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On its website, Nvisionu omits to include ownership and managerial details.

The domain name “” for Nvisionu’s website was initially registered in 2003. I suspect ownership changed on or about July 25th, which is when the private registration was most recently updated.

This Nvisionu review was requested by a reader. I learned that David Imonitie and Ivan Tapia, two former IM Mastery Academy earners, owned and ran the business.

This was confirmed by a lawsuit IM Mastery Academy filed on June 24th against defendants Imonitie, Tapia, Spela Sluga, Devon Roeser, and Nvision U INC.

The (defendants) either quit their jobs or ended their contracts with IML. They then plotted to hire and hire additional IBOs and contractors to directly compete with IML in the market.

The (defendants) broke their agreements with IML by, among other things, quitting IML and founding and/or joining a rival business, Nvisionu, right away.

At the end of this evaluation, we’ll go into further detail about IM Mastery Academy’s complaint.

The CEO of Nvisionu is David Imonitie.

In 2016, IM Mastery Academy was known as iMarketsLive when Imonitie first enrolled.

In 2019, business owner Chris Terry changed the organization’s name to IM Master Academy. The CFTC punished iMarketsLive for commodities fraud in 2018, which led to this.

In 2015, Ivan Tapia enrolled in IM Mastery Academy. In IM Mastery Academy, Tapia advanced even further, achieving the position of Chairman Elite.

The marketing poster boy Alex Morton, who is said to be IM Mastery Academy’s highest earner, holds the same status.

IM Mastery Academy is a pyramid scam openly engaging in securities fraud, according to BehindMLM.

What would cause two of the company’s top earners to leave an established MLM business that is thought to be doing business illegally?

For a thorough analysis of Nivisionu’s MLM potential, keep reading.

Products from Nvisionu

Vision combines a platform for online learning with dietary supplements.

The e-learning platform from Nvisionu covers several markets and gives users access to

Q&A sessions

Community involvement awards, points, and badges

certificates of completion textbooks and manuals

learning sprints of two weeks

12-month programs with in-person instruction (marked coming soon)

The Nvisionu e-learning platform is available for purchase in packs:

$200 for the Bronze Pack (1 course) and then $130 per month

Silver Pack (2 courses): $500 upfront, followed by $190 monthly

$1000 for the Gold Pack (4 courses) and then $250 per month

For $200 and then $140 per month, more courses can be added to Bronze and Silver levels.

Various sprays make up Nvisionu’s line of dietary supplements:

Strengthened by energy from vitamin B12

Krave: an anti-hunger medication

As a sleep aid, dreams

The spray supplements from Nvisionu are offered in multi-packs:

Body Stability $75 for three sprays.

Body Balance 6: 6 sprays cost $150.

Body Balance 12 – 12 sprays cost $280.

The Compensation Plan for Nvisionu

Nvisionu had information about compensation on their website up until recently.

This portion of the review was made together using a cached copy of the deleted document and a reader-submitted compensation document.

The Team Consultant and Lead Consultant Order papers are in some disagreement with one another (which is a higher rank).

The following, in my opinion, is a comprehensive and true portrayal of Nivisionu’s compensation plan since the papers work together to fill in the gaps between them.

Retail, residual, and autoship commissions are paid out under Nivisonu’s compensation scheme. There is also a Matching Bonus available.

Sales volume determines Nvisionu rank qualification, commissions, and incentives (BV).

Retail and affiliate purchases of Nvisionu goods generate BV:

Body Balance 3 – 50 BV each month in unilevel team volume, rank volume, and residual commission volume

Body Balance 6 – 100 BV each month in unilevel team volume, rank volume, and residual commission volume

200 BV in unilevel team volume, 12 – 200 BV in rank and residual commission volume, and 400 BV every month for the body balance

The rank volume for an individual course is 160 BV, the residual commission volume is 75 BV, and the unilevel team volume is 100 BV every month.

Bronze Pack: monthly rank volume of 160 BV, residual commission volume of 75 BV, and team volume of 100 BV.

Silver Pack: monthly rank volume of 400 BV, residual commission volume of 150 BV, and unilevel team volume of 150 BV.

800 BV in rank volume, 300 BV in residual commission volume, and 200 BV in unilevel team volume every month for the Gold and Founders Pack.

Ranks for Nvisionu Affiliates

The pay structure of Nvisionu has twelve affiliate ranks.

They are as follows, along with their respective qualification standards:

Consultant: join the Pack Team as a Nvisionu affiliate and recommend two retail clients, producing and maintaining 300 PV and 1000 GV per month.

Maintain two personally suggested retail clients, 300 PV each month, and 2500 GV each month as a lead consultant.

Keep two personally suggested retail customers, 300 PV, and 5000 GV per month, as well as generate and maintain two.

Ruby: refer and maintain three personally referred retail customers, generate and maintain 400 PV and 25,000 GV a month, and maintain one recruitment leg with at least one Lead Consultant or higher in it. Sapphire: refer and maintain two personally referred retail customers and 300 PV a month. Sapphire must also recruit at least two Consultants or higher.

Maintain a recruitment leg with at least one Champion or higher in it, three personally introduced retail customers, 400 PV, and 50,000 GV per month for Emerald.

Refer and keep four personally referred retail customers, produce and keep 500 PV and 100,000 GV every month, keep three recruiting legs with one Champion or higher in two of them, and keep one recruitment leg with a Sapphire or higher in the third.

Maintain three recruiting legs with a Champion or higher in one, a Sapphire or higher in the second, and a Ruby or higher in the third. Double Diamond: Maintain four personally referred retail customers and 500 PV per month.

maintain three recruiting legs with a Sapphire or higher in one, a Ruby or higher in the second, and an Emerald or higher in the third. Triple Diamond – maintains four personally referred retail customers and 500 PV each month.

Maintain three recruitment legs with a Ruby or higher in one, an Emerald or higher in the second, and a Diamond or higher in the third. Global Visionary Diamond – maintain four personally referred retail customers and 500 PV each month, generate and maintain 1,000,000 GV each month, and maintain four recruitment legs.

Maintain three recruiting legs with an Emerald or higher in one, a Diamond or higher in the second, and a Double Diamond or higher in the third. Ambassador Visionary Diamond: Maintain four personally referred retail customers and 500 PV each month.

Maintain four individually referred retail customers, 500 PV each month, 5,000,000 GV each month, three recruitment legs with a Diamond or higher in one and a Double Diamond or higher in the other two, and Imperial Visionary Diamond status.

Retail customers must spend at least 100 BV on merchandise each month to qualify for rank. One BV equals one PV and one GV.

Personal Volume is abbreviated as PV. The qualifying for Nvisionu ranks is only allowed for retail volume.

Group Volume is the acronym for GV. Group Volume is the total amount of sales that a Nvisionu affiliate and its subordinates produce.

Shopper Commissions

Affiliates of Nvisionu receive commissions for selling supplements to retail clients.

It is uncertain if the e-platform may be marketed to retail consumers.

Employer commissions

Affiliates of Nvisionu who bring in package affiliates are paid a commission.

Three tiers of recruiting (unilevel) are paid down in recruitment commissions:

Level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) affiliate recruitment pays $50, level 2 ($20), and level 3 ($10) affiliate recruitment for the Bronze package.

Founders and Gold package affiliate recruiting pays $350 on level 1, $100 on level 2, and $50 on level 3, while Silver package affiliate recruitment pays $175 on level 1, $50 on level 2, and $25 on level 3.

Rank determines how many tiers recruitment commissions are received on:

Consultants receive level 1 recruitment commissions.

Recruitment commissions are paid on levels 1 and 2 for consultants who have hired two or more consultants and levels 1 to 3 for consultants who have hired Sapphires or above.

points for hiring

Affiliates that bring in package affiliates are rewarded by Nvisionu with points:

earn 50 points for bringing in a Bronze Package affiliate.

Earn 175 points for bringing on a Silver Package affiliate.

Earn 350 points for bringing on a Gold Package affiliate.

to get 350 points, refer to a Founders Package affiliate.

A disclaimer provided by Nvisionu reads as follows:

Points cannot be redeemed for cash since they are not monetary payments.

They have to be applied to Nvisionu goods and services.

The value of points in dollars within the firm is not stated by Nvisionu.

Recurring Commissions

Nvisionu uses a binary compensation scheme to pay residual commissions.

An affiliate is positioned at the head of a binary team that is divided into two sides (left and right) by a binary remuneration structure:

The binary team’s initial level has two slots. These initial two places are divided into another two positions each to create the second level of the binary team (4 positions).

The binary team is formed in stages, with each stage containing twice as many slots as the preceding stage.

Direct and indirect affiliate recruiting is used to fill positions on the binary team. The depth to which a binary team can expand is unbounded.

Nvisionu totals the new sales volume on both sides of the binary team after the week.

Retail orders, affiliate orders, and affiliate recruiting packages all count toward the qualifying volume.

Affiliates of Nvisionu receive a share of $300 groups that are split evenly between the two teams.

For instance, $1500 on each side of the binary team would equal 5 groups of residual commissions, each of which would receive a residual commission % payment.

Ranking, affiliate spending on Nvisionu, or rank all affect residual commission rates.

join Nvisionu as a Bronze Package affiliate and receive a 10% residual commission rate.

Become a Champion or a Silver Package Nvisionu affiliate to earn a 15% residual commission rate.

Get a 20% residual commission rate by becoming a Gold or Founders Package Nvisionu affiliate or becoming a Visionary Sapphire.

Weekly caps on residual commissions are set by rank:

Team consultants may make as much as $500 per week.

Lead consultants may make as much as $1,000 per week.

Champions may make as much as $1500 per week.

Earnings for Visionary Sapphires might reach $2500 per week.

Ruby visionaries may make up to $5000 each week.

Emeralds with vision may make up to $10,000 each week.

Earnings for Visionary Diamonds might reach $15,000 per week.

Double Visionary Diamonds have a weekly income cap of $20,000.

Triple Visionary Diamonds have a potential weekly income of $30,000.

Earnings from Global Visionary Diamonds might reach $50,000 per week.

The weekly salary of Ambassador Visionary Diamonds is up to $75,000.

Earnings from Imperial Visionary Diamonds might reach $125,000 per week.

Volume is removed from both sides of the binary team after being paid out on. The remaining volume carries over if a Nvisionu affiliate has a current auto-ship order.

Comparative Bonus

When downline affiliates earn residual commissions, Nvisionu matches that amount.

Two levels of recruiting are followed in the payment of the matching bonus:

Team consultants for Rubys receive a level 1 match of 50%.

Emeralds are matched 50% at level 1 and 10% at level 2.

The match for diamonds is 50% on level 1 and 15% on level 2.

On level 1 and level 2, double diamonds are matched at 50% and 20% respectively.

On level 1 and level 2, triple diamonds are matched at 50% and 30% respectively.

Diamonds from Global Visionary get a 50% match on level 1 and a 40% match on level 2.

Earn a 50% match on level 1 and 50% on level 2 with ambassador visionary diamonds and higher.

Commissions for Autoship

On monthly retail and affiliate auto-ship order volume, Nvisionu pays a commission.

Each month, auto-ship commissions are distributed through the unilevel team and linked to the three unilevel team legs with the highest volume:

50% of the highest leg volume is awarded.

On the second-largest leg volume, 35% is paid out, and 15% is paid out on the third-largest leg volume.

With extra monthly volume requirements, Nvisionu pays affiliates who meet criteria at particular ranks:

ranking at Consultant or higher with 1100 GV per month and three personally recommended retail customers equals $500 ranking at Consultant or higher with 2500 GV per month and three personally recommended retail customers equals $1000 ranking at Lead Consultant or higher with 4000 GV per month and three personally recommended retail customers equals $2500 ranking at Team Consultant or higher with 8000 GV per month and three personally recommended retail customers equals $5000 ranking at Cha

In addition to rank criteria, “55% of volume originate from customer packages (and) must have three or four individually enrolled clients” are necessary for Rank Achievement Bonus qualifying.

enrolling in Nvisionu

If purchased in bitcoin, a Nvisionu affiliate membership costs $19.99 per month or $200 per year. Nvisionu does not list the cryptocurrencies that they support.

Either an e-learning platform or supplement spray packs must also be purchased to be eligible for MLM commissions:

Packs for e-learning platforms

$199 for the Bronze Pack (1 course) and then $130 per month

$499 for the Silver Pack (2 courses), followed by $190 every month

$499 for the Gold Pack, followed by $250 every month

Founders Pack (4 courses total, maybe) – Product Packs for $1499, followed by $250 each month.

Bronze Pack ($239 for 9 sprays) plus $150 every month

$599 for the Silver Pack (27 sprays) and then $190 per month

$1199 for the Gold Pack (54 sprays) and then $280 per month

$1499 for the Founders Pack and then $280 per month

The only immediately noticeable distinction between Nvisionu’s Gold and Founders Packs is a greater price.

Nvisionu Summary

If you’ve made it this far and are curious about how IM Mastery Academy viewed Nvisionu as a “competing firm,” their lawsuit explains it as follows:

IML has been developing a health and fitness program, which will debut in late 2022.

To lure other IML IBOs, clients, contractors, workers, and educators away from IML and toward Nvisionu, the (Nvisionu Defendants) have plotted to bribe, solicit, recruit, and attract them.

Intellectual property and confidential information were unjustly and inappropriately taken from IML by the (Nvisionu Defendants) and provided to Nvisionu and/or its representatives and agents.

To damage IML’s standing in the market and promote Nvisionu, the (Nvisionu Defendants) disseminated false remarks about IML, and its employees, and is on social media sites. These statements also violated their IBO Agreements.

In breach of his IBO Agreement, IBO Defendant Imonitie knew and deliberately supported this behavior.

The IBO and Contractor Defendants’ wrongdoing and Nvisionu’s actions caused IML financial harm.

In a nutshell, IM Mastery Academy asserts that it had intended to offer the same thing as Nvisionu has. Immunity and Tapia are charged with essentially stealing those ideas in order to utilize them to create Nvisionu.

It’s interesting to note that four days after suing, IM Mastery Academy decided to dismiss the case.

IM Mastery Academy sent a Notice of Voluntary Dismissal on June 26th. There was no explanation given for the dismissal. It is yet unknown if money was exchanged.

While everything was going on, I couldn’t help but notice the following little wording in the website’s footer for Nvisionu:

Before joining NVisionU or any of its subsidiaries, members, clients, or distributors of IM Academy or its affiliates must wait six months from the official date of resignation.

Since IM Mastery Academy intends to unveil its own, more extensive e-learning platform and supplement updates over the next five to six months, I assume it was part of the settlement that was struck.

Given that Immonitie and Tapia were both top earners in IM Mastery Academy, it is conceivable that they would leave and start their own business with a very comparable potential, which would result in a lack of funding.

It’s also possible that they realized that no matter how far they rose in their affiliate careers, they would never be able to match the earnings of business owners.

Whatever the case, we now have Nvisionu, which resembles IM Mastery Academy in many ways but without the securities fraud (at least for now).

Retail volume qualifications are something Nvisionu possesses that IM Mastery Academy does not.

the PV and customer definitions in Nvisionu, for instance;

A set number (2, 3, or 4) of client packs, each containing 100QV+, may be purchased personally or sold personally to cover the remaining 100QV.

A client pays the same amount for a product as a visionary builder. Until they purchase the Visionary Builder Kit, a person is regarded as a consumer.

Normally, this is fantastic to see, but it also puts Nvisionu affiliates at a disadvantage.

Nvisionu’s e-learning platform and supplements are its poorest part, even though its pay scheme and business strategy are far more legally compliant than those of IM Mastery Academy.

Nvisionu asserts that each of its courses is worth $2500. On what is that based? No clue.

Without identifying the people behind them or their level of experience in the fields they represent, Nvisionu sells courses to customers.

Who knows, Immonitie and Tapia may have just as easily recruited some buddies to play an expert in its courses.

The supplement line from Nvisionu isn’t much better. You receive something material in exchange for your money, but it is a white-labeled product from an unidentified manufacturer.

Once more, customers are being sold with this.

I’d be certain that Nvisionu put itself up to function as a pyramid scheme in the absence of retail volume limitations. That is, no one is making purchases but affiliates.

Immunity and Tapia both had sizable IM Mastery Academy downlines, so I expect that to remain the case, with convincing retail consumers to enroll in “believe me bro” classes and “me too” extras being the difference between the firm succeeding or failing.

Retail volume limitations, in my opinion, will hinder the bulk of Nvisionu affiliates after the allure of “Oh top earning leaders if I follow them and get in early maybe I can be a leader too” fades.

That is not a fault with the specifications; it is a problem with Nvisionu’s inadequate retail offering as it is now being offered.

Why people purchase Founder’s Packs and why Nvisionu’s website generally lacks information are two things that amaze me.

I have a sneaking suspicion that purchasing a Nvisionu Founder’s Pack has some hidden financial reward. Otherwise, paying $500 more than the Gold Pack has no purpose.

Nvisionu has a grace period with needed disclosure because it is a new firm, but the window significantly shrinks once they start receiving money (which I believe Nvisionu is already doing).

Executive, specific product information, and payment information are required. Any business that refuses to do this is choosing to prevent customers from making an informed choice about the business.

Additionally, these businesses may be acting against the FTC Act.

The pay-to-play recruiting approach used by Nvisionu is the final issue I have with it.

You must purchase a Pack if you want to take part in the MLM component of the business. Although this puts Nvisionu in a position for pyramid recruiting, the requirements for retail volume eventually balance everything out.

Immonitie and Tapia’s identity dilemma, which they carried over from IM Mastery Academy, is understandable, but they must choose whether Nvisionu will run as a real MLM business or a pyramid scam.

Operating in between will, as I’ve said before, doom the majority of affiliates to failure. You’ll draw pyramid schemers on the front end, who will lose money since they don’t want to sell to retail customers. Or they can’t because retail buyers aren’t motivated to shell out hundreds to thousands of dollars on unimpressive courses and supplements.

Approach Nvisionu with caution until these issues are resolved.

Immunity and Tapias are major contributors to the fact that IM Mastery Academy is a complete rip-off through their direct and indirect recruiting of thousands of people who have already lost money or will do so in the future. to

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