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The Polinur Ponzi scam was disabled on August 19 and stopped accepting withdrawals after that.

Polinur tells affiliates the firm “was detained in China” rather than simply admitting they are stealing investment monies.

Polinur promised daily profits of up to 2.4% when it began a few months ago. Their exit-scam defense is all the funnier given that the Ponzi scheme is thought to have been operated by Russians.

On July 8, BehindMLM wrote a review of Polina. In our evaluation, we observed that Polinur was honoring Manny Delgado as “partner of the week.”

Florida-based Delgado promotes several Ponzi scams on his “The Real Manny D” YouTube channel.

Delgado uses the website “Crypto Surplus” to lure victims into the frauds he promotes.

Delgado brought in 87 investors to Polinur back in July, and they all agreed to lose $33,113 as a result.

As of August, it was unknown how many victims Delgado brought into Polina. What is known is that he contributed $10,145 and withdrew $42,686.

On August 21, Delgado contacted Polinur support to learn why he was no longer able to steal money.

Delgado discloses Polinur’s exit scam in correspondence he provided in a video he posted on August 22nd titled “Polinur Is Done – Arrested In China?”.

Naturally, no one was detained in China, and Polinur’s accounts weren’t restricted.

Delgado asserts that with the failure of Polinur, he won’t be participating in any future Ponzi schemes. He’s planning to start his own in its place.

Not because he is concerned about his viewers’ financial loss. Instead, Delgado asserts that his own “product” will soon be released.

I won’t be signing up for any new platforms. I have a personal project that will soon be released.

My trading platform will soon be available. Just put it like that. And that will be out before the month is over.

It is a site where you may make 2% per day. Actual trade is taking place.

For months, we’ve been working on this. and I am the company’s CEO. We already operate a legitimately operating business in the state of Florida.

The most popular Ponzi scheme ploy utilized by con artists is trading, which is often done via AI or a bot.

Delgado and Polinur are not SEC-registered individuals. Additionally, Delgado will keep promoting the Ponzi scams The Future Trade and NovaTech FX, neither of which are registered with the SEC.

Delgado would intensify his criminal behavior by launching his investment frauds, even though endorsing Ponzi schemes is securities fraud.

According to SimilarWeb, the top three countries sending traffic to Polinur’s website at the time of its collapse were Ukraine (8%), Vietnam (12%), and Russia (21%).

The total number of Polinur victims and the amount the majority of investors lost are unclear.

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