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Three of the four founders of Forsage are now being served by the SEC through an alternate service.

Sergey Maslakov, Lola Ferrari, and Vladimir “Lado” Okhotnikov all reside abroad.

Lado “Lado” Okhotnikov, Vladimir

as the SEC has claimed;

Russian citizen Okhotnikov is said to reside in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia. He serves as the organization’s public face, presenting a large number of its YouTube videos and showing up in interviews with key promoters.

Okhotnikov talks often with Forsage promoters and investors via Forsage as well as, more lately, Meta Force social media, YouTube, and Telegram.

In addition, Okhotnikov utilizes Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, VK, Telegram, and other personal social media platforms to interact. He also maintains a personal website.

Okhotnikov claims to be “constantly traveling” on his Instagram profile, yet within the previous two years, it appears that he has visited Indonesia, Dubai, and Peru.

During its inquiry, the Commission staff also got a copy of Okhotnikov’s passport, which revealed that he was a Russian citizen but did not provide an address.

The Commission is unsure of Okhotnikov’s present address despite staff attempts to find it.

However, he said that he was in Georgia in postings on Instagram between August 19 and August 22, and he also reposted similar photos on Facebook.

He also mentioned being in Georgia in an interview he gave on August 8, 2022, which came after the Commission’s complaint, in this case, was filed.

Alexander Maslakov

as the SEC has claimed;

Maslakov is said to dwell in Moscow or Gelendzhik, Russia. He has mostly been seen in Russian-language commercials for Forsage.

Maslakov’s email address and “last known whereabouts” were received by the SEC from Foris DAX, the parent organization of cryptocurrency exchange

According to the account information obtained from, Maslakov’s email address is smas*****

The data also show that Maslakov used a Moscow, Russia-based IP address to access his account in 2021.

Maslakov’s present physical address and whether or not he is still in Russia is unknown to the Commission.

Furthermore, despite using subpoenas, voluntary requests to third parties, and Internet searches, the Commission was unable to locate his actual address.

He indicates that he is in Russia on his Facebook and VK pages, and he accessed his account from a Russian IP address, which leads us to conclude that he is there.

Ferrari, Lola

as the SEC has claimed;

Ferrari, who goes by the name “Lola Ferrari” and whose real identity is still unknown, is thought to be a Russian national who lives in Bali, Indonesia.

She describes herself as the “goddess” of Forsage and has been featured in several of the company’s marketing films.

Ferrari’s Instagram profile is her main social media account, the Commission officials found throughout the examination.

Ferrari advertises Forsage on this website. Additionally, she has uploaded images and videos that appear to show that she is in Bali, Indonesia.

The Commission has made many attempts to locate Ferrari’s present address but has been unsuccessful. It also doesn’t know if she still resides in Indonesia.

A Different Service

Service via the Hague Convention is no longer available thanks to Maslakov in Russia and Lola Ferrari in Indonesia.

Although Georgia is a signatory, service under the Hague Convention cannot be performed there since the SEC is unaware of Okhotnikov’s address.

The SEC is suggesting serving Maslakov through email as a substitute. Utilizing social media, service will be given to Okhotnikov and Ferrari.

The Commission specifically requests to serve Okhotnikov, Ferrari, and Okhotnikov via direct messages to each of their Instagram accounts, as well as Okhotnikov’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Okhotnikov continues to provide updates on his life in Georgia on Facebook.

Okhotnikov is located in Borjomi, a tourist town in central Georgia, according to a Facebook post from August 25.

Additionally, he frequently posts bizarre conspiracy theories and justifications for the continued freezing of investor cash and withdrawals on Meta Force’s YouTube channel.

Lola Ferrari has made her Instagram account private after the SEC accused her.

The SEC argues that Okhotnikov at least is “indisputably” aware of the litigation in support of their request.

Okhotnikov immediately addressed the claims in the Complaint in a video statement that was uploaded online following the Commission’s legal action.

He then took part in an 18-minute interview on his Meta Force YouTube channel where he attempted to refute the accusations made in the Commission’s complaint.

When a defendant is well aware of the allegations against him, it is especially appropriate to authorize the serving of the process via social media.

Since Okhotnikov is already aware of the legal action being taken against him, such an alternative service is much more necessary.

Ferrari may be aware of the case because she switched her Instagram page to private.

On September 2nd, the court granted the SEC’s motion for alternate service. Later that day, the SEC sent Maslakov an email confirming the service.

Mikail Sergeev is the fourth co-founder of Forsage. According to the SEC, Sergeev also has a home in Moscow, Russia.

I’m not certain why Sergeev was not included in the SEC’s motion, but I think it may have to do with the inability to verify his personal information (email, etc.).

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