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Daniel Wood, a Swedish national, is CashFlow NFT’s public face.

However, Micah Theard, a professional con artist, is the true mastermind of the Ponzi scheme.

However, Micah Theard’s name is noticeably absent from CashFlow NFT’s online presence.

The CashFlow NFT website is now only a signup form, even though it has opened and is actively seeking investment.

The sole known link between Theard and CashFlow NFT is a crypto shill event in Texas in June:

To verify that Theard is, in fact, CashFlow NFT’s creator, we accessed an unlisted video on Miracle Cash&More’s YouTube channel:

Hello, I’m Micah. The company I started, CashFlow NFT, is named after myme

Theard appears to have promoted himself to the position of Vice President, in addition to creating the firm.

This coincides with the role of Daniel Wood (on the right) as the company’s face to the outside world.

The cryptocurrency wallet startup Miracle Cash & More is led by CEO Hakan Törehan. CashFlow NFT uses Miracle Cash & More’s prepaid card services to facilitate their Ponzi scam.

ToTrehannd Wood also has links to Cyprus, which is known for being a scammer-friendly state.

ToTrehanas was arrested in 2017 for his alleged participation in and connections with an illegal gambling ring” and “organized crime.” ToTrehanas was accused of “offering funds for illicit internet gaming companies.

After posting bail in February 2018, ToTrehanpvised a strategy to avoid reporting to authorities by using a forged doctor’s note.

ToTrehananished in June when that plan failed. In September, he turned himself intone the police.

ToTehranlaims that he was abducted by Osman Aydeniz, who was sought for drug trafficking and theft at the time and was on Interpol’s red notice and the UK’s “most wanted” lists.

For as long as Aydeniz could remember, ToTrehanas was the best.

He is a friend of the family who voluntarily traveled here. There is no animosity between us.

Sadly, I was unable to further investigate the situation. Cyprus is notorious as a lawless country even outside of the mumulti-level marketingndustry.

In January of 2021, for instance, ToTrehaneemerged as a crypto bro.

the miracle is a cryptocurrency developed by a group of six Turkish Cypriots.

The firm has begun operations in Nicosia, Famagusta, and Girne in the TRNC, and one of its founders, Hakan Törehan, has stated that the company’s ultimate objective is to establish the bank of the future.

It appears like Miracle as a cryptocurrency has failed, however,t did pave the way for the advent of Miracle Cash & More in December 2021.

Since BehindMLM’s August 4th linkage of Miracle Cash & More and CashFlow NFT, the Miracle Cash & More website has been taken down:

I’m confused as to what’s going on. After funding illegitimate gambling sites, ToTrehanow supports MLM crypto Ponzi scams.

Micah Theard, the company’s namesake a, nd creator, is next on the list.

Theard was employed in the textile sector before his foray into Ponzi schemes.

Flexkom (about 2013–2014) appears to have been Theard’s first significant MLM fraud.

There was a pyramid scam at Flexkom, although it pretended to be a merchant network. Swindlers from Turkey were behind it.

Following Flexkom Theard’s promotion of the scammy OneCoin cryptocurrency.

Around the same time, a user on BehindMLM with the handle “miMicahclaimed to have “checked” the nonexistent OneCoin blockchain.

OneCoin Theard joined Circle Society after.

David Saffron was responsible for the $100 million cryptocurrency Ponzi fraud known as Circle Society. In June of 2022, US police apprehended Saffron.

Theard appears to have concluded that he can make the most money by engaging in Ponzi schemes. Therefore, we arrived at CashFlow NFT.

In June of 2022, CashFlow NFT was actively marketing NFT investments for $5,000 to unsuspecting Spanish investors.

Following the success of CashFlow NFT in Spain, the company has begun pitching similar NFT investment options to people in the United Kingdom.

Last week, I heard that “the sale of these NFTs has significantly slowed down,” as Daniel Wood put it, according to a reliable source.

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