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The CBD supplement market is where Cili By Design makes its money.

Its website states that Cili By Design was established in 2019, and gives its headquarters as being in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Cili By Design is led by its co-founders, Brad and Marcia Hager.

Brad Hager has reportedly spent the past 28 years in multi-level marketing, as detailed in the official Cili By Design bio.

Marcia Hager “co-owned her own mlm firm” by the time she was 28 years old after being involved in multi-level marketing (MLM) in her “early twenties.”

Brad and Marcia had been dating for a long time; I don’t know when they got married, though. Almost all of the Hagers’ multi-level-marketing activities are conducted through the Hager Marketing Group.

From the time that the Hager family switched from Cyberwize to Zrii in 2009, I have been able to piece together their MLM background in great detail.

The Hagers have been among Zrii’s highest earners for several years running. They ended their time with Zrii in 2013 to begin working with FGXpress.

FGXpress was created by ForeverGreen International’s former CEO, Ron Williams, as a spinoff company.

The FGXpress company failed in 2016. In the wake of their FGXpress Ponzi scheme, the Hagers launched Ormeus Global, a multi-level-marketing (MLM) crypto Ponzi scheme.

To everyone’s surprise, it appears that Hager has removed all online references to his time at Ormeus Global off the web. But in March of 2018, a reader of BehindMLM said that Brad Hager was going to market Ormeus Global in Thailand “next month.”

For sure…

John Barksdale, the company’s founder, was charged on fraud charges earlier this year. As of now, he is still at large throughout southeast Asia.

Barksdale was hit with concurrent civil fraud accusations by the SEC. The government agency claims Ormeus Global was a Ponzi scam with losses of $124 million.

It’s not known how much money Brad Hager directly stole from victims through Ormeus Global.

Ormeus Global isn’t Hager’s first MLM Ponzi fraud, unfortunately.

Using the alias Brad Hager, a member of the Zeek Rewards community from 2012 claimed to have “a reasonably significant downline.”

I saw on Brad Hager’s Facebook profile that, although he currently resides in Las Vegas, he is originally from North Carolina.

Paul Burks, a North Carolinian, ran Zeek Rewards. The North Carolina connection and Hager’s acknowledged involvement with Ormeus Global lead me to suspect it’s the same person that conned “a significant downline” through Zeek Rewards.

By 2019, Ormeus Global had nearly disintegrated, with John Barksdale’s arrest in Thailand serving as the final straw.

Hence, we arrive at that year’s introduction of Cili By Design.

Continue reading for a detailed analysis of the MLM potential of Cili By Design.

Products by Cili by Design

The CBD supplements sold by Cili By Design come in a variety of forms.

Cili Swish, which uses “our innovative technique to offer the cleanest, quickest, and most bio-available hemp oil on the market,” costs $72.50 for a bottle containing 36 doses.

Food energy is converted into cellular energy and into cellular metabolism with the help of Cili Boost, “a moderate, pleasant mouth spray created with high-quality, CBD-rich Aquaceutical concentrate oil, natural Orange zest taste, and elite herbs,” which costs $25 for a container of 90 spray doses.

You may purchase a bottle of CILI Sleep, which claims to help you sleep better, for $25.

The 30-spray bottle of CILI Serenity, which promises “a constantly great sensation for a sense of tranquility,” costs $25.

Priced at $25 for a container containing 30 sprays, CILI Relief promises to “free yourself of that exercise painful muscle soreness or the everyday nagging joint pain.”

At $25 for a container of 30 spray dosages, CILI Trim promises to “help you lose weight faster and more effectively.”

According to Cili by Design, the supplements they sell include both CBD and CBG.

A Look At The Pay Structure At Cili By Design

Autoship plays a significant role in Cili By Design’s remuneration model, which also includes retail and recruitment components.

Various rank based bonuses are offered, in addition to unilevel retail sales and residual binary commissions.

Affiliate Positions for Cili by Design

Cili By Design’s affiliate program has 13 tiers of increasing reward.

The following are the positions available, along with the qualifications needed to fill them:

A qualified member is one who joins the Cili By Design affiliate program and consistently generates either 65 PV in monthly regular orders or 50 PV in monthly autoship purchases.

C1: Meet Qualified Member requirements, recommend and keep one retail client, recruit and keep one Qualified Member or above, produce 200 GV monthly.

Maintaining the status of a Qualified Member, referring and keeping two retail customers, recruiting and keeping two Qualified Members or above, and generating 600 GV every month constitutes C2.

C3: Meet Qualified Member requirements, recruit and retain three members at the Qualified Member level or above, produce $2,000 in monthly GV from retail sales, referrals, and membership dues, and other means.

Maintain Qualified Member status, attract and retain four Qualified Members or above, create 5,000 GV each month (no more than 70% from any one unilevel leg), and service four retail clients.

Maintain four retail clients you recommended yourself, attract and retain five QMs or above, and produce 15,000 GV every month (no more than 65% from any one unilevel leg). This is the C5 tier.

Maintain four retail clients acquired through personal referrals, recruit and retain six Qualified Members or above, produce 30,000 GV each month (with no more than 60% coming from any one unilevel leg), and achieve status as a C6.

C7: Meet Qualified Member requirements, keep four retail customers you introduced yourself, recruit and keep seven Qualified Members or above, produce 60,000 GV each month (no more than 55% from any one unilevel leg), and advance to the next level.

C8: Stay at Qualified Member level, have four retail customers you introduced yourself, recruit and keep eight Qualified Members or above, and average 120,000 GV each month (no more than 50% from any one unilevel leg).

C9: Meet Qualified Member requirements, keep four retail customers you introduced yourself, find and keep nine other Qualified Members, and create 250,000 GV every month (with no more than 45% coming from any one unilevel leg).

Maintain four retail clients acquired through personal referrals, recruit and retain ten Qualified Members or above, and earn $500,000 in monthly GV (with no more than 40% coming from any one unilevel leg) to qualify as a C10.

Maintain 11 QMs or above, produce 1 million GV each month (no more than 35% from any one unilevel leg), and service 4 retail customers suggested by yourself.

Maintain four retail clients acquired through personal referrals, recruit and retain twelve Qualified Members or above, and earn $2,500,000 in monthly GV (no more than 30% from any one unilevel leg) to qualify as a C12.

For “Personal Volume,” or “PV,” read: Productive Volume is the sum of an affiliate’s own orders and the sales made to retail customers.

The abbreviation “GV” means “Group Volume” in the jargon. The PV produced by a Cili By Design affiliate and their team is denoted as GV.

Keep in mind that a retail client must have placed an order during the previous four weeks for them to count towards the requirements for retail customers.

Revenue Shares in Retail

When it comes to retail commissions, Cili By Design only has one level of remuneration.

Those who choose for the unilevel pay system find themselves at the head of a team, with all of the people they’ve personally recruited sitting just below them on the same level.

Any new affiliates recruited by a level 1 affiliate will join that affiliate’s unilevel team at level 2.

Affiliates on level 2 who bring in new members are promoted to level 3, and so on, perhaps indefinitely.

Sales commissions in Cili By Design are capped at the Unilevel Team Level 4 level.

Orders placed by retail customers at any of the following four tiers are eligible for retail commissions:

Affiliation: 25% commission on the first level (personally referred retail customers)

Case 1: 25% on level 1, 10% on level 2

Level 1: 25%, Level 2: 10%, Level 3: 5%

For grades C3 and above, the breakdown is as follows: 25% on 1, 10% on 2, and 5% on grades 3 and 4.

Bonus for Quick Start in Retail

Affiliates that bring in retail clients for Cili By Design and get them to sign up for automatic shipments can cash in on the Retail Fast Start Bonus.

Affiliates that bring in 10 autoship clients during the first four weeks are rewarded with a $150 incentive and $150 in merchandise credit from Cili By Design.

Constructive Jumpstart for Your Business

This recruitment benefit, known as the Business Builder Fast Start, is only available through autoship.

In order to participate in Cili By Design’s Business Builder Fast Start program, a new affiliate must meet the following requirements:

get a Builder’s Pack or produce 200 PV;

recommend Autoship to four new retail customers;

Find four new affiliates to join your business and purchase a Builder’s Pack.

Affiliates that meet the aforementioned requirements within four weeks of joining up will get a $200 incentive and $200 in product credit.

Earnings From Continued Work

Cili by Design has a binary compensation plan that includes residual commissions.

An affiliate leads a two-sided (left and right) team under a binary pay scheme.

On the first tier of the binary team, there are two open jobs. This initial pair of roles generates the second level of the binary team by further separating them into a pair of roles (4 positions).

Binary teams can produce as many levels as needed, with each level having twice as many spots as the preceding one.

All available positions on the binary team are filled through both direct and indirect recruiting of affiliates. Take into account that there is no upper bound on the size of a binary team.

Every week, Cili By Design adds up the total new sales volume on both sides of the binary team.

Both direct and indirect orders from customers are included in the tally of sales.

Affiliates receive residual fees equal to a proportion of the sales volume generated by the binary team they do less well in.

Affiliates who have reached the C2 level receive a 10% monthly residual commission up to $500.

Affiliates with a C3 level receive 11% monthly residual commission, up to $1,000.

Affiliates with a C4 level receive a 12% residual commission rate, up to a $2500 monthly maximum.

Affiliates with a C5 ranking receive a monthly maximum of $7500 in residual commissions at a 13% commission rate.

Affiliates with a C6 level receive a 14% monthly residual commission up to $12,50.

Affiliates with a C7 rank receive a 15% monthly residual commission, up to $25,000.

Affiliates with a C8 level receive a 16% monthly residual commission that is limited at $50,000.

Affiliates with a C9 rank receive a monthly residual commission maximum of $100,000, or 17%.

Affiliates with a C10 ranking receive a monthly residual commission of 18%, up to $250,000.

Affiliates that achieve the C11 level receive a monthly residual commission of 19%, up to a maximum of $500,000.

Affiliates with a C12 rank receive a 20% monthly residual commission up to $1,000,000.

After the payout is made, the volume is paired with the winning binary team and flushed.

The stronger binary team’s surplus of volume remains.

Complementary Bonus

Affiliates of Cili By Design receive a Matching Bonus equal to 50% of their personally recruited affiliates’ residual commission for the lifetime of their membership.

Affiliates with a C3 ranking receive a 5% matching bonus.

Affiliates with a C4 ranking receive a 10% matching bonus.

A 15% Matching Bonus is awarded to Affiliates with a C5 Ranking.

Affiliates with a C6 ranking receive a 20% matching bonus.

An additional 25% is added to the commissions of affiliates who reach C7 status.

Affiliates with a C8 rank receive a 30% matching bonus.

35% Matching Bonus for Affiliates with a C9 Ranking

Affiliates with a C10 ranking receive a 40% matching bonus.

A 45% matching bonus is awarded to affiliates who achieve rank C11.

Affiliates who are rated in the Top 12 (C12) receive a 50% Matching Bonus.

Bonus for Use of Vehicle and Transportation

Affiliates get a discretionary monthly incentive known as the Car & Transportation Bonus, which they are free to spend anyway they see fit.

Affiliates with a C4 ranking get $100 per month.

Affiliates that achieve the C5 ranking get $250 each month.

Affiliates with a C6 ranking get $350 per month.

Each month, affiliates that achieve a C7 ranking are paid $450.

Affiliates that achieve the C8 level get $550 each month.

Affiliates with a C9 ranking are paid $700.00 per month.

Affiliates that attain the C10 level get $850 per month.

Affiliates that achieve the C11 status are paid $1,000 monthly.

Affiliates with a C12 ranking earn $1,200 per month.

Checking Account for Travel and Expenses

Affiliates at the C5 level and above in the Cili By Design affiliate program are eligible for a monthly incentive called the Travel & Expense Account.

Affiliates that achieve the C5 ranking get $250 each month.

Affiliates with a C6 level get $500 monthly.

Affiliates that achieve the C7 ranking get $1,000 monthly.

Each month, affiliates that achieve the C8 ranking are paid $2000.

A monthly stipend of $3500 is given to affiliates who achieve the C9 ranking.

Affiliates that make the C10 cut get $5,000 monthly.

Affiliates with a C11 ranking are paid $7,500 monthly.

Affiliates with a C12 level get $10,000 per month.

Bonus for Health Care and Insurance

C6 and higher tier Cili By Design associates receive a monthly incentive that can be “spent any way you wish” — even on healthcare and insurance.

Affiliates with a C6 ranking get $350 per month.

Each month, affiliates that achieve a C7 ranking are paid $450.

Affiliates that achieve the C8 level get $550 each month.

Affiliates that make C9 get $650 each month.

Affiliates that make the C10 cut get $750 per month.

Affiliates that are ranked C11 get $850 each month.

Affiliates with a C12 ranking earn $1,200 per month.

Rewards for Professional Advancement in Rank

Affiliates who reach the C5 level and above are eligible for the following one-time Rank Achievement Bonuses from Cili By Design:

attain C5 and get $1000 if you qualify.

achieve C6 and get $2,500

obtain a C7 and win $5000 if you do

Obtain a C8 and get $10,000 if you qualify.

earn $25,000 if you pass the C9 qualifying exam

Obtain a C10 and get $50,000 if you qualify.

Obtain a C11 and get $100,000 if you do!

meet the requirements of Level 12, and you’ll get $250,000

Keep in mind that the Rank Achievement Bonus is only paid out if the qualifying rank is kept for a full three months after it has been attained.

Trip Rewards

Cili by Design provides reward vacations to affiliates who have reached the C5 level and above.

You will have several chances each year to win luxurious vacations to some of the world’s most breathtaking destinations, including cruises, hotel stays, and weekend getaways.

There is a lack of detail.

Intentional Ciliogenesis

The yearly fee for a Cili By Design affiliate account is $39.95.

Optional Builder’s Packs are also available (the first annual fee of $39.95 is not charged).

Value Pack for Consumers – $89

Cost of the Starter Bundle is $299.50. (C3 rank for 30 days)

Packet for Networkers: $599.95 (C4 rank for 60 days)

Premium Bundle – $899.95 (C5 rank for 90 days)

The Builder’s Packs are differentiated from one another not just by purchase level, but also by the goods included in each pack.

Findings from Cili by Construction

To be honest, if Cili By Design had come out in 2022, I probably would have rolled my eyes at the brand’s tardy adoption of CBD.

But in 2019, everyone was jumping on the CBD bandwagon. CBD oil has been widely available to the public for some time now.

This means that competition among CBD MLM firms is heating up.

Aquaceutical Cellular Nutrition Technology is one such example of Cili By Design’s “exclusive technology” that it hopes will set it apart from the competition.

Four experts with a combined nine doctorates spent years honing this exclusive technique.

In order to increase the nutritional payload delivered to cells, we use our proprietary Aqauceutical Nano technology to carry the CBD and other nutrients through the cell membrane.

Research shows that particles of a smaller size are absorbed and used by your cells far more quickly and efficiently.

I researched “Aquaceutical Cellular Nutrition Technology” to see if it lived up to the hype.

None exists. It’s a marketing word created by Cili By Design and used nowhere else.

Therefore, it’s unclear if the CBD/CBG products sold by Cili By Design are significantly different from the competition.

According to cost, Cili By Design’s Swish product is the best value, with 36 servings costing $72.50.

There are 3326 milligrams of THC-free hemp oil and 1232 milligrams of a “unique aqauceutical adaptogen nootropic wellness combination” in a single serving.

You can find CBD and CBG products virtually anywhere these days. In 2022, I don’t think Cili By Design’s products can compete with the market price-wise.

Since Cili By Design cannot sell its items in stores, the company must rely on affiliate autoship recruiting to generate revenue.

According to an official Cili By Design advertising film;

To meet the volume criteria for all incentives, you need just include one bottle of Swish in your monthly order.

Affiliates that meet the monthly autoship order requirement receive a PV bonus from Cili By Design.

Qualified Members may be able to use autoship recruiting, but in order to advance in the ranks at Cili By Design, they must first acquire enough retail customers to meet certain standards.

Moreover, residual retail commissions are paid down four tiers of the team structure, which is an unusually generous policy.

Up until C5, this is excellent news, since it guarantees a one-to-one correspondence between hiring needs and those of consumers shopping in stores, at least in terms of the bare minimum.

There are just four retail customers for every twelve affiliates recruited at C12.

It’s unclear what it means for the company’s total sales volume. Most people who join an MLM firm never advance beyond the lowest levels. It seems likely to me that the proportion of orders coming from affiliates is about the same as that coming from regular customers across the board.

However, the question of retail feasibility arises again when considering Cili By Design as a multi-level marketing opportunity. If you’re trying to advertise a product that’s tough to sell to retail buyers, a well-rounded pay structure won’t help.

Cili By Design severely underpays its lower-level employees in terms of commissions and bonuses. In C3, when it costs around 2,000 GV each month, MLM becomes truly worthwhile.

Most affiliates aren’t going to make it to C3, thus capping residual income seems unfair.

There’s a strong possibility that most Cili By Design affiliates aren’t getting paid fairly for the amount of effort they put in.

Finally, why do employees receive three bonus payments every month if they may be used for any purpose? What a waste of marketing resources.

Merge the monthly bonuses for vehicle and transportation, travel and expense, and health and insurance (what they are anyway).

For no other reason than to be able to say “there are 10 distinct methods to make money in Cili,” I assume that the only reason monthly incentives have been divided up into random groupings is so that Cili By Design can say it.

In 2022, the market for CBD is expected to be incredibly competitive, making life difficult for any multi-level marketing organization that specializes in this field. I don’t see anything special about Cili By Design that would make it stand out from the crowd.

In 2019, this may have been successful, but I’m not sure the company can survive beyond this year.

Once you factor out the price of the Builder’s Packs, the cost of joining is rather low. These bundles raise red flags with regulators since partners are effectively paying more for the chance to make more money in the short term.

A few months of dedicated effort at Cili By Design and a strict budget of few hundred dollars will yield the best results. Don’t fall into the trap of paying a continuing autoship charge if your firm isn’t flourishing, even if you do manage to create a retail client base.

Finally, I’m hoping Brad Hager’s wake-up call was Ormeus Global. Just having a co-founder of a multi-level marketing company with a history of Ponzi scams is terrible news. You should probably stay far away from Cili By Design if he is still engaged in any form of crypto activity, whether covert or not.

Finally, I wish you the best of luck!

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