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Andrew Khovratov, the creator of EvoRich, was detained in Russia in April.

Shortly after that, Bob Ultee came in as the Ponzi scheme’s salvation.

Investors poured money into Ultee’s bob coin scam in April and May.

In the middle of May, an Ultee driving under the influence slammed into the rear of a Peugeot 107 with his allegedly speeding Lambo.

Anyway, let’s see how BOBC is doing…

The Ponzi scam is now advertising “radical changes” in a desperate bid to keep the EvoRich grift running.

Do you know that you may take charge of your life and take a giant step forward in all of its facets at the same time?

Although most individuals are unaware of this treasure mine of knowledge, they simply do not allow themselves to live the life they genuinely wish because they do not know how to access this information.

Through four blocks, EvoRich claims to be selling “that knowledge”:


When we meet, we’ll look at your life: what you already have, how you currently live with it (and what you want to change), who you already have in your life, and who you should have in your life.

The first block will shake you awake to the reality of the situation and perhaps force you to remove your rose-colored glasses in some situations.


We’ll deal with people’s self-imposed restrictions. The majority of our competitors will only promise to replace them without teaching you how to do it yourself.

We’ll also figure out what kinds of mindsets are getting in the way of your success.


Learn how to work with your higher self. We’ll come to know our new selves.

Dig deep into our potential, burn ties with the past and begin a new cycle of growth.


There are a few blocks more strong. We’re going to create some new goals. We’ll take a comprehensive look at our transformation process as a whole.

We’ll give gratitude, let go, and adopt a fresh outlook on life in preparation for a bright future ahead of us.

I find EvoRich’s marketing pitch fascinating…

Have you ever pondered why…?

-What’s wrong with you?

-Do you have doubts about your abilities?

Do you not value, appreciate, or believe in your abilities?

Are you engulfed in a cloud of bitterness from the past?

Does it seem like you’re not getting along with your family members?

-You have trouble concentrating on a single task and failing to meet your objectives?

-You lack the energy to reach your goals and perform at your peak?

-Do you worry about the future all the time?

Your financial cap is too high, aren’t you?

It’s the same answer for everyone except for a small group of EvoRich investors:

The reason I feel this way is because I lost all of my money investing in a Ponzi scam.

Afterwards, try to convince your investors that they haven’t been conned by offering them a “feel-good” rehabilitation program. Brilliant.

As part of its “radical change,” EvoRich is selling its “radical transformation” for $199. EvoRich’s internal shitcoin, UNT, is tied to the dollar and cannot be exchanged for real money.

To take advantage of the 101 UNT discount, act now!

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