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The SEC has submitted a motion asking for authorization to serve the Mining Capital Coin defendants differently.

according to the SEC’s motion from August 26;

Defendants Emerson Sousa Pires and Capuci are currently residing in Brazil.

As a result, shortly after filing this lawsuit, the SEC began the process of serving the Individual Defendants in Brazil by the Hague Service Convention. That method is still in use.

The SEC contends that serving Capuci (right) by the Hague Service Convention will meet the criteria for serving the defendants from the Mining Capital Coin corporation.

These consist of

Defunct Massachusetts front company MCC International Coin

An unincorporated “alter ego” of Capuci’s, Bitcoin Exchanges was a defunct Massachusetts shell business called CPTLCoin Corp.

A ruling on the SEC’s alternative service motion was still pending as of the time of publishing.

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