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A few months ago, Bob Ultee’s BobCoin plan was receiving funding from EvoRich investors.

Currently, as of September 2022, this is how it looks like:

Investors from EvoRich are now being directed to FNT, a brand-new scam operated by unidentified individuals.

FNT is not very complex. Scammers behind EvoRich, who made money by forcing their victims into BOBC, are at it again:

Ironical three out of the four “we’re going to be the next…” coins used to promote FNT have led to significant losses.

CRO, which is connected to the failed company, is currently selling at 11 cents.

Investors have been unable to withdraw money from CEL because it is attached to a Ponzi scheme that collapsed in June. Although NEXO hasn’t collapsed yet, it is attached to a Ponzi scheme that offers “daily compounding interest.” LUNA was a Ponzi scheme that collapsed back in May. It was rebooted and collapsed immediately from a fictitious $14 value to $2.

The next step is for EvoRich investors to convert their worthless UNT tokens (one of the many shit tokens attached to EvoRich).

According to the aforementioned marketing, FNT is being promoted with the sole intention of making the “number go up” so that EvoRich bagholders may withdraw money that doesn’t exist.

The newly registered website name “,” which hasn’t yet been set up, is where FNT is expected to do business.

On September 1st, a private registration for the FNTWorld domain was made. Scammers at the top of the surviving EvoRich dungheap undoubtedly know who is behind it, but they aren’t disclosing that knowledge to the general public.

I wouldn’t be shocked if FNT was an inside job after the BOBC mishap.

After its creator Andrey Khovratov (right) was apprehended earlier this year while attempting to leave Russia, EvoRich crumbled.

There have been no further reports since, but I assume Khovratov is still detained.

The amount of visitors to Evo Rich’s website has drastically decreased to undetectable levels, indicating that the bulk of investors has accepted their losses.

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