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Johar Dhinsa has officially denied using the CashFX Group Ponzi scheme to defraud individuals.

Dhinsa appeared on NTV Unscripted on August 19, according to Harry Page of the Facebook group “CashFX (in connection with EverFX) Scam – Now What!?”

NTV bills itself as “the top TV station in Bangladesh.” Locally, it is transmitted throughout the EU and the UK.

Dhinsa refuses to admit that he promoted a Ponzi scheme to make money instead of being truthful about it.

They’ve made things up in terms of being detained for fraud or defrauding others, as it states online.

I wish I had been the one to con folks so there would be some proof.

Unfortunately for Dhinsa, finding the proof he asserts doesn’t exist won’t take long.

Dhinsa first claimed he has never conned anyone before talking about con artists using CashFX Group;

I joined CashFX, a cryptocurrency multi-marketing firm, two years ago (Group).

I did some research. I did assist them, as I believed I was doing. made some money but wasn’t all that involved.

In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have gotten engaged. I do not support them. I don’t suggest that anyone look at them.

Do your research, though. Conduct your research. I completed my. a hasty approach in certain ways. That’s incorrect; it’s not like me.

The fact that CashFX Group is a Ponzi scheme, where the only way to gain money is by defrauding others, is not acknowledged by Dhinsa, nor is he aware of his victims.

Dhinsa sounded a drastically different song when he first joined CashFX Group in 2020 and was explicitly questioned about his investigation into the Ponzi scam;

Therefore, the first thing that everyone does—including myself—is to go online and Google it. There is a ton of information regarding CFX available. This, that, and the other scam alerts.

But after that, you need to stand back and consider who is saying those things. Right?

Wrong. “This is a Ponzi scam that has gotten fraud alerts from all around the world,” is where your MLM due diligence on CashFX Group starts and stops.

Because you can independently check and corroborate the information, it doesn’t matter who tells you this.

Of course, this was back then when Dhina discovered there was money to be stolen;

They then read the comments, where some people claimed that the plan was a fraud, a Ponzi scheme, or a pyramid system.

Surprise, surprise—every organization in the world, including mine, is a pyramid.

This is a typical deflection tactic used by pyramid scheme con artists. A CEO is often pictured at the top of a schematic representing management and staff.

I am seated on top. I have a management team, HR department, head of department, salesmen, and sales representatives. Therefore, every institution—including our country’s Royal Family and the British Army—is a pyramid system. Thus, it is not a problem.

The analogy falls short since a pyramid scheme is prohibited by law because of the way money moves through it and how it is made.

Nothing is advertised or offered for sale to retail customers by CashFX Group. As a result, the MLM division of the CashFX Group functions very much like a pyramid scheme (commissions are paid on the hiring of new investors, and these funds are sent upline to recruiters and the business’s owners).

Is it a Ponzi scheme? and “How can I ensure it’s not a Ponzi scheme?” were the questions I asked myself.

Because I’ve read that it’s a Ponzi scam, You know, Ponzi scams and other such schemes don’t make you money.

I then read the reviews. I gave it to my teammates for internal review. Then I decided to contact a person in Panama who is likely a member of one of the wealthiest families there.

Would you mind coming to the offices for me and taking some shots of everything, I asked Niko.

He then went. There, he made friends. “Look, they’re redoing the offices,” he added. “Fine, thank you very much,” I responded.

We examined the CRM system, which is the system’s back end. It appears fine.

Dhinsa claims he sought proof that CashFX Group was a Ponzi scam from “everyone” who got in touch with him about it.

In July 2019, BehindMLM first revealed proof that CashFX Group was a Ponzi scam.

Dhinsa doesn’t talk about this proof or the reason he disregarded it. Similar to the innumerable securities fraud alerts that CashFX had by that point obtained from international regulators.

Since my reputation is very important to me.

Dhinsa ruined her reputation by joining CashFX Group, promoting it, and eventually benefiting from it.

Promoting CashFX Group by Dhinsa was especially malicious. China said he was going to “affect 1 million lives” by signing up the UK’s homeless for CashFX Group.

Other CashFX Group scammers would go on to copy Dhinsa’s Ponzi marketing heritage.

When exactly Dhinsa departed CashFX Group is unknown to me. When the money ran out, he discreetly fled.

Early in 2020, CashFX Group started postponing withdrawal payments. Over the following 18 months, delays persisted, and in late 2021, CashFX Group disabled withdrawals as a result.

This is referred to be CashFX Group’s demise by BehindMLM.

The CashFX Group’s founder and CEO, Huascar Lopez, left the Dominican Republic in the latter half of 2021. Retrospectively, what started as a trip to Italy turned out to be the start of an exit scam.

Lopez hasn’t been spotted in public for some months now. His whereabouts and condition right now remain unclear.

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