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Against All Odds is a multi-level marketing company specializing in the supplement industry.

As evidenced by the website, the firm is now in prelaunch (recruitment only).

The fact that Dan Putnam is the company’s driving force is not mentioned on the Against All Odds website, but BehindMLM has confirmed this to be the case.

Putnam’s “co-founders” are two other people: Travis Martin and JC Martinez.

Putnam (on the right) is the owner of B-Epic, B-Eco, and the new Govvi gasoline tabs market (suspected based on exclusivity representation).

Putnam has a history of committing many Ponzi schemes.

By 2020, the SEC had filed a lawsuit against Putnam and his accomplice, Angel Rodriguez, for securities fraud.

According to the SEC’s claims, Putnam and Rodriguez bilked their customers out of at least $12 million through a variety of schemes. The trial has not yet concluded.

An executive at LurraLife, Travis Martin worked there. Putnam’s pyramid scheme O2 Worldwide crashed in 2019, and LurraLife was its reincarnation.

Putnam announced the “merger” of LurraLife and B-Epic on July 19th.

This didn’t last for even a month. Against All Odds is essentially a LurraLife remake for reasons that we’ll get into later in this review.

Sales Vice President of B-Epic, JC Martinez.

Salt Lake City, Utah is home to Putnam. That means Utah is probably also home to Against All Odds.

Learn more about the Against All Odds multi-level marketing program below.

Products That Beat The Odds

The Activ Greens supplement is the company’s crown jewel.

Promoted as “life’s ultimate nourishment,”

The green drink Activ Greens is backed by research to improve cardiovascular health, and it’s packed with the bioavailable nutrients your body needs for peak performance and wellness.

Our patented cardiac combination combines over 70 vitamins, minerals, and whole-food-based components in a single daily serving.

Activ Greens’ advertising makes it seem like dried grass is its main ingredient:

A packet of 30 Activ Green packets costs $59.95 at retail.

Commissions on Activ Greens retail sales are part of Against All Odds’ compensation plan.

Compensation is based mostly on affiliate autoship recruiting.

Even with All Odds Against It, Affiliates Place

When you become an affiliate with Against All Odds, you may advance through eleven different levels of income.

The following is a list of them, along with the qualifications needed to be considered for each position:

Sign up as an Against All Odds affiliate and commit to a monthly $49.95 Activ Greens order, and you too can become an influencer!

Maintain a monthly Activ Greens order of $49.95 and bring in one Star Influencer.

Keep a monthly Activ Greens order at $49.95 and bring on two more Influencers to get the 2 Star position.

Maintain a monthly Activ Greens order of $49.95 and sponsor three other Influencers to achieve 3 Star Status.

Stay at the $49.95 monthly Activ Greens order level, keep your downline volume at $10,000 per month, and you’ll be recognized as a 4-Star Influencer in your company.

Maintain a monthly $49.95 Activ Greens order, three directly recruited Influencers, and $25,000 in downline volume each month to qualify as a 5 Star Influencer.

Maintain a $49.95 monthly Activ Greens order, three directly recruited Influencers, and a $50,000 monthly downline volume to achieve 6 Star Influencer status.

Maintain a monthly $49.95 Activ Greens order, three directly recruited Influencers, and $100,000 in downline volume each month to achieve 7 Star Influencer status.

Maintain a monthly Activ Greens order of $49.95, together with three personally recruited Influencers and $250,000 in monthly downline volume to achieve 8 Star Influencer status.

Maintain a $49.95 monthly Activ Greens order, three directly recruited Influencers, and a $500,000 monthly downline volume to achieve 9 Star Influencer status.

Maintain a monthly Activ Greens order of $49.95, keep three personally recruited Influencers, and create $1,000,000 in monthly downline volume; achieve the level of “Uncommon Among the Uncommon.”

Keep in mind that up to 60% of your downline might come from a single unilevel team leg.

Despite the odds, there is a commission structure in place to reward retailers that bring Activ Greens to the attention of their clients.

The initial commission payment from Against All Odds is 50% of the total retail order volume.

The retail industry has a unilevel compensation system for residual commissions.

With a unilevel pay plan, an affiliate is at the top of a team and each person they recruit is at the same level as them.

When an affiliate on level 1 recruits another affiliate, the new affiliate joins the original affiliate’s unilevel team at level 2.

Affiliates on level 2 who bring in new affiliates get promoted to level 3, and so on, perhaps indefinitely.

With ten being the maximum level for a single squad in Against All Odds.

Across these 10 tiers, residual retail commissions are paid as follows:

retail price for levels 1–5 is $1 Number of orders placed with Activ Greens Six to ten, fifty cents apiece Order from Activists for the Environment

Retail purchases from affiliates who were individually recruited would make up Level 1. Second-level retail orders come from affiliates who were themselves recruited by first-level affiliates, and so on.

Present For Our Clientele

Those who have purchased from Activ Greens in the retail sector may recommend the firm to others in the same market.

When customers place an order for Activ Greens through an affiliate link, that link’s owner receives $10 for every purchase placed.

In addition, the top 10 unilevel team levels receive 50 cents from each order placed by their downline.

The residual commission structure in Against All Odds is a 310 matrix.

An affiliate appears at the top of a 3 by 10 grid, followed by three other positions:

The matrix’s initial level consists of these three positions. These initial three locations are then subdivided into three new positions each to form the second level of the matrix (nine positions).

Matrix levels two through ten are created in the same way, with each new level containing three times as many spots as the previous level.

Affiliates of Against All Odds are recruited both directly and indirectly to fill positions in the matrix.

Payments are made in the form of commissions based on the following percentages of sales and purchases made across the matrix:

The 2.5% commission is paid on all volumes from levels 1-3 of the matrix.

The commission rate is 5% for sales made on the fourth through eighth matrices levels.

The commission rate for level 9 of the matrix is 7.5%.

Matrix level 10 generates a 10% bonus on volume.

Affiliates at Against All Odds get residual commissions on a sliding scale, based on their rank.

The maximum number of matrix levels an influencer may receive in residual commissions is 3.

Commissions on up to five tiers of the matrix are available to 1 Star Influencers.

Earnings for 2 Star Influencers are based on a matrix structure with up to seven levels.

All 10 layers of the matrix are accessible for residual commissions to those with a 3 Star Influence or above.

Complementary Bonus

Those who are rated as 4 or more stars as an influencer are eligible for a matching bonus.

The Matching Bonus is awarded to all generations of a single-level team in Against All Odds.

Once a 4 Star Influencer or above is discovered in a unilevel team leg, we have entered a new generation in Against All Odds.

The first generation of that leg is completed with this first 4 Star Influencer or above, and the second begins soon thereafter.

Further exploration of the leg may reveal a second 4 Star Influencer or higher, marking the end of the second generation and marking the beginning of the third.

If there is no such ranking affiliate, the very end of that leg’s generational tree will reach the ground.

Affiliates of Against All Odds can qualify for the Matching Bonus on up to 10 generations per unilevel team leg using the following generational structure:

There is a 5% matching bonus for up to two generations per leg for 4 Star Influencers.

The 5 Star Influencer Matching Bonus is 5% for up to five generations per leg.

There is a 5% matching bonus for up to six generations per leg for 6 Star Influencers.

A matching bonus of 5% is paid out on up to seven generations per leg for 7 Star Influencers.

There is a 5% matching bonus for up to eight generations per leg for 8 Star Influencers.

Up to nine generations per leg are eligible for a 5% matching bonus from 9 Star Influencers.

Rare among rarest receive a 5% matching bonus for up to 10 generations per leg.

Promised for $100

Earnings are guaranteed at a minimum of $100 per month for an Against All Odds autoship affiliate who recruits three other autoship affiliates who each recruit three other autoship affiliates.

You may become an affiliate of Against All Odds for $49.95 per month plus shipping and handling.

Commissions in MLM are only earned if this certain sequence is kept.

Despite the Odds Finally, Against All Odds is promoting a multivitamin made from grass.

Do you think it’s worth $49.95 each month? I don’t know the solution.

What I can say is that Activ Greens appears to be quite similar to Thrive, another “green drink mix” made by LurraLife.

Contrast the following with Activ Green’s slogan:

The green drink Activ Greens is backed by research to improve cardiovascular health, and it’s packed with the bioavailable nutrients your body needs for peak performance and wellness.

Compared to Thrive by LurraLife:

Thrive, made by LurraLife, is a green drink combination that promotes cardiovascular health and tastes delicious.

The recipe may need tweaking ever so slightly, but who knows? However, with the addition of Travis Martin, it’s easy to see that Against All Odds is a new version of LurraLife.

There is a reasonable chance of success for Against All Odds in the multi-level marketing sector.

If a consumer refers three new customers to AAO and all of them make purchases, the customer receives a free product.

For each successful referral that results in a purchase, they receive one credit. Also, they may redeem a free good every three credits (they just pay S&H). Credits become invalid after one year.

The significant discount of 50% off retail purchases raises questions about the true production costs of Activ Greens.

Remember that Against All Odds’ compensation plan includes more than just the 50% and manufacturing expenses. It seems like there may be a huge overhead cost involved.

Against All Odds is a product-based MLM pyramid scam.

Affiliates must always have an active order with Activ Greens to earn commissions. In essence, Against All Odds is a monthly pyramid scheme charging participants $49.95.

You sign up and place an auto-ship order and then find other people to join your team. And this ruins the selling efforts of Against All Odds.

Gov, another MLM firm created lately by Dan Putnam, has the same issue.

Activ Greens also has issues with the law because of its exaggerated health benefits.

Dan Putnam claimed that Activ Greens may be used to cure “any ailment” during an official Against All Odds corporate marketing call held last month.

This evening, I intend to make several assertions. One such reality is that mineral shortages are the root cause of all illnesses. 100%.

Moreover, sickness requires an acidic internal environment, one in which all of your cells can thrive. In an alkaline setting, the disease dies very quickly.

I want you to picture yourself physically filling your body with all these nutrients from the earth as you drink this product. Not to mention the alkalizing effects of chlorophyll and oxygen.

Once more, it’s remarkable how much you can do with one drink. And remember that a lack of minerals is at the root of every illness. As a result, diseases can’t live in alkaline conditions.

Every single sip of the combination of this green is a torrent of oxygen and nutrients into your body.

Activ Greens is not approved by the FDA as a medicine.

Finally, securities fraud is one area where Against All Odds diverges from LurraLife.

Permit me to once more paraphrase Dan Putnam:

Everyone has to understand what a huge thing it is to place an order in August and be a part of the very first order.

Because… of the resources at our disposal. The NFTs, and the value that these NFTs may eventually accrue, will entitle you to various benefits and participation opportunities inside the business.

Because only those who placed orders in August will receive the first NFT, those who do so will be the only ones in the world who will ever possess one.

This may minimize the amount invested in August by the funds contributed to Against All Odds.

Until the outcome of Putnam’s $12 million SEC fraud action is known, BehindMLM says it is unwise to invest in any of his businesses.

The vast majority of people who take part in pyramid schemes end up broke.

Rebooting the rebooting the rebooting. Some individuals simply never grow up.

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