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Elevate Pass seems to have given way.

The website for Elevate Pass has been offline for more than twelve hours as of the time of posting. A DNS configuration error is returned while trying to access the website.

A Ponzi scheme would typically take a day or two to fail once a website goes offline.

I’m convinced Elevate Pass has failed for a lot of reasons, however it could yet reappear.

The first is the error’s nature, “ERR NAME NOT RESOLVED.”

Someone got into Elevate Pass domain account and manually modified the DNS settings, so it’s not simply that the website is down.

This happened on May 11, 2022, exactly 11 months after Elevate Pass’ website domain was established, according to WHOIS data.

The website has been maliciously broken through DNS settings if the error appears. The “not resolved” problem is caused by them having to log in and pointing “” to nothing.

Our next data point is a purported message from Rafael Cebula, CEO of Elevate Pass;

It is neither a “technical problem” nor a “technical malfunction” to manually alter a domain’s DNS settings to null; instead, it is a planned activity. It would take 5 seconds to log back into Elevate Pass domain account and update the DNS settings. No ETA? BS.

When you consider this and the crypto market’s collapse today as a result of the Luna/Terra Ponzi scam, I believe it is clear Elevate Pass has failed.

The website may come back with a phony cover story, but that would be a relaunch. If it occurs, I’ll update it below.

A 200% ROI bitcoin Ponzi scam was Elevate Pass. From the UK, Rafael Cebula operated the scheme.

Cebula, who is originally from another country in Europe, celebrated becoming a full British citizen in February:

Cebula then disclosed earlier this month that he was departing for Thailand:

One can conclude that Cebula’s vacation plans were expedited as a result of Elevate Pass folding.

Updated on May 12, 2022 – Elevate Pass has reappeared as expected with a new domain name.

The justification of a “technical problem” has been replaced with “Google has suspended our domains.”

Although their compliance staff is moving very slowly, a backup solution has been completed, and our server is now connected to a second domain.

There is no mention of the precise reason for the supposed suspension. I’m not persuaded because registrars frequently do not null DNS when suspending domains. Instead, a standard error page is placed up.

In any case, the new domain name for Elevate Pass is “pass. to”. When it comes to frauds, Tonga isn’t as awful as.IO domains, but the TLD has a history of being linked to fraud.

Notably, no personal information is required to register a.TO domain for anybody.

While we deal with the elevate pass domain, we wanted to make sure you could access the website once more.

We knew we couldn’t wait that long after their experts warned us that it may take up to 48 hours, which is why we used the backup solution.

Any more Elevate Pass changes will be posted below.

Updated on May 15, 2022 – According to Elevate Pass, Google suspended their previous domain because they were unable to confirm the supplied contact information.

Google allegedly responded after attempting to confirm the Elevate Pass domain owner data;

You will need to provide more documents using this secure form since what you submitted cannot be utilized to validate your account information.

So why is Elevate Pass unable to confirm the domain owner that was submitted? Nothing here, just Ponzi schemes.

Elevate Pass is still operating from its reboot domain, but SSL is not present there.

Investors are informed that CloudFlare is at fault for this. They are now logging in and sending private information across unprotected networks.

Update May 18, 2022: Elevate Pass seems to have reclaimed possession of the domain for their main website.

No justification has been given as to why Elevate Pass’ domain registrar contacted them or why they were unable to confirm the registered domain owner.

Update: Elevate Pass has crashed once more as of August 23, 2022. Withdrawals have been blocked this time.

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