive automobiles, etc.) before they were discovered.

I think the Krstics are in the Philippines hiding in the south if you follow the family and the mother’s money trail!

I may be reading too much into that, but given what Jeng Atilano said about Xenia’s kids, I tend to agree. Krstic and Atilano (right) are probably where their kids are.

Whether that is in the south of the Philippines or somewhere else in the nation is debatable. In the Philippines’ far southwest sits Zamboanga City.

Another option is that the two older kids and the youngest, who will be born in 2020, are living with Krstic and Atilano somewhere else. This may be the Philippines or Serbia, but neither seems probable.

Given the amount of travel that Krstic and Atilano have done, the paperwork will be questionable. The accusation against Krstic and Atilano mentions the use of “fake passports.”

They continue to be sought runaways.

The Philippines and Serbia both have extradition agreements with the US.

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