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Resurrected is the infamous Traffic Monsoon Ponzi fraud.

At this particular time, opportunistic fraudsters are attempting to steal bitcoin from fresh victims.

The 2022 incarnation of Traffic Monsoon has the domain “,” as opposed to the original version. COM address.

On June 6th, 2022, a private registration for the.NET domain was made.

The new Traffic Monsoon website uses an HTML Codex freemium template.

The Ponzi strategy is straightforward: investors pay $1 in packs, each of which represents 1300 shares, and daily returns are provided according to the number of shares an affiliate has purchased:

Invest in 1300 to 3000 shares to get daily dividends of 10 cents.

Buy between 3001 and 12,000 shares and get 25 cents every day.

Invest between 12,001 and 93,150 shares to earn $1 every day.

Invest in between 93,151 and 517,500 shares to earn $4.50 each day.

Spend $517,501 to 2,794,500 on shares to get $25 per day.

Invest in shares between 2,794,501 and 17,365,000 to earn $135 each day.

Purchase between 17,365,001 and 38,000,000 shares and earn $755 every day.

For investors to be eligible for rewards, daily ad clicks are necessary. On the money invested by affiliates who were personally recruited, a 21 percent commission is given.

The new Traffic Monsoon is not a multi-level marketing game.

In contrast to the first Traffic Monsoon, the relaunch asks for investments in both USD and several cryptocurrencies.

The first $207 million Traffic Monsoon Ponzi scam was shut down by the SEC in 2016.

Charles Scoville, the creator of Traffic Monsoon (right), is incarcerated on suspicion of attempting to molest children. He has also been charged with tax fraud and wire fraud.

Since Scoville’s life is essentially gone, it seems doubtful that he is responsible for the current Traffic Monsoon.

On Traffic Monsoon’s website, a random home address in the Netherlands is given. I assumed that this had no meaning.

Given the low-effort nature of the Traffic Monsoon relaunch, it’s most likely simply some chancer seeking to make some fast cash.

Whoever is in charge of Traffic Monsoon is using a dubious Telegram channel to coordinate the Ponzi scheme:

The term “online fraud” has come to be associated with Telegram.

Although I don’t see this changing, we’ll let you know if something important happens.

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