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Richard Maike asked to be freed pending punishment after being found guilty on all counts in his Infinity2Global fraud case.

The judge rejected the request and mandated Maike’s continued detention.

Maike submitted a move for reconsideration on September 9th asking the court to overrule its earlier ruling.

According to the Court, Maike’s access to “millions of money in a foreign bank” was the main factor in the decision to refuse his parole.

In his request for reconsideration, Maike (right) addressed this, stating;

Based on the information presented at trial, the Court expressed concern over the possibility that Mr. Maike and/or the companies he was affiliated with formerly had access to international bank accounts.

All of these overseas bank accounts, according to information and belief, have been closed, and Mr. Maike has no access to foreign money.

If the Government has any contradictory evidence, it can readily present it to the Court.

The Court’s worry regarding present access to foreign cash through foreign bank accounts seems to be hypothetical, although justified.

Maike also mentioned problems with a shoulder ailment and taking care of family members.

The Court is aware that Mr. Maike had to postpone his scheduled rotator cuff surgery because of his damaged rotator cuff.

He is presently sleeping on a mat on the floor in a cell with 17 other inmates at the Daviess County Detention Center’s medical unit. He is present without the painkillers he was prescribed.

If Mr. Maike is not permitted to undergo the requisite surgery, the undersigned counsel worries that his rotator cuff ailment may get much worse.

Mr. Maike won’t have access to the Bureau of Prisons’ medical facilities until some time in 2023 if the court sentences him to a period of jail.

With her power of attorney, Mr. Maike manages the financial care of his mother, who lives in Kansas and is in the early stages of dementia.

He will be able to arrange for the Power of Attorney to be transferred to a different individual who can handle Maike’s affairs while she is out on bail pending punishment.

Finally, granting Mr. Maike’s release before his sentence on December 12, 2022, will help him maintain the mental health of his small kid with special needs, with whom he has a very close relationship.

Since his original arrest in 2017, when he was freed, Maike has cooperated with his release terms, one of which includes leaving the US.

Maike has stated that if released, he would consent to surveillance and any further measures;

Defendant Richard G. Maike… requests that the Court reconsider its September 7, 2022 Order… and grant Maike’s release awaiting sentencing, subject to his prior release conditions and electronic monitoring under conditions that are agreeable to the Court and the United States. Probation Office, as well as any other requirements the Court deems necessary.

The court has not yet ruled on Maike’s motion as of the time of publishing.

Maike may spend up to 120 years behind bars. On December 12, he is expected to get his punishment.

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