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Digital Ad Pro’s website is mysteriously silent on the subject of the company’s ownership and management.

The domain name for Digital Ad Pro’s website (“”) was privately registered on June 24th, 2022.

According to, the majority of visitors to Digital Ad Pro’s site come from Russia (22%), Ukraine (10%), and Serbia (9%).

Since most of Digital Ad Pro’s visitors come from Russia, it stands to reason that the company has roots in that country.

Never join or provide any money to a multi-level marketing firm that isn’t completely transparent about who owns or runs the business.

Products by Digital Ad Pro

There are no consumable goods or services offered by Digital Ad Pro.

Promoters can only promote affiliate membership in Digital Ad Pro.

Earnings Structure for Digital Ad Experts

Affiliates of Digital Ad Pro put their money where their mouth is, so to speak:

There is a maximum return of 120% on a $2 investment, $4.6% on a $10 investment, and 5.8% on a $50 investment.

To earn commissions with Digital Ad Pro, partners must watch advertisements daily.

In the case of Digital Ad Pro, referral commissions are paid out via a flat rate system.

In a unilevel pay plan, one affiliate sits atop a team and has all of their recruits report to them on the same level.

Any new affiliates recruited by a level 1 affiliate will join that affiliate’s unilevel team at level 2.

Any affiliates on level 2 who bring in new affiliates will be promoted to level 3, and so on, perhaps indefinitely.

A maximum of five paying unilevel team levels exist in Digital Ad Pro.

Commissions on referrals are split five ways, according to a proportion of the total amounts invested:

Level 1 (affiliates individually recruited by the owner): 6%; Level 2: 4%; Level 3: 3%; Level 4: 2%; Level 5: 1%

It costs nothing to become a Digital Ad Pro affiliate.

The attached income opportunity is available to anyone willing to make an initial commitment of $5, $10, or $50.

To raise capital, Digital Ad Pro accepts USD via Payeer and many cryptocurrencies.

Last Words from the Digital Advertising Pros

If you’re looking for a classic credit Ponzi scheme, go no farther than Digital Ad Pro.

The underlying Ponzi scam is disguised as advertising.

Advertisement credits are distributed to new Digital Ad Pro affiliates.

They can show ads to other Digital Ad Pro affiliates using the money they earned from this.

Digital Ad Pro’s affiliates are compelled to watch these commercials so that the company can calculate their return on investment (ROI) and pay them.

But like a classic Ponzi scheme, fresh money is utilized to pay off old money.

When interest in becoming an affiliate dries up, so does investment in MLM Ponzi schemes.

As a result, Digital Ad Pro will be unable to generate any return on investment and will finally fail.

A message to Digital Ad Pro’s official Telegram channel on August 5 hints at withdrawal problems for the Ponzi scam.

Most people will lose money in a Ponzi scheme because of the way the numbers work out.

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