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The BNB Robot website is devoid of any details on the company’s ownership or top executives.

The domain name “,” which is used by BNB Robot’s website, was privately registered on April 26, 2022.

The robot voice of marketing videos on BNB Robot’s official YouTube channel.

On May 24th, BNB Robot released a corporate introduction video:

Executives Ron Cartey (CEO) and Daniel Schwartz (COO) of BNB Robot are seen in the clip.

Carter established the Thailand–based business advisory firm AT Group. AT Group has virtually minimal internet traffic, and the company’s official Facebook profile was deactivated in 2015.

Carey operates personally from Pattaya, Thailand. Carey was a featured speaker at a Rotary Club meeting in May;

The meeting’s high point came when incoming Vice President and Secretary Rotarian Ron Cartey gave an inspiring address on the things in his life and career as a motivational speaker and coach that meant the most to him.

Like many other ex-pats, Daniel Schwartz calls Thailand home. In 2018, Schwartz made his debut on BehindMLM as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of 3T Networks.

The 3T Networks ponzi scam was rife with securities fraud.

According to the Pattaya Mail of December 2020, Ron Cartey is the Chief Business Development Officer of 3T Networks.

Carey was delivering a seminar on “how not to be separated from your money” at an ex-pat club.

The 3T Network was a hoax, therefore it eventually fell apart. Carey and Schwartz partnered together once more to launch Elef World in early 2022.~

Tokens of Elef World were used in a Ponzi scheme intended to defraud NFT investors. The rumor mill says that progress on Elef World has halted or perhaps failed.

Carey and Schwartz have a long history of fraud. The earliest known Ponzi scheme to which I was able to link the two was YoCoin in 2016.

YoCoin has Schwartz as its COO and Cartey as its VP of International Business Development.

Continue reading for an in-depth look at the MLM potential of the BNB Robot.

A Product Line by BNB Robot

No goods or services from BNB Robot are available for sale.

Affiliates can only promote affiliate membership in BNB Robot.

The Pay Structure of BNB Robot

Affiliates of BNB Robot put money into Binance coin (BNB). This is done in exchange for a passive ROI of “up to 4%” every day.

BNB Robot’s network marketing component is based on compensation for bringing in new affiliate investors.

The referral commissions paid out by BNB Robot follow a simple, one-tiered system.

In a unilevel pay plan, an affiliate is at the top of the team and every individual they recruit is at the same level as them.

Any new affiliates recruited by a level 1 affiliate will join that affiliate’s unilevel team at level 2.

Any level 2 affiliates that bring in new level 2 affiliates will be promoted to level 3, and so on, perhaps indefinitely.

Commissions on referrals are capped at the first five levels of a unilevel team in BNB Robot.

Commissions for referring new users are distributed as a proportion of BNB spent among the following five tiers:

7 percent of sales come from level 1 affiliates (those personally recruited) 4 percent of sales come from level 2 affiliates 3 – 3% level 4 – 2% level Comparable Return on Investment of 5% to 1%

The passive income of your downline affiliates is matched by BNB Robot.

Referral commissions follow the same unilevel team structure, with a maximum of fifteen levels in this case:

25% at level 1, 20% at level 2, 15% at level 4, 10% at level 5, and 8% at level 6. From 6-10% 11 to 15 – 4%

Extra Credit for Your Rank

Affiliates that are successful in persuading their friends and family to invest receive a Rank Achievement Bonus from BNB Robot.

The reward for persuading others to invest 500 BNB is 0.5 percent; for 1000 BNB, 1 percent; for 2500 BNB, 2 percent; for 5000 BNB, 3 percent; for 10,000 BNB, 4 percent.

The exact criteria for dispersing the Rank Achievement Bonus percentages are not made explicit.

Robotics Joins BNB

It doesn’t cost anything to become a BNB Robot affiliate.

BNB Robot does not require a minimum investment amount.

BNB Robotics: The Final Verdict

Ponzi schemers operating out of Thailand are at it again with BNB Robot.

Trading is one of the ways BNB Robot claims to make money for itself.

This is not true, considering the founders’ track record of Ponzi scams.

With a name like “BNB Robot 2.0,” it’s safe to assume that the first Ponzi scheme failed.

On July 1st, version 2.0, represented by BNB Robot, was released:

So far as I can tell, BNB Robot 2.0 has failed:

In only a week, from July 10th to the 14th, BNB Robot received 82.4 BNB, the equivalent of around $19,600.

Between July 14 and July 18, that sum was withdrawn, thereby putting an end to the Ponzi fraud.

As Ponzi schemes go, eight days isn’t very long.

Since Cartey and Schwartz haven’t been able to stop scamming for the previous six years, I expect them to launch a new cryptocurrency scheme before the year is over.

Statistically speaking, they have always lost money in each Ponzi scheme they have taken part in or organized. Likewise, BNB Robot is not an exception. And their next con job won’t be either.

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