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On Govvi’s website, there is no information on the company’s owners or executives. There is a Utah business address provided.

The domain name “” for Govvi’s website was initially registered in 2015 and is still active. On April 18th, 2022, the private registration was last updated with the most recent information.

According to a lookup on the WayBack Machine, the domain was up for sale as recently as the end of 2021. In this case, Govvi’s proprietors acquired the domain name in April 2022.

According to our best estimates, the Govvi website no longer exists as of June 2022.

However, Govvi has an official YouTube channel, which isn’t connected to the company’s website.

Government Q&A was added to the channel on June 10th, 2022.

Lance Conrad claims to be the CEO of Govvi in the video. Right next to Conrad is Roberto D Celaya, the President of Govvi in Central and South America.

According to Conrad’s marketing materials, Govvi was founded by him.

Lance Conrad was initially introduced to BehindMLM in 2017 while he was a member of the Divvee management team.

The business Ryze, founded by serial Ponzi starter Travis Bott, was where Divvee was getting his start in securities fraud.

Nui was relaunched as Divvee in 2017. Unknown date of Conrad’s departure.

The next step for Divvee Conrad was to sign up with B-Epic as their Master Distributor.

I was unable to determine if Roberto Celaya had a history of MLM because of linguistic problems.

In the absence of a clear explanation, it is unclear why Govvi does not publish executive contact details on its website.

To learn more about Govvi’s MLM opportunity, click here.

The Products of Govvi

“Boost Fuel Tabs” is Govvi’s signature product.

The advertising for Boost Fuel Tabs by Govvi

improves gas mileage

power and performance are boosted

cuts down on air pollution and fumes

As much as 5%, 10%, 15%, and even 20% extra miles per gallon have been claimed by Govvi members.

All vehicles, including diesel engines, can safely use one pill to cure 15-20 gallons.

The Nobel Prize-winning chemists who invented our recipe have registered it with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

It costs $35 for a box of five Govvi Boost Fuel Tabs.

Gove’s Payroll Policy

Autoship recruiting is a major part of the compensation strategy of B-Eco.

Ranks of Govvi Affiliates

In Govvi’s remuneration model, there are six tiers of affiliates.

They are as follows, along with their respective qualifications:

Promoter – place a monthly purchase for Boost Fuel Tabs and find one new Promoter to join your team.

Maintaining a monthly order and recruiting two Promoters is the key to rising to the top (placing one on each side of the binary team)

Achieve Rising Star status and create 1000 volume units per team every week in the weaker binary team side.

Star Maker – sustain Rising Star qualification and produce 2000 GV each week in weaker binary team side volume in weaker binary teams side

Rock Star must sustain Rising Star qualifying while generating 4000 GV every week in lower binary team side volume.

As a Super Star, you must keep your Rising Star status while putting out at least 8,000 GV every week in inferior binary team volume.

Commissions are paid to retail establishments.

Retail consumers who purchase Boost Fuel Tabs through Govvi’s affiliate program pay a commission to Govvi’s affiliates.

Retail commissions are paid by subtracting the retail price from the autoship price.

First-Time Purchase Bonus for the Business Pack

The referring/recruiting affiliate receives a 35 percent fee on the first order produced sales volume of a $99.99 a month Business Pack authorship (seven Boost Fuel Tab packs).

Commissions that Are Still Due

Gov uses a binary compensation model to award residual commissions.

There are two sides (the left and right) to any binary team, and each side has its pay payment.

There are two places on the binary team’s initial level. These initial two slots are divided into another two positions each to produce the binary team’s second level (4 positions).

The binary team may be expanded indefinitely, with each subsequent level containing twice as many slots as the one before it.

Direct and indirect recruiting of affiliates are used to fill positions in the binary team. Observe that a binary team can grow infinitely deep.

Every week, Govvi totals up the new retail and recruits affiliate order volume on both sides of the binary team. Each week.

Rank-based residual commissions are paid to the lower-ranking binary team members as a percentage of their volume.

A residual commission rate of 10% is offered to Rising Stars.

The residual commission rate for stars is 13%.

Residual commissions for Star Makers are based on 15%.

Residual commissions for Rock Stars are 8%

Residual commissions for Super Stars are 20 percent.

Volume is flushed once it has been paid out and compared to the stronger binary team side.

This week’s volume is carried over to the next week by the stronger binary team.

Complementary Bonus

Affiliates of Govvi receive a matching bonus of 20% on the residual earnings generated by their affiliates.

Bonus for Generations

A Generation Bonus is available to Govvi associates who are Star Makers or above.

To keep track of generations, Govvi uses a one-level pay system.

An affiliate is at the head of a unilevel team in a unilevel pay system, and every affiliate they individually recruit is right behind them (level 1).

There are no level 2 positions for any level 1 affiliates that bring in new members to their unilevel squad.

In theory, there may be an unlimited number of levels of affiliates if any level 2 affiliates recruit new affiliates.

An unilevel leg with a Star Maker or above is considered to be a generation by Gov.

The first generation of this leg comes to an end here, and the second generation begins shortly after.

There will be no more Star Makers in the leg, and the third generation will begin when a higher-ranking affiliate is identified underneath it.

Each uni-level team leg grants a 10% Generation Bonus to up to four generations of Star Maker and higher-ranked Govvi associates.

Up to two generations of Star Makers receive a 10% Generational Bonus for each uni-level team leg.

For the first three generations of each uni-level team leg, Rock Stars receive a 10% Generational Bonus.

Up to four generations of Super Stars receive a 10% Generational Bonus for every uni-level team leg for Super Stars.

Bonus Funds Across the Board

The Global Bonus Pool receives 2% of monthly firm income from Gov.

Each Super Star Promoter receives an equal part of the Global Bonus Pool.

Life Reward Govvi

The Gov Life Reward is a perk for new customers who sign up for auto-ship. Affiliates on auto-ship who refer new affiliates to Govvi get rewarded.

One Boost Fuel Tab auto-ship order earns 35 PV every month.

Life Reward contains four levels:

To receive $50 per month in Govvi Life Rewards, you must keep a Boost Fuel Tab auto-ship order active as well as recruit and keep two affiliates active.

maintain a Boost Fuel Tabs auto-ship order, recruit and keep three affiliates on auto-ship who each recruit and maintain three affiliates on autoship = $150 monthly Govvi Life Reward for each affiliate recruited and maintained.

Keep a Boost Fuel Tabs autoship order, recruit and maintain four affiliates on autoship who each recruit four affiliates on autoship of their own = $250 per month in Govvi Life Reward perks.

Boost Fuel Tabs autoship order, five affiliates on autoship who each have five affiliates on autoship = $350 monthly Govvi Life Reward

The aforementioned Govvi Life Reward benefits are increased if the autoship orders are 70 PV a month or greater.

Become a Govvi member

In order to become a Govvi affiliate, you must purchase Boost Fuel Tabs.

Due to Govvi affiliates’ requirement to place a monthly purchase, the de facto cost of affiliate membership is the monthly cost of Boost Fuel Tabs:

A month’s subscription to the Starter Pack costs $24.99 each month.

Monthly fee of $49.99 for the family package

Business Pack – $99.99 per month

This is the end of Gov.

There’s something fishy about this…

B-Master Epic’s Distributor Lance Conrad is/was Lance Conrad.

The B-Eco fuel tabs possibility was introduced by B-Epic earlier this year. A “unique” gasoline tab from B-Epic is being marketed.

B-Eco and Govvi fuel tabs share the same marketing strategy, thus we know they’re the same product.

Anyone who mentions a Nobel Prize, Geoffrey Wilkinson, and Ernst Otto Fischer while discussing fuel tabs is an Xtreme Green dealer.

That’s OK, and it’s perfectly acceptable. However, it begs the issue of why Govvi, managed by B-(former?) Eco’s Master Distributor, has been set up as a direct rival.

SEO spam articles from Govvi were released on many news release sites earlier today:

Search results for BehindMLM and Govvi were buried, as can be seen in the screenshot.

G3 Development is the source of the Govvi SEO spam that is flooding the Internet.

Adam Paul Green is the owner of G3 Development.

For the greater part of a decade, Green has been running a spam marketing factory targeting BehindMLM.

It appears like Govvi was trying to get ahead of BehindMLM’s evaluation of Govvi before it was finished.

It’s not clear what they’re hiding.

B-current/former Eco’s Master Distributor is now CEO of Govvi, which is effectively a clone of B-Eco.

Founded by serial scammers Dan Putnam and Angel Rodriguez, B-Eco is part of B-Epic.

In 2020, the SEC sued Putnam and Rodriguez for securities fraud.

Consumers were scammed out of at least $12 million by Putnam, Ramirez, and Rodriguez, according to the SEC. The investigation is still ongoing.

Lance Conrad and Angel Rodriguez have been quite friendly on social media in the run-up to Govvi’s debut.

I believe that Rodriguez and Putnam were the original proprietors of Gov.

Xtreme Green’s gasoline tabs seem to have been bought by B-Epic, as I discovered while researching B-Eco (manufactured by parent company Pro One).

On top of that, the strategy appears to be to sell the rights through two separate firms. We’ll have to wait and watch if any additional Xtreme Green fuel tab firms pop up.

This alone is enough of a cause to avoid doing business with the company due to the threat of an SEC lawsuit and shady marketing methods.

The difficulty with Govvi as an MLM opportunity, however, is that it operates as a pyramid scam, even if we overlook that.

I’ll just quote from BehindMLM’s B-Eco evaluation because there isn’t much difference between B-Eco and Gov.

B-Eco is a pyramid scam centered on a product.

When new affiliates sign up, they must purchase gasoline tabs, and then they must keep placing orders every month to be eligible for commissions.

There should never be a connection between affiliate orders and commission qualifying in multilevel marketing. It is the basis of a pyramid scheme based on products.

Affiliates of B-Eco are required to attract others to join them in placing a monthly order.

B-Eco is Dan Putnam’s attempt to profit from the growing cost of gasoline. As a result, he’s started a new pyramid scam in which he claims to pay investors a fortune.

Legality aside, the vast majority of people who participate in MLM pyramid scams will end up losing money.

As a result of his Ponzi schemes, Putnam has been called to task by the SEC. Hopefully, the FTC will take action against his B-Epic-branded pyramid schemes shortly.

Analysis of Govvi’s G3 Development spam suggests that this is what he was trying to cover up.

I don’t believe I need to go into further detail about an MLM firm and its owners that choose to ignore or cover deception (or better yet, stop doing it).

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