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Nutritional supplement MLM is Bravenly’s focus. In the United States, the corporation is situated in Florida.

Getting ready to ascend Aspen and Brent Emry are the co-founders of Bravenly Global.

The CEO of Bravenly Global is Aspen Emry. Brent, her co-worker and spouse, is in charge of the company’s operations.

In 2020, Bravenly Global will be released. Emris International, which Aspen Emry was a co-founder and CEO of, was evaluated by BehindMLM in the same year.

This year saw the birth of Emris International. As a nutritional supplement MLM firm, it concentrated on CBD oil and weight reduction.

The founder of Emris International, Emry, used to be a distributor for It Works!.

Emris International’s website is still operational at the time of this writing. When the firm was first started in 2019, Matthew and Ilean Harris were still in charge, but it has now evolved into something very different.

Momentum Business Academy is now available through Emris International. According to the company’s website, they are located in South Africa, and that appears to be their primary market segment.

Emry departed Emris International for unknown reasons, so I set out to find out why. An exact date or location where she had gone was not found.

I was only able to limit it down to the latter four months of 2020 as a possible timeframe.

On December 8th, Bravenly Global became live. Before that, it has been in prelaunch since October 2020. Emry’s departure narrows the field a bit.

An official press release said that Bravenly Global was launched in February 2021, which I found to be inaccurate.

That’s a mystery to me.

Emry’s departure from Emris International remains a mystery. I’m not aware of any public discussion on this.

Bravenly Global’s multilevel marketing possibility is thoroughly examined in the following paragraphs.

Products of Bravenly Global Inc.

According to Bravenly Global, its “healthy lifestyle products” are “the best in the industry.”

Supplements for weight reduction, health, intimacy, and pain treatment are all included in this category.

Bravenly Balance retails for $99.999 for a pouch of 20 doses and is billed as “the most complete and supporting supplement available.”

For $39.99, you can get one packet of Bravenly Boost Brew, described as “a delicious Arabic coffee infused with adaptogenic mushrooms and brain-boosting nootropics” (82.5 g)

It costs $69.99 for 30 servings of Bravenly Gold – “made to smash your hunger cravings, increase fat reduction, and maintain a strong protective immune system.”

It costs $49.99 for 60 pills of Bravenly Burn – a “metabolism support.”

You may get a packet of 26 sachets of “vitamin energy drink” Bravenly Rush for $74.99

At $73.99 for a package of 60 capsules, Bravenly Ignite is a “advanced appetite support supplement with adaptogens that strengthen your adrenals and give you a long-lasting boost in energy.”

Adaptogenic formula Bravenly Calm costs $49.99 for a package of 60 capsules. It claims to help with stress relief, mental clarity, energy boosts, and mood support.

An 8-ounce container of Bravenly Relief costs $62.50 and provides “fast-acting relief for problems like a basic backache, muscular or joint pain” or “irritations and strains” (100 ml)

For $55, you can get 60 gummies of Bravenly Glow Girl, a gummy supplement that has “Collagen Booster Blend, along with important vitamins A, C, and E, D-Biotin, and other beautifying components.”

Bravenly Drive costs $44 for a package of 60 pills and promises “improved hormonal balance, higher happiness, and greater sexual wellbeing.”

Products from Bravenly Global may be purchased in a variety of discounted bundle packs.

Benefits Program at Bravenly Global, Inc.

The compensation structure of Bravenly Global pays out commissions on retail sales to consumers and Ambassadors who have been referred by others.

Members of the unilevel team get residual commissions and different rank and performance bonuses, as well.

Global Affiliate Ranks with Courage

Bravenly Global’s compensation scheme has a total of nine tiers.

They are as follows, along with their respective qualifications:

Sign up as a Bravenly Global affiliate and create and maintain a monthly volume of 100 PV.

Senior Brand Partner – 100 PV per month, 400 GV per month, and at least 1 qualifying leg generated and maintained

Retain a minimum of 100 PV a month, produce 1000 GV in a month (750 GV a month to maintain rank), and develop and maintain at least 2 qualifying legs for the Executive Brand Partner.

The Director must develop and maintain at least three qualifying legs each month while maintaining 100 PV and 2500 GV (2000 GV is required to keep one’s position).

At least five qualifying legs must be generated and maintained at all times in order to retain the status of Senior Director.

To keep your position as executive director, you must have at least 7500 global GV every month (75% of your total GV must come from global GV) and 5 qualifying legs.

As a Vice President, you must maintain at least 100 PV every month, and you must generate at least 30,000 GV per month.

If you’re a senior vice president, you must maintain at least 100 PV monthly, generate 75,000 GV in a month, and have at least 5 eligible legs.

Executive Vice President: Retain 100 PV a month, generate 150,000 GV in a month (120,000 GV a month to keep rank), and maintain at least 5 qualifying legs

A Silver Executive Vice President is one who maintains the Executive Vice President designation but has an Executive Vice President or above on one of the five eligible legs.

Achieve Executive Vice President status while having two of the five eligible legs have an Executive Vice President or higher as a member of the executive leadership team.

Three of the five eligible legs must have an Executive Vice President or above in them in order to qualify as a Platinum Executive Vice President

Personal Volume is abbreviated as “PV”. Sales volume generated by retail customers, personal referrals from Ambassadors, and the purchases of Bravenly Global affiliates are all included in what is called PV (personal referrals).

As a reminder, 51% of the needed monthly PV must come from either retail customers or Ambassadors directly promoted.

In exchange for a one-time fee of $9.99, a Bravenly Ambassador receives 10% of the total sales volume they individually suggest.

“Group Volume” is the acronym for “GV.” It is the amount of PV created by an affiliate’s downline.

Note that up to 50% of the rank-required GV can come from any one unilevel team leg for Directors to Executive Directors. Vice Presidents and above have a lower cutoff of 40%.

Incentives for retailers

Retail customer sales volume generates 20% commissions for Bravenly Global affiliates.

Initiated by Recruited Ambassadors

The affiliates of Bravenly Global make money.

10 percent of the product order volume is paid to Ambassadors who have been individually recruited.

10% of Ambassadors in your downline that were recruited by you indirectly (Ambassadors referred by personally recruited Ambassadors and so forth)

An additional 10% off of product orders placed by Ambassadors you know and trust.

Ambassadors in the chain of command must descend from those who recruited them personally. For example, if you sign up an affiliate (Brand Partner), any Ambassador activity they perform is not included in the aforementioned commissions.

Increased responsibilities

The “increased commissions” offered by Bravenly Global are based on the number of Ambassadors and retail customers recommended by the referred individual.

400 to 699 PV per month in retail/Ambassador volume, with a 6% bonus on the volume suggested by you and the volume recruited by you

You can earn a 9% bonus on retail and Ambassador volume if you achieve 700 to 1199 PV in retail and Ambassador sales throughout the course of one month.

retail/Ambassador volume, or 4000 GV, generates between 1200 and 1999 PV in retail/Ambassador volume, or a 12 percent premium on individually referred retail and recruited Ambassador volume

To qualify for the 15% incentive, you must create at least 2000 PV in retail/Ambassador volume every month, or 7000 GV per month.

Compensation for Staffing Firms

Within two days of joining up as a Bravely Global affiliate, a new $49.99 affiliate (no additional bundled items) purchases products from Bravely Global.

The recruiting affiliate receives a 25% commission on the total sales volume of the ordered product; and

A 10% commission is paid to the affiliate’s upline (the affiliate who recruited the recruiting affiliate).

Recurring Payments

Bravenly Global has a one-level compensation system for residual commissions.

An affiliate is at the head of a unilevel team in a unilevel pay system, and every affiliate they individually recruit is right behind them (level 1).

Affiliates recruited by level 1 members are put on the second level of their unilevel team.

In theory, there are an endless number of layers of affiliates that may be created if affiliates at level 2 recruit affiliates at level 3, and so on.

By rank, Bravenly Global limits the number of unilevel team levels that can be paid:

On the first level, Brand Partners receive 4%. (personally recruited affiliates)

Level 1 and 2 Senior Brand Partners receive 4% and 4%, respectively.

At levels one through three, Executive Brand Partners get 4% of the total.

Directors get 4% of levels 1 through 4’s total compensation.

Bonuses for Newcomers

An additional 6% of the unilevel team’s sales output is paid as the Enroller Bonus (personally recruited affiliates and affiliates they recruit).

A 6% Enroller Bonus is awarded to Brand Partners and Senior Brand Partners on the first level.

On levels 1 and 2, Executive Brand Partners get a 6% Enrollment Bonus.

Benefits of Generation

When a Director or higher-ranking affiliate is located in a unilevel team leg, Bravely Global refers to this as a Generation.

There is a direct link between this affiliate and the second generation of that leg, which begins right below them in the rankings.

This leg’s second generation is complete if a third Director or higher is found deeper in the leg. Directly underneath them, the third generation of that limb begins.

There is a second generation of that leg if there is no Director or higher level affiliate.

In the unilevel team, this generation structure might be used:

In each unilevel team leg, directors receive a 2% Generation Bonus for the first generation and a 3% Generation Bonus for the second generation.

The first generation of senior directors receives a 2% generation bonus, while the second and third generations receive a 3% generation bonus.

Bonuses for Executive Directors and above are paid out at 2 percent for the first generation, and 3 percent for the second through fourth generation of every unilevel team leg.

Vice Presidents and above are paid on Director generations, as well as on Vice President generations:

First-generation Vice Presidents of a unilevel team leg receive a 2 percent Generation Bonus, whereas second-generation Vice Presidents receive a 3 percent Generation Bonus

On the first generation of Vice Presidents of a unilevel team leg, Senior Vice Presidents receive a 2 percent Generation Bonus, and 3 percent on the second and third generation.

Two percent of the first Vice President generation is paid out to Executive Vice Presidents and above, while three percent of the second to fourth generation is paid out to Vice Presidents.

Bonus for Rank Accomplishment

Affiliates that reach a certain rank within a certain period of time are rewarded by Bravely Global.

You will get $25 if you become an Executive Brand Partner within the first three months of signing up, and $25 if you remain an Executive Brand Partner for another three months.

To earn $200, you must achieve Director status within four months of joining up. If you can maintain Director status for an additional three months, you will get an extra $100.

In order to qualify for Senior Director within six months of joining up and get $400, you must retain your position for an additional three months.

To win $1000, you must reach Executive Director status within the first 12 months after joining up and maintain that status for an additional three months.

To win $2000, you must reach the position of Vice President within 18 months of joining up. If you can keep that position for another three months, you will receive an extra $1000.

To win $4000, you must reach the rank of Senior Vice President within 24 months of joining up. If you can keep that rank for another three months, you will receive an extra $2000.

executive vice president within 36 months of joining up to get $10,000; if you retain executive vice president status for an additional three months, you will be eligible for an extra $5000 each month for those months.

Keep in mind that the additional three months do not have to follow the first rank qualification rank in order to be included.

Bonus Fund for the Entire Country

Silver Executive Vice Presidents and higher-ranked affiliates receive 1% of Bravenly Global’s total sales volume each month.

One portion of the National Bonus Pool is awarded to Silver Executive Vice Presidents.

In the National Bonus Pool, Gold Executive Vice Presidents earn two shares.

In the National Bonus Pool, Platinum Executive Vice Presidents earn three shares.

To be eligible for bonus bonus pool shares, you must meet the following requirements:

For every 25,000 monthly GV generated by a Silver Executive Vice President, they are entitled to one share of the National Bonus Pool.

Two National Bonus Pool shares are awarded to Gold Executive Vice Presidents for every 25,000 GV they create each month.

For every 25,000 in GV generated each month, Platinum Executive Vice Presidents are eligible for three bonus National Bonus Pool shares.

It should be noted that the maximum bonus share qualifying ground value (GV) per unilevel team leg is 50,000.

Becoming a member of the Bravenly Global family

Cost of the most basic Bravenly Global distributor membership is $49.99

In addition, two “Brand Partner Business Packs” are available from the company:

It costs $259.99 for the Brand Partner Business Ultimate Pack

$399.99 for a Brand Partner Business All-In-One Package

Bravenly Global goods are the only difference between the two bundles.

Signing up as an Ambassador for Bravenly Global costs $9.99.

Because Bravenly Global Ambassadors only receive a 10 percent commission on sales made to a single level, this compensation is unrelated to the MLM opportunity being given.

Bravely International Concluding Remarks

According to Emry’s social media posts, “brave” is a reoccurring topic.

Last year, she even penned a book named “Chase Your Brave” that was published. That’s all well, but… “Bravenly” is a name that I, and this is completely subjective, dislike. Intentional or not, all I notice is a typo of the word “bravely.”

The adjectives “brave” and “bravely” are also available. It’s not going to work to make them nouns.

These terms are all incorrect to me for the same reason: they all connote the same thing: that the world is a bleak place.

If you’re not a fan of the English language, this probably won’t bother you. I’m bringing it up since it appears a little off to me.

Next, Bravely Global’s product line-up is a lot closer to what Emris International first debuted with. Specifically, the slimming tea and CBD options have been removed.

There may have been issues with product delivery between the United States and South Africa, which led to Emris International’s decision to discontinue supplements and transfer its attention elsewhere.

Emry’s quarrel with the Harris family might also be to blame.

With the present iteration of Emris International, Bravenly Global effectively serves as an offspring of the original corporation.

As a result, Emry’s products are heavily focused on weight loss, a topic close to her heart.

As for the products themselves, there wasn’t much to get excited about. Many of the products are also similar (how many appetite suppressants does one really need?

In light of the wide availability of weight loss and general health supplements, make a cost comparison before deciding on any course of action.

Bravenly Global, to their credit, stands behind their products and offers a hefty satisfaction guarantee:

We provide a 45-day, satisfaction guarantee to all Brand Partners, Retail Customers, and Ambassadors if you desire to return your purchase. The return must be in the actual ownership of Bravenly Global before day 45 in order to be covered by the satisfaction guarantee.

Bravenly Global will reimburse 90% of the purchase price less delivery if a Brand Partner, Retail Customer, or Ambassador is disappointed with any product returned within 45 days of the purchase date.

Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

Emry’s spirituality is another interest of hers.

BRAVENLY… Being able to face life’s challenges with dignity and poise. In a way that honors God, leading people in fairness and truth. Living a moral and ethical life.

Life bravery requires that you learn to detect a person’s soul by listening to them, while at the same time following your own life’s mission with full enthusiasm.

The founders of Bravenly have a passion for people, family, and service that is rooted in their deep religious convictions and their dedication to the highest standards of performance.

When Aspen Emry began her network marketing career 15 years ago, she had no experience, three young children at home, and a God-sized desire in her heart.

Regardless of what you believe, my fundamental belief is that religion has no place in the workplace. Exploitation, favoritism, and exclusion are all too common in multi-level marketing.

But why take the risk when there is no evidence of it in Bravenly Global? You don’t have to be a religious person to run a successful business, but you may be if you want to be.

There’s nothing wrong with it if that’s what you’re aiming for.

I was happy to learn that Bravenly Global’s pay plan had a retail volume minimum of 51%, until I saw that it also included Ambassador volume.

Customers must provide 51% of your monthly PQV budget (Retail or Ambassadors).

I’m undecided about Bravenly Global’s Ambassador program implementation. Because it’s geared at those who aren’t into MLM, I don’t think it should be a part of the package.

It is important to keep Ambassador and retail client volume distinct since they are not the same kind of customers.

In the retail sector, people buy things because of the things they’re buying. Ambassadors, like distributors, may do the same thing, but the motivation behind the purchase might get muddled if they have access to an earning potential.

This is where retail volume requirements, such as those implemented by Bravenly Global, come into play.

Any potential Bravenly Global upline should be checked to see how much of their requisite 100 PV minimum monthly retail volume is actually retail volume. Ask them if they have any Ambassadors on their team.

A huge deal is being made about this since it will be simpler to sell an Ambassadorship than Bravenly Global’s real items if someone is seeking for a business opportunity over retail.

This is acceptable outside of multilevel marketing. In MLM, compliance issues come when you prioritize the business potential over retail.

Bravenly Global’s large product credit was something I had never seen before. After 12 months of autoship, retail clients can earn up to $250 in merchandise credit.

Quarterly pro-rata credit calculations are performed. And it’s a terrific incentive to use retail autoshipping services.

Unfortunately, this applies to Ambassadors as well, so the previous warnings about keeping a business-oriented emphasis also hold true today.

A four-level deep unilevel is what you’re looking at, with the bulk of your remuneration coming from bonuses. To begin with, rank qualification was on the mild side. It then jumps from 24,000 to 120,000 GV per month for Vice President and Executive Vice President.

It is possible that Bravenly Global can ease these peaks and valleys. A promotion to Vice President, on the other hand, might serve as an excellent motivator for expanding your company to new heights.

97% of affiliates who qualify for commissions are below Vice President, according to their own 2021 Income Disclosure Statement. In light of this, the GV leap doesn’t seem out of place.

The MLM business opportunity offered by Bravenly Global raises no obvious red flags. Aspen Emry has dragged her spouse along for the adventure, which is a great continuation of her work with Emris International.

Best of luck!

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