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On its website, Liberium Crypto omits to include information about the company’s ownership and executives.

Instead, the promotional movies for Liberium Crypto are animated.

A Telegram channel is the sole means of communication offered, which is characteristic of MLM fraud.

The website domain (“”) for Liberium Crypto was registered in December 2021. On April 12th, 2022, the private registration was last updated.

Currently, according to SimilarWeb, 62% of the traffic to the Liberium Crypto website comes from the US. Russia and Cuba are in second and third place, respectively, with 5% and 4% of the total.

Further investigation finds that Antione McBay is the CEO of the business according to Librium Crypto affiliates.

McBay describes himself as the Chairman of Librium Crypto on LinkedIn:

Through MLM cryptocurrency schemes, McBay has been defrauding investors of assets for years.

In April 2021, BehindMLM first learned about McBay as the creator of CopyProTraders.

In August 2021, McBay ceased marketing CopyProTraders. By the end of the year, the firm seemed to have failed.

The website of CopyProTraders was taken down a few weeks ago:

The fraudulent CopyProTraders scheme by Antione McBay has been revived as Librium Crypto:

Texas native McBay, a US citizen, operates and advertises his schemes from Vietnam.

Dubai, the global epicenter of MLM crime, is connected to McBay as well.

The MLM opportunity offered by Liberium Crypto is fully reviewed here.

Products from Liberium Crypto

The services or goods offered by Liberium Crypto are not for sale.

Only the Liberium Crypto associate membership itself may be promoted by affiliates.

Compensation Plan for Liberium Crypto

Affiliates of Liberium Crypto can use “trade credits” to buy passive returns from a service that automates trading in cryptocurrencies.

Veritas Package: $189 gets you 189 credits.

Justice Package: $379 gets you 420 credits.

Peace Package: $567 gets you 730 credits.

Package deal for Tiberium: $755 gets you 1040 credits

Single purchase or sale equals one trade credit. A Liberium Crypto package must be purchased once all trade credits have been used.

There is also a “Signal Package” subscription for $79 per month. Access to an email-based signal service is made available by this.

The recruiting of affiliates who buy trading credits and signal subscriptions pays for the MLM component of Librium Crypto.

Commission Experience

Each Librium Crypto affiliate must produce Customer Points to be eligible for MLM commissions.

When a personally recruited affiliate buys a trade credit package, a Customer Point is produced. The Signal Package’s sale results in a half-point.

Commissions on two tiers of hiring equal one customer point.

Twenty tiers of recruiting at a commission rate of three customer points

20 tiers of recruitment commissions plus the Infinity Bonus are equal to 15 Customer Points.

Customer Points for Liberium Crypto are equivalent to affiliate levels.

Structure of the Liberium Crypto Commission

Librium Crypto uses a unilevel compensation scheme to pay commissions.

An affiliate is put at the head of a unilevel team in a unilevel pay system, and each affiliate they recruited is positioned immediately under them (level 1):

New affiliates brought on by any level 1 affiliates are added to the original affiliate’s unilevel team at level 2.

If any level 2 affiliates bring on new affiliates, they are promoted to level 3, and so on down a theoretically endless number of levels.

The section above on “Commission Qualification” discusses how many levels of commissions are earned.

Each subscription and package offered by Liberium Crypto pays a certain amount in commissions down a predetermined number of tiers, subject to the aforementioned Customer Point level qualifying conditions.

Purchase of the Signal Package: $15 for level 1 (personally recruited affiliates), $7 for levels 2, $5 for level 3, $3 for level 4, and $10 for level 5.

Veritas Package: $60 for level 1, $15 for level 2, $10 for level 3, $5 for level 4, $10 for level 5, $4 for level 6, $3 for levels 8 through 10, $2 for levels 11 through 14, and $1 for levels 15 through 20

Purchase of the Justice Package: $120 for levels 1 through 10, $30 for levels 11 through 20, $10 for levels 6 through 8, $20 for levels 5 through 10, and $2 for levels 15 through 20.

Purchase of the Peace Package costs $180 for level 1, $45 for level 2, $15 for level 4, $30 for level 5, $12 for level 6, $9 for levels 8 through 10, $6 for levels 11 through 14, and $3 for levels 15 through 20.

Purchase of the Liberium Package: $240 on levels 1 through 20, $60 on levels 1 through 2, $40 on levels 3 through 6, $16 on levels 8 through 10, $8 on levels 11 through 14, and $4 on levels 15 through 20.

A perpetual bonus

Librium Crypto offers eligible affiliates an Infinity Bonus (15 Customer Points).

A $10 Infinity Bonus is paid under the Veritas Package.

The $20 Infinity Bonus is paid through the Justice Package.

The $30 Infinity Bonus is paid through the Peace Package.

A $40 Infinity Bonus is paid through the Liberium Package.

Up until another Infinity Bonus eligible affiliate is located in a unilevel team leg, the Infinity Bonus is paid on trade credit package purchases made across the unilevel team.

signing up for Liberium Crypto

The Librium Crypto affiliate program is free to join.

The purchase of a trading credit package and/or a signals package is necessary for full participation in the associated income opportunity.

$79 per month for the Signals Package

Package Veritas – $189

Package for justice: $379

Package for Peace: $567

Package for Tiberium: $755

A Liberium Crypto affiliate’s potential revenue increases with the number of fees they pay.

Although Liberium Crypto runs in US dollars, payments are made and received in cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, litecoin, and dogecoin.

Librium Crypto Summary

The usual “lulz can’t touch our money!” company was CopyProTraders.

Crypto MLM fraud.

We utilize the API key you supply to place the identical deal in your exchange on your behalf when the Trader you were watching makes a trade.

All the while, your cryptocurrency remains in your exchange under your full control.

While the aforementioned is accurate, the API itself is not owned by Liberium Crypto affiliates. They provide McBay access to their money, and he is free to do anything he wants with it.

McBay has revived the scam under a new name now that the CopyProTraders pyramid recruiting scheme has failed and the trading has led to the predicted widespread losses.

There are not many more features of Librium Crypto.

A comparative study indicates several products as opposed to a single, set charge of $99 And there are twenty tiers of payment rather than seven.

Here is the analysis of CopyProTraders from BehindMLM’s conclusion because it pertains to this.

Antione McBay’s strategy appears to be to hide out in Vietnam while defrauding investors, namely in the US, of securities.

As of this writing, according to Alexa, the US accounts for 80% of visitors to CopyProTraders’ website.

Affiliates of CryptoProTraders in the US should be aware that it is also unlawful to promote securities fraud.

Rigged transactions are another effect of the “cRyPtO iS iN mY eXcHaNgE aCcOuNt” paradigm, barring any action from the SEC or Vietnamese regulators.

The exit scam at iQuandex was the most recent instance of this in action.

The FTC Act is also broken by CryptoProTraders in addition to securities and pyramid fraud.

On the “our traders” page of the CryptoProTraders website, people are depicted in blurry photographs with brief biographies.

Regarding the supposed trading for CopyProTraders, no verified proof or trade information is offered.

Additionally, CryptoProTraders doesn’t disclose to customers who exactly is responsible for their automated trading program or past trading performance.

Regarding marketing disclosures, any of these might be FTC Act breaches.

Most participants in MLM pyramid schemes are sure to lose money, in addition to losing bitcoin through manipulated transactions.

Only a small few people in CopyProTraders are generating money, whether it be from trading or pyramid recruiting.

Be aware of CopyProTraders promoters that deny or downplay securities fraud while claiming to be making short-term gains.

Librium Crypto should be used in place of “CopyProTraders” in the green box above.

If CopyProTraders’ trading had ultimately been successful, it wouldn’t have failed. More importantly, McBay would be quietly managing it himself as opposed to defrauding investors of their money.

McBay and the con artists that promoted CopyProTraders were the only ones to profit from it.

With Librium Crypto, the same will transpire once more. Review - Is a Fraud
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