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Silver Star Live was co-founded by David Wayne Mayer.

In 2020, Mayer, who also uses the alias “Quicksilver,” was charged with FX fraud by the CFTC.

The CFTC received a $5 million default judgment against Mayer on July 27, 2021.

Mayer (right) was also subject to a perpetual order that forbids him from

from signing up with the CFTC, dealing in any CFTC-regulated exchanges, and engaging in any activity that is against the Commodity Exchange Act (CEA).

With Autobot Trading, Mayer has resumed currency fraud in breach of the 2021 decision.

The “” domain, privately registered on June 18, 2022, serves as the headquarters for Autobot Trading.

On its website, Autobot Trading advertises “complete crypto and FX automation for $149 per month.”

Four trading bots are provided by Autobot Trading:

“High victory percentage software” is a question.

“A considerably greater volume trading software,” according to Q2 aims for 12% monthly growth (coming soon)

“A breakthrough approach to automate manual trading” is QSignals.

Bitte Crypto Automated Trading is a cryptocurrency trading bot that does just a few deals each month.

On MT5, Autobot Trading’s bots function. The business claims to be affiliated with Prop Trading, Bitte, and ForexVPS.

The website for Autobot Trading doesn’t identify the organization’s owners. Certainly not directly.

A person who introduces himself as “David” narrates the marketing films for Autobot Trading.

If we look at the documentation for “Q,” we can discover that “Dave QS” developed it.

QSignals’ paperwork discloses that “Dave QS” also owns the rights to it:

What about Dave QS?

Looking at the document attributes for the Q and Q signals documentation reveals that…

“David Mayer” was the one who made them. Autobot Trading is operated by David Wayne Mayer.

With the addition of cryptocurrency securities fraud, Autobot Trading is essentially the same as SilverStar Live Trading.

Autobot Trading doesn’t appear to have any MLM elements, as far as I can determine.

The website of Autobot Trading links to the following “Important Trading Info” group:

There are presently 6000 or more people in the group. It’s unclear if Mayer manages Important Trading Info.

On their website, Autobot Trading offers a Sarajevo, Bosnia contact address.

However, as stated on the website terms and conditions for Autobot Trading,

The laws of the State of Florida, United States of America, shall govern these Terms and be used in their interpretation.

The CFTC listed Roswell, Georgia as Mayer’s residence in its 2020 lawsuit. It is unknown where Mayer is right now.

Apart from conducting business unlawfully owing to Mayer’s injunction ban if you’ve been contacted regarding Autobot Trading, it’s important to remember what Mayer swore to the CFTC in 2019;

Mayer gave sworn evidence before the CFTC on September 12, 2019.

In his evidence, Mayer acknowledged that his claim that he had “been trading for a little over 20 years already” was untrue and that he had no genuine trading expertise.

In his sworn evidence, Mayer also acknowledged that his earlier claims about his time spent working at the hedge fund were untrue.

The CFTC included the following in a news release on August 25, 2021:

The defendants deceitfully encouraged clients to open discretionary trading accounts and offered to trade those accounts using a fully automated retail foreign exchange (forex) trading software system that Mayer developed from at least July 2018 to March 2019.

The court’s ruling also reveals that the defendants used social media, in-person marketing events, and internet videos to seek clients.

The performance history and anticipated trading earnings of the defendants’ forex trading system were misrepresented.

Furthermore, the defendants omitted to mention that Mayer never used the forex trading system to create a real trading account.

Mayer has a history of fraud. Any claims he makes about trading or having a history of trading should be taken as fraudulent.

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