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On November 9th, 2021, the SEC served a subpoena on Investview.

The subpoena demanded the production of records that, in Investview’s opinion, relate to possible iGenius securities fraud offenses.

The information was revealed in the Q3 2021 Quarterly Report that Investview submitted to the SEC on November 22nd.

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) has just served us with a subpoena demanding the production of certain documents.

We have reason to believe that the SEC’s investigation is focused on whether specific federal securities laws were broken about, among other things, the offering and selling of cryptocurrency products and the running of our subscription-based multi-level marketing company that is now known as iGenius.

In this case, we aim to fully cooperate with the SEC. The cost of complying with the subpoena and management’s time may continue.

An SEC investigation may be ongoing, and its results may have a materially negative impact on us, our operations, and our business.

In its SEC filings, Investview has only recently started mentioning iGenius. Even though, the potential for passive investment with iGenius is not mentioned.

According to the investment opportunity, iGenius is asking for money in exchange for passive earnings that will allegedly be generated by a “CryptoElite” trading bot that EndoTech will supply.

In its SEC filings, Investview describes iGenius as follows:

iGenius uses a global distribution network to offer technology, tools, and financial education oriented toward independent retail investors.

A comprehensive collection of financial education films and courses, market calendars, and several research and trading alert channels are all included in the basic set of financial education materials offered by each iGenius subscription.

These solutions give users access to the data they need to manage and strengthen their financial situation.

In addition to the technology and tools for financial education, iGenius members also have access to several advantages offered through partnerships and other arrangements with third parties.

Among these third-party goods and services are travel deals, cryptocurrency trading software, and platforms for digital wallets.

Under the terms of a network marketing bonus plan, iGenius members who decide to promote the company’s goods and services are eligible to get commissions and bonuses for recruiting new members and keeping current ones.

As you can see, neither EndoTech nor the CryptoElite trading bot is mentioned.

Additionally, iGenius’ NDAU investment possibility is not mentioned.

Since introducing its trading bot Ponzi scheme, iGenius has quickly risen to the top revenue generator on Investview.

According to a press release from Investview dated December 22nd, the gross revenue from investments made by iGenius and NDAU was “$8.1 million, up 437% year over year in November.”

genius received $7.6 million in iGenius affiliate membership fees within that same time frame.

“We experienced good November results across our numerous product offerings thanks to iGenius, our global distribution network that offers an ecosystem of cutting-edge financial technologies, services, education tools, content, and research.

Our membership subscription business is stronger than ever, with record-breaking subscription gross revenue in November 2021 of $7.6 million, up 407% from the same month the previous year, which was the best in iGenius’s history.

We will keep concentrating on both the expansion and retention of our member base as well as the diversification of revenue throughout the rest of 2021 and into 2022, said Chad Garner, president of iGenius.

The press release comes in response to the former CEO of Investview’s fraud arrest in November.

The CFTC and Investview have previously settled. The allegations concern Kuvera Global, which Investview rebranded as iGenius in late 2020.

There are no public status updates or expected completion dates, as is standard practice for US regulatory investigations.

We’ll watch for any changes and let you know.

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