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We learned about the arrests of numerous IM Mastery associates in Spain at the end of March.

The names of the suspects were not made public at the time of the incident. Awaken Dreamers was the most popular Spanish downline of the IM Mastery Academy at the time.

El Pais has confirmed that the leaders of Awaken Dreamers were among those detained.

According to a story in El Pais on April 18th;

A Madrid court is looking into the whereabouts of several suspects, including Albert F., Iván B., Cristian A., and José Francisco T.

As a result of this, they are accused of defrauding the public and committing crimes against the Social Security system in the original complaint filed by the victims.

Ivan Briongos is the mastermind of Awaken Dreamers, as previously revealed by BehindMLM on March 24th.

“Albert F.” is Albert Ferrer, and “Cristian A.” is Christian Adell, respectively. “José Francisco T.” was a mystery to me.

IM Mastery’s Awaken Dreams downline appears to have been blocked.

El Pais’ inquiries for a response from IM Mastery Academy were not answered.

Complaints from parents prompted Spanish authorities to investigate IM Mastery Academy. Several terrifying experiences are mentioned in El Pais’ article.

The money is coming to you. Your family and friends will not get it. Her daughter had said that “you are a visionary who is linked with our times,” and Raquel was reminded of those words when she spoke to her.

It seemed as though “she was transformed.” If she was no longer able to afford the tuition fees, “she walked away,” laments her mother.

“She’s lost touch with her family, her friends, and even herself.” My knowledge of her whereabouts is utterly incomprehensible. After all of this time, she has turned me into her adversary because I am unable to comprehend or support what she is saying or doing.

The FTC’s complaint against Vemma, a pyramid scam that targeted college students, is similar to IM Mastery’s focus on young individuals.

Alex Morton is the common denominator between Vemma and IM Mastery Academy.

During the time of the FTC’s alleged activity, Morton was the company’s top promoter. Executive Vice President of IM Mastery Academy presently is him.

Even though its senior Spanish promoters had been arrested, the IM Mastery Academy was still planning a marketing event for early April in Barcelona.

Since then, enrollment at the IM Mastery Academy in Spain has plummeted. As a result, the corporation would later go on to slam its employees who had been arrested.

Based on the company’s strategy In their opinion, IM Mastery Academy is a pyramid scam engaging in securities fraud, and this is supported by BehindMLM.

According to SimilarWeb, Italy is the largest source of the traffic to IM Mastery Academy’s website, followed by Chile (12%), Germany (11%), and the United States (down 28%).

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