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The “click a button” software Ponzi known as WorldOTC has failed.

Withdrawals from WorldOTC have been blocked, and an exit-scam involving “regulators!” has been set up.

Before WorldOTC’s demise, there was a three-day “free money” promotion:

WoWorldCatisabled withdrawals on or about August 25.

WoWorldCatnnounced their exit-scam hoax on August 27th:

The FBI is investigating the legality of WorldOTC. Right now, the FBI and we are working together on the inquiry.

We sincerely regret any difficulty we may have caused.

We’ll be verified as a real business after a week and can resume operations.

Our tax situation is being looked at, thus withdrawals are not possible.

Believe WOTC. We’ll have a better tomorrow in a week.

Of course, all of this is absurd. “Legality checks” are not carried out by the FBI. NoNotwithstandingit takes a lot longer than a week to conduct genuine regulatory investigations, whether they are connected to taxes or not.

Seven days have passed since the collapse of WorldOTC. There have been no more developments.

The entire number of WorldOTC victims is unclear, however, Vietnam (38%) and Spain (31%), according to SimilarWeb, are the leading countries from which visitors come to the company’s website.

The unknown is the total amount of loss suffered by WorldOTC investors.

A “click a button” app Ponzi, WorldOTC. Numerous rebrandings have been introduced since the frauds first surfaced in late 2021.

Chinese fraudsters are said to be responsible for the great majority of “click a button” app Ponzis, which are frequently specialized to target certain groups.

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