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The newest con by Ryan Conley is a shitcoin project linked to the TAG Protocol.

In turn, TAGCoin is linked to the TAG Protocol. Owners of Tag Protocol get payment from users in return for hashtag rights.

NFTs are used to track these rights.

Whoever owns the Tag Protocol hashtag NFT receives TAGCoin whenever it is mentioned on social media.

The Tag Protocol creates TAGCoin whenever it is needed.

All of it may sound silly and meaningless, and that’s only because it is.

Anyway, here’s how TAGCoin bagholders are finding NFT hashtags:

Launch of TAG Protocol in late November:

After pumping and dumping as soon as possible, Tag Protocol started pumping in the middle of December for various *checks notes* reasons.

TAG Protocol has not yet been dumped again, but it will do so after the present modification is through.

TagCoin is a standard pump and dumps shitcoin operation, to put it briefly.

This led to the beginning of

A TAGCoin/TAG Protocol bagholder is Ryan Conley. And he has created TAGArmy to sling his baggage on unwary investors.

In his introduction as “Ryze,” Conley lists his partner Nayana Oliveira and himself as the co-founders of TAGArmy.

I’m proud to be the co-founder of #TAGARMYcoin, which will launch soon after the new year, along with my girlfriend Nayana.

As a TAGArmyCoin pool, TAGArmy gets promoted.

Why is any of this necessary?

As a team, we want to draw in the most powerful figures in crypto, celebrities, and government leaders, thus this will be a “gamified” experience where you will be rewarded for engaging on social media.

Massive rewards in the amount of $10,000 will be given out regularly to those who manage to recruit the desired members.

In the upcoming months, TAGArmy will be the conduit to bring out #TAGsocial with the #UnitedNations heading into the #TAGmetaverse!

As we enter the metaverse, TAGarmy members who rise through the ranks will be able to participate at the highest levels.

The #YMCA will get 1% of all sales through the United Nations.

to transfer funds to Ryan Conley’s accounts.

Conley has long promoted and operated Ponzi schemes.

A cryptocurrency fraud called BitClub Network first appeared in 2014.

In 2019, the DOJ detained the proprietors of BitClub Network, concluding that it constituted a $722 million Ponzi scam.

TronCase was the final Ponzi scheme that BehindMLM had Conley involved in.

Conley and Hyperverse are advertising the numerous Tag* programs right now (and who knows what else).

Conley will pay 10% of investments made by personally recruited affiliates in the MLM portion of TAGArmy (level 1).

Affiliates at Level 2 who are individually recruited by affiliates are paid 10% as well.

That’s about all, except for that.

Conley steals your investment of $3 or more, leaving you with another worthless Tag* shitcoin in your purse.

Both TAG Protocol and TAGCoin have reached the end of their useful lives, and TAG Protocol will as well.

TAGArmy and TAGArmyCoin are only an effort to recruit additional bagholders.

We dump TAGCoin, TAG Protocol, and TAGArmyCoin on them before saying “sorry for your loss.”

Since Conley’s statement on December 24th, neither TAGArmy nor TAGArmyCoin has received any updates.

At “tag army. nft,” a website allegedly exists. I had to dig up the problem, and it turns out that it was not DoMaIn.

They are compatible with contemporary browsers, according to the firm selling them. However, nothing happens when I type “tag army. not” into the address box.

I’ve had enough of this crypto bro babble for today. I’ll stop there rather than risk losing any more brain cells.

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