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The website for CashFlow NFT is now nothing more than a signup/sign in form:

An unlisted promotional video on the right points to CashFlow NFT’s official YouTube account.

There are two more CashFlow NFT marketing videos available.

One of them is narrated by a person going by the name of Daniel Wood and is titled “Cashflow NFT – An Amazing Opportunity.”

Wood asserts to have experience in real estate. He maintains, however, that he is done with real estate (for the time being) and that, for the next five years, his main focus would be on becoming a crypto bro.

Wood is a co-founder of Momentum Property Education, which sells investing guidelines for real estate:

Along with his wife, Wood also co-directs the Swedish Wealth Institute.

Daniel and Gisela Wood established the Swedish Wealth Institute to support business owners, investors, and individuals looking to advance.

At least officially, Wood seems to have started his crypto bro career with E-Forest early this year.

A cryptocurrency “pay to play” Ponzi scheme disguised as “rescue the Earth” marketing is called a forest.

Forrest has failed, and Wood has become obsessed with cryptocurrency fraud after coming up with his new real estate cryptocurrency scam.

If I were to hazard a guess, Wood’s private crypto bro trip probably started with Swedish Wealth Institute becoming infected with crypto.

And so begins the tried-and-true method of a company’s founder ruining it due to cryptocurrency.

To learn more about the MLM opportunity offered by CashFlow NFT, keep reading.

Products of CashFlow NFT

CashFlow NFT doesn’t offer any goods or services for retail.

Only the CashFlow NFT affiliate membership itself may be promoted by affiliates.

Plan of Compensation for CashFlow NFT

On the promise of “great profits,” CashFlow NFT associates put $5,000 to $10,000 into the business.

CashFlow NFT’s MLM division compensates for affiliate investor recruiting at two levels deep (unilevel):

ten percent at level one (personally recruited affiliates)

5 percent on CashFlow NFT level 2 Conclusion

Invest $5,000 or $10,000 in an NFT, something that generates wealth passively.

According to CashFlow NFT, it intends to make money by “identifying revenue-yielding firms”.

To do this, CashFlow NFT claims to be affiliated with Miracle Cash & More.

A cryptocurrency wallet firm called Miracle Cash & More was established in December 2021.

Miracle Cash & More’s website was inactive until May 2022, according to SimilarWeb monitoring, at the time CashFlow NFT started promoting it.

Miracle Cash & More purchasing real estate, affiliates investing $10,000, something, and “great returns” are all part of CashFlow NFT’s marketing message.

A Telegram group called “Property NFT” is in charge of managing the real estate aspect of CashFlow NFT.

Besides that, I don’t want to waste time on Miracle Cash & More because it won’t matter in the end.

Investment is being sought after by CashFlow NFT with the promise of passive returns.

Daniel Petrucelli said the following in a CashFlow NFT webinar on July 13th:

We’re planning to release our NFT in a few days. It will be the most amazing NFT you’ve ever seen.

And there is no question that it will be extremely valuable on its own. Much more than the initial $5000 you spent on it.

The CashFlow NFT Facebook group administrator is Petrucelli, a former Hempworx distributor.

The fact that CashFlow NFT investments are reportedly tracked by NFTs is irrelevant aside from Daniel Wood living out his vision of a crypto CEO.

What counts is whether the passive investment option offered by CashFlow NFT qualifies as a securities offering.

As a result, CashFlow NFT must produce recurring audited financial reports and register with financial regulators. These legal criteria cannot be replaced.

Like many crypto bros before him, Wood operates illegally and disregards decades-old, internationally recognized securities rules.

As an alternative, he repeats some unimportant blather about “coming soon” crypto rules.

Again, I don’t want to waste my time on this because CashFlow NFT’s MLM offer has nothing to do with securities legislation.

In Sweden, the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority is in charge of overseeing securities.

They would have to register Miracle Cash & More with the Financial Conduct Authority due to the connection between it and CashFlow NFT’s passive investment program.

In general, CashFlow NFT must sign up with financial regulators in every country it solicits investments from.

In late October, CashFlow NFT intends to host a promotional event in Las Vegas.

The SEC oversees the regulation of securities in the US. Neither CashFlow NFT nor Daniel Wood is registered to offer securities in the US, according to a review of the SEC’s Edgar database.

The running of a Ponzi scheme is made possible by MLM organizations that conduct securities fraud.

Ponzi scheme logic makes it inevitable that most investors will lose money.

A wonderful example of losing money to a Ponzi scam in action is Daniel Wood spending an unknown amount of money on Forrest, assuming he didn’t rob his real estate group for referral commissions.

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