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A March 2023 EminiFX criminal trial date has been set following an August 3rd Status Conference.

A precise trial date has been set on March 27th, with several case motions being heard until then.

Wire fraud and commodities fraud are both charges filed against Alexandre. Alexandre (50) faces up to 30 years in jail if convicted by a jury.

The possibility of a lower sentence through a plea agreement remains.

As part of the CFTC’s civil fraud investigation, Alexandre has been granted permission to return to the workforce.

He requested that his bail restrictions be changed in a motion filed on July 28th.

It was given on the 29th of July;

The defendant’s uncontested request has been granted. When the defendant has to travel to work or for job assignments, his bail terms are changed from home confinement to home detention.

If Defendant’s case goes to trial and he is found guilty, all other bail terms will remain in place, including the prohibition on Defendant working with investments or the financial industry until this matter is resolved.

We’ll keep you updated as we follow the case docket for any developments.

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