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Only Harald Seiz is absent from the newly released Karatbars International remake.

The fact that Karatbars credentials could be used to log in to MineBase and that there were extracts from Seiz scattered across the site convinced me that it was official, and so I included it in my editorial notes as I studied the platform.

A reader of BehindMLM, however, has detected something odd about the MineBase website’s LinkedIn connection…

The more I think about it, the more I suspect it’s a Russian recovery scam.

Arguments in favor of MineBase being a Russian recovery scam

MineBase’s. COM domain’s LinkedIn link redirects to the Russian language version of the site.

Both Russian and English are supported on the MineBase website.

RiArt, a Russian firm, created the MineBase website:

The MineBase Terms of Service were written in Russian.

This is true for both the.IO and.COM versions of MineBase.

However, the truth is that we have no idea who is behind Acura Wellington, the initial Karatbars recovery hoax.

The affiliate database for KaratBars International was compromised, but we don’t know how.

We do know that they initially reached out through email to associated parties of Karatbars. Once again, MineBase has had this issue.

Strangely, Harald Seiz is being given a doctoral title, much alone just a series of initials. Never once do I remember Seiz calling himself a doctor.

Given his haughty demeanor, I find it hard to imagine that Seiz’s doctorate wouldn’t be advertised in every Karatbars International newsletter.

The MineBase development team, meanwhile, is shown as a group of Indian men and women (or from around that region). Except for one, all the images we have are generic stock IT shots, and we have no way of knowing if they even exist.

Lastly, Seiz has been silent about MineBase on all of his many social media channels. Truth be told, Seiz has been missing for close to a year. His final social media updates were on July 5, 2021, on both Facebook and Instagram.

Surely, after the first release of MineBase, Seiz would have made some sort of announcement about his involvement in administering the service. Even more notably, Seiz never once brought up or directly referenced Acura Wellington.

Voice-over films and stock material fill the MineBase official YouTube channel. So yet, no one from the firm has made a public appearance.

There is also a blanket disable of video comments.

The fact that Karatbars International GmbH registered the.COM domain for MineBase is evidence that it is indeed a Karatbars reboot. Of course, this may all be made up, but it sets itself apart from the MineBase.IO domain in some way.

The “web designer” credit for MineBase’s. COM domain goes to Rimma Ismailova. Consistency with RiArt’s online presence

But keep in mind that Rima Ismailova could not be real at all.

The.IO domain for MineBase just serves as a sign-in page. Considering the emails were recently sent, it’s to be expected that the site isn’t quite ready to be shared with the public just yet.

The.COM domain for MineBase is extensive and detailed, which is unusual for a recovery fraud.


Likely, MineBase is just another reload scam like Acura Wellington. There was something fishy about Acura Wellington, as it never lifted off. Therefore, the perpetrators may be back for another round.

Even assuming such, certain details remain unclear. For example, why are there two separate MineBase domains? If the.COM is being operated by fraudsters looking to take advantage of people looking to reboot their computers, then why is it so much more advanced than the.COM offering?

In addition, why are there two URLs for the same website?

What’s more, concerning for Karatbars investors is how the fraudsters obtained the investors’ Karatbars login credentials (again).

Harald Seiz may have parted with the Karatbars affiliate database. Can it be assumed that it has not been hacked and sold several times?

There is enough uncertainty here to warrant concern. Even though multi-level marketing crypto Ponzi schemes have a reputation for dubiety, something about this seems wrong.

Without a physical presence from Harald Seiz, I fear MineBase may follow in the footsteps of Acura Wellington and disappear.

In other words, the people who did volunteer their information will be left wondering where it went without any further action being taken.

These may reload scams aren’t even aimed at stealing account information from Karatbars users if the company’s database has been sold or stolen.

Obtaining investors’ login information from Karatbars would be the first step in committing identity theft.

Beyond that, though, any would-be con artists have shown no cards.

I wouldn’t trust anything sent to an address you’ve linked to Karatbars until Harald Seiz makes a personal appearance and explains what the hell is going on.

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